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  1. Gearing is great imo, compared to fletcher the only real downside is its thicc butt, and it has an edge against YY with that 21mm plating when knife fighting ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. For me i preferred Minsk to Leningrad. Why? In Leningrad, you have better concealment, torpedo range but lower gun range, making you a 'hybrid' dd with more versatility ( Jack of all trades, Master of none). While in Minsk its all about gunning. The slight difference in gun range on the Leningrad and Minsk is also very significant. In a Russian DD, you generally want to make use of your speed and range to dodge shells as you gunboat in open water. This means than Minsk is able to stay at a further range while Leningrad has to close into the ideal range of around 9-12km, which would actually make the ship much more vulnerable. I always see negative opinions about Minsk, but most of them don't even play the ship to its strengths. You are a support ship, you dont push into caps unless it is absolutely safe. You play like a cruiser and chase away BBs by spamming HE and setting fires. I had a couple of games where we won because the BBs backed off after failing to hit me several times ( thanks to sitting at max range and raining down HE shells on them). This might seem as the selfish "damage farming" play style, but it is actually very effective, as you are able to clear the flank with little help needed and allow your team to push up. People who grinded up to Khabarovsk (most people ignored Grozovoi) also have captains that usually do not have concealment expert, making the "hybrid dd" play style nearly completely useless and just making it a Minsk with longer range torps but shorter gun range. Thats not to say Leningrad is a weak ship, its just that Minsk is also a very strong and comfortable ship once you play it to its strengths, and you wont have much issues winning games with high damage numbers. I also found it easy to farm WTR/PR on Minsk, as it is one of the lowest in the server. I hope i managed to change your views on this amazing ship as it is one of the best grinds i've ever had, while also being very balanced (personally i think the buff thats coming soon isnt actually needed)
  3. Enhanced armament for Yueyang

    6.5km minimum concealment with that mod. straight no for me
  4. Newer BBs are mostly OP

    Here's a tip, if you cant beat them, join them. Which was why i went from playing DDs in a heavy radar meta to raeping DDs instead
  5. Black is amazing

    Thats what she said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. And then turning circle buff of 1m
  7. Worcester module model leak?

    well sorry i got confused since people call it "broken engine" instead of some fancy word. anyways, its probably a bug since 127mm HE should not be able to break any engines on a cruiser Also never touched the ship before so i wouldnt know anything about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Worcester module model leak?

    You mean AA and secondaries?