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    Arpeggio Challenge Bug [?]

    Solved, i just need to check the "Arpeggio content" on the filter list, sorry for the inconvenience
  2. Garam_Beryodium

    Arpeggio Challenge Bug [?]

    1. DescriptionI have completed 2 stages of "Takao ARP Challenge" and finished the "Hiei ARP Challenge" completely 2. Reproduction steps> Completing the "ARP Hiei Challenge" [?] with the objectives getting 10.000exp using tier IV Battleship > Completing the first stage "Takao ARP Challenge" 3. Result > the notification shows "null" something... after completing the first stage of Takao Challenge and the Hiei Challenge > usually, the screen shows rewards issued, but the "rewards box" notification is gone 4. Expected resultFrom what i understood, i should get three rewards > money [which i cannot confirm, doesn't remember the before-after] > commander slot [?] i can't really confirm, because "Takao ARP Challenge" also gives reserve slot as the rewards, i just can confirm that the slot increased from basic 4 to 5 admiral but i think it should be 6 slot because i have completed Takao and Hiei challenge > Got the ship and the admiral for the Hiei challenge[?] > Got "Gunzou Chihaya" after completing first stage of takao challenge 5. Technical detailsChallenge completed at 25Dec using newest game client below, attached the challenge screenshot of my current condition where i have completed Hiei ARP Challenge and almost complete Kirishima ARP Challenge Thanks for the response