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  1. the british light cruisers are painful.and i wish the heavy cruisers come out soon enough before the release of the battleships/carriers or the italian tech tree man!! i'm sure italian ships have spaghetti shells
  2. ArmedRobber

    How to Pensacola

    the pensacola has good shell ballistics and it can fire behind islands " if in good distance" also the rudders.. you can dodge any torpedo,shells and bombs anytime you want. and dont forget the turret rotation and it's shells because AP shells can pierce nagato and fuso's cits "Forward only" she is a good ship and she also teach you why not to broadside like a pirate ship unless you want to go Edward Kenway Mode
  3. ArmedRobber

    People who take forever to load into the battle.

    graphics cards are the best options
  4. ArmedRobber

    GUI gone missing

    are you running in 32 bit computer? mine was blinking like crazy but when i upgraded my pc to 64 bit its gone..
  5. ArmedRobber

    My Twin Sister has Better Winrate

    she is an observant person . she is cautious to surroundings and i did the same as hers but i sometimes get lost when focusing fire on enemies she also stops behind islands . and i dont always hide behind islands but when i do. torps are going to surprise me i can just say she is better than me + i has that older brother curse i should watch my actions.. "edit" i should blame my teammates too...
  6. guys why does my twin sister win like every game? me instead lose the whole [redacted] month does MM hate me or what? i lost 173 times already and i won 29 games only MM you a selfish [redacted] Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda
  7. ArmedRobber

    Unfair 7,8 tier cruiser

    wait isn't that piracy? oh boy.."Edward Kenway Mode Activated"
  8. ArmedRobber

    People who take forever to load into the battle.

    usually 32 bit computers have long loading times.why? because they have limited memory! and 64 bit computers load faster than 32 bit because i tested it and i hate the 32 bit so i upgraded it to 64 bit Which of course ruined my PC for 2 days. Screw Windows 10 N***a but it got repaired tho
  9. ArmedRobber

    The best tier 10 destroyer

    i choose gearing because it's a good Hybrid Destroyer infact all USN DDs are good hybrids
  10. ArmedRobber

    3gb download then 10gb?

    guys I have a big problem (REAL BIG) I copied wows from my laptop to PC but when I start the launcher it lets me download 3gb so I deleted the whole folder and copied again but the same thing happens 3x already so, I decided to just install the 3gb. after I finished the 3gb. then a 10gb download starts again? what the hell just happen? I mean. SHEEIT I was so careful copying the game to my PC but it didn't work! any ideas m8?
  11. ArmedRobber

    mutsu scrubs

    my Pensacola can AP Pen the Mutsu and Nagato because I only aim at the guns n shit
  12. ArmedRobber

    Night Battle mode

    guys wouldnt that be awesome if we can fight at night? but if WG implements Night battles(North Pole doesnt count) we should have star shells ,scoutplane dropped flares and spotlights but the only thing that concerns you is that most DDs might not be spotted because of its small sized Feel free to post a comment N***a
  13. ArmedRobber

    Thanks To MM...

    i lost in a whole damn month which i play 4 times only (because i get mad and i just rage quit) 41x4=164 games? with total wins of 16 total sucks to be in my computer...
  14. ArmedRobber

    Supertesters testing Black - read this

    not sure about uss black but.. the hull 666 makes me wanna buy her. if possible .but MAN.. Radar on destroyer? COOL!! also am i the only one to think that uss black has funny name on it? what's next? Ku Klux Klan/KKK
  15. ArmedRobber

    Tier 4 skill for scharhost?

    if want to fight other battleships like a man then secondary mods are the choice but.. how much range does Scharnhorst secondaries reach anyway?