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    World of warships Space Ship 2202 / ARP Ships

    Hey, made a dummy account to post this(since...for some reason, Wargaming doesn't allow their accounts to access the forums from different regions either), and wanted to tell you that I appreciate your work! It's very well done, and I enjoy being able to field a Fleet of Fog of my very own against other Fog vessels, heheh. Also...You may have already noticed this yourself(or it could just be something wrong with how it's interacting with my copy of the game, I don't really know), but the latest patch(like yesterday's or so) seems to unfortunately have broken...something...in the mod; when I have it loaded, I can't seem to preview the higher-tier Cruisers or Battleships in the IJN tree(when I click on them, it gets stuck loading indefinitely). I know the Russian tree works right but I haven't checked all of the others yet. It's a relatively minor problem right now but if it keeps doing this even once you have the ship itself unlocked it could be a bigger problem-I haven't run into any of these ships in battle but if the problem is that the game simply can't load these ships it could make the game unplayable at higher tiers. Just wanted to let you know and make sure you were aware of it!