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  1. FloatingCoffin

    Why did we redesign Commander skills

    ​No definitely no. why u hatin? this will encourage more players to use American ,German and Russian Destroyers because most players always use Japanese Destroyers
  2. FloatingCoffin

    19 point captains

    they really should remove the air superiority because the new/stock cvs are having trouble fighting an 5/7 fighters I experienced it in my ranger too Hiryu with 3 fighter squads and it has 15 and I only have 12? no fair play shouldn't steven seagull have the 19 skill points? because we worked hard for it and they only give us 6/4 skill points while arpeggios have 10/12 skill points
  3. FloatingCoffin

    Why don't had submarine in world of warship

    submarines are slow and they will take longer to resurface so.. no
  4. FloatingCoffin

    IJN OP and has more ships

    hey guys any news about the Italian and French ships? it says in wiki that they will be implemented pretty soon
  5. FloatingCoffin

    IJN OP and has more ships

    did you guys heard about the mutsu having a torpedo?
  6. FloatingCoffin

    IJN OP and has more ships

    how to close this thread? because I didn't posted this shit ill just post this
  7. FloatingCoffin

    IJN OP and has more ships

    what the hell did my cousin just posted.. and he also used my account now I'm ruined hey don't blame me to this post because I didnt
  8. FloatingCoffin

    IJN OP and has more ships

    hello this is my first post. but I have a complain. Why is it that Japanese ships are more advanced than USN or other nations? I was taking a stroll at ship stats ingame and as I see the Japanese takes all of stats 1 example is that the IJN battleships has lesser Gun Dispersion than USN even The USN has THE MOST ADVANCED RADAR AND THEY HAVE MORE ACCURATE GUNS! BRO THE USN has the greatest numbers of ship classes in ww2 and they are more advanced than IJN they also have more ships than any other nation and in update 0.6.0 they will add mutsu and nagato and mutsu changes . Bro WTF? I mean they already have the most numbers of ships ingame and they want to add more and make IJN ships more OP? DUDE HOW ABOUT PRIORITIZING MORE British battleships and add more usn ships instead also USN ships needs FULL BUFF because they become more worse and I hate it Probaby its because WG devs are Russians and they hate USN ships could they just balance the number of ships every nation? Just like Warthunder Devs made but they are also Russians and they (Biased) the Russian vehicles see? this is why I don't trust Russian devs unlike any Game Developing Companies such as Ubisoft EA Games and Activision ( no hate.Just Real talk)
  9. FloatingCoffin

    World of Warmemes

    ​bro you just made me laugh .May Balak
  10. FloatingCoffin

    Imperator Serb I i mean Nikolai :P

    the satan containers is the only way to get those imperatraitor nikolai
  11. FloatingCoffin


    have a pet bear and let the bear drink the vodka and if the bear is singing random Russian song and shouting for MotherRussia now it will cut into half
  12. FloatingCoffin

    Benson launching guided missiles ingame

    cold war is coming! -sheeit
  13. FloatingCoffin

    Sink the Alabama ST!

    the match will turn into a massacre. and I'm pretty sure of it. imagine the whole enemy aims at 1 single ship. disaster awaits
  14. FloatingCoffin

    The video on the login screen

    um they're actually World of warships Naval Legends videos Cool isn't it?
  15. FloatingCoffin

    ARP Ships

    I tried to change my arp takao's camo to atago's camo but it didn't work also I found some arp takao mod that changes its appearance from atago model into takao's real model but it didn't work at the current version tho