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  1. My losing streak

    Can be demoralising and gets your confidence down when you’re on a losing streak happens to all of us at some stage.
  2. Migrating ships from another server

    I am from Munster I had tier 9 and 10 ships on the NA server.
  3. Migrating ships from another server

    I must be doing something wrong I am logged on here , when I click the link it takes me to the other page and tells me who sent the invite what do I do next , when I click the other link it does nothing, or do I go to the game and log in.
  4. Premium ships sale

    Been playing on the na server for quite awhile ,just joined here and have noticed the 2 premium shops are quite different with the ships they offer my biggest gripe is I have to start a tier 1 again in my na account I have tier 9 and 10 ships.
  5. Migrating ships from another server

    So not sure how this play together invite works when I pressed the link it wanted me to log in , do I log in with this account or my NA account which has a slightly different username was not sure so I exited out of it then tried to press th link again and the invite was gone. Need a bit more info guys .
  6. Migrating ships from another server

    Ok thanks for the reply will have to start the hard grind again .
  7. Hi all I am from Perth just started playing on the Asian , have been playing on the na server for quite a while with nearly 5000 games and quite a few ships on my other account . My question is can you migrate your account with all your ships or do you have to start from zero . Cheers Pete
  8. any aussies playing?

    From Perth WA just started on the Asian server have about 10 games up ,have been playing on the na server which I have around 4850 games so it's a bit frustrating starting all over again .