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  1. World of Battleships - Random

    "the question is, what is better for killing BB, Pensacola or Fiji, Algerie, Myoko, Belfast?" All of those would take around the same time to kill a BB from full HP, assuming you dont mess up and get blapped in the process. For balans purposes we shall remove belfast from this. Forgot to quote wups
  2. World of Battleships - Random

    Omaha is not a CA fyi. Pensacola is seriously strong when played correctly, you can citadel every other t7 and even t8 cruisers. New Orleans is a weird ship to play after getting used to the Pensacola, but its a ship that helps you to transit to the camping style of the Baltimore and Des Moines. People target your DM because you dont put yourself in a good position where there are lots of cover. Head to head fights also depends a lot on the player itself. I gunned down an Atago once with my Tashkent at <6km, but that does not mean Atago is shit, he was just playing it wrongly and not to her strengths.
  3. World of Battleships - Random

    Hahahahaha Desmoines Hahahahahaha Balti Hahahahahaha trash
  4. How to play Pan Asia DD ?

    Try spending more time on the line, especially in higher tiers where there are more DDs with gimmicks, instead of spending free xp to skip each ship after less than 10 battles, lets see how your opinion changes after that :)
  5. Dunkerque help wanted

    In your opinion.
  6. ATAGO inigma

    Have you wondered why everyone starts shooting at you the moment you are spotted? Maybe you were showing full broadside? Thats probably the only reason why everyone would shoot at you only, for those juicy citadels. Atago is already a great ship even when facing T10 match making, and when you get T6 or 7 its just straight up bullying man. You use that 9.1km concealment and stay around 5km away from your dd, and only shoot once you turned your ship around to a kiting position. The main issue is, everytime i see an Atago, they are always sailing broadside. Yea i get that sometimes you need to show your side to shoot but ever heard of kiting? You point your ass out and wiggle it , constantly playing around with your W and S button. Trust me, BBs have a hard time hitting an Atago thats always changing its course. And thats how you play the entire IJN cruiser line. Atago has the best torpedo protection in T8 cruisers, so i dont even know what you mean when you say one torpedo is enough to kill it. Atago armour is reasonably strong when angled, ive even bounced a whole salvo of montana shells once. DD main guns can only penetrate Atago armour when you are giving full broadside and brawling. Honestly, you shouldnt be giving anything broadside at all, not even a DD (you minimise eating torps too). The only downside of Atago is probably the reload, AA and maybe the range too. But you know, without those downsides this ship would be too OP for its tier. I mean, you can rape pretty much anything with that IJN HE. And the way you work with that reload is to shoot, then start pointing your ass out and kiting. Japanese AA has pretty much always been a joke so i dont see much in buffing that anyways. I dont think the reload should be buffed, you have 10 guns and honestly just beating up BBs with quick reload is gonna be unfun for them, and BB players are gonna whine and whine (again). Not to mention you have a HEAL in T8 and every other cruiser of that tier doesn't. 40k HP and a heal to sustain? Thats really borderline OP for that tier. Yes you eat some unfortunate pens when you get too close but the bottom line is that its a great ship, just that you need to be used to the IJN line first in order to make her work. And yes the CM does a way better job than atago, but you dont have a heal, means you cant get away with minor mistakes or getting HE spammed.
  7. That would be straight up mod abuse kappa
  8. RIP Drakon, who was sanctioned for the use of the word "chemotherapy" which apparently implies CVs are cancer
  9. You should know, a company would never cut off a source of revenue without an extremely good reason. You can whine all you want, WG will never change it because people will still buy doubloons to convert FXP. Even if not many players do that, its still a source of revenue for WG, no matter how small it may be. The $5 shirt however is a lot cheaper than the $20 one but it is more reasonable and which will attract more customers. WG doesn't care, people still spend money on that even if they don't lower the costs or give permanent discounts.You can do the math, its simple. Having 100 people buy your $20 shirt is far better than lowering the price to $5 just to get another 100 shirts sold.
  10. @drakon233 Maybe your saltiness ingame contributes to those detonations kappa
  11. I took the time to explain pretty nicely how you can mitigate torp damage in your BB, and the first thing you say is this. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone on forums is out to troll you, so at least treat others with a little bit of respect. I keep referencing to high tiers, because most DDs at low tiers rely on the white line as a form of assist to them. By using even the simplest techniques such as turning left or right or slowing down, you can throw off their aim all the time. Keep playing with your wasd keys, instead of staying zoomed into your scope. I suggest you use that long reload time to move around, and scan for any potential torpedoes (last spotted DD near you) before zooming back in. @Adm_Kunkka already commented on the BBAP thing so im not going to say anything about that. Like i said, aside from torpedoes, DDs don't have proper weapons to fight other ships that are not DDs. You talk about imbalance of getting hit by torpedoes, but you forget you can do the very same to DDs at close range and broadsiding cruisers. cruisers can angle to avoid citadels, just like you are able to point your bow into the torpedoes and hope you only eat at most 2. If you get too close, start backing off and request for support. it doesn't always work, but you really don't lose anything asking for help. Actually, if you are deleted by torps a few minutes into the game then something is seriously wrong with your play style. Are you straying away from the team too often? Or are you just charging straight in and getting focus fired? An experienced CV player who is clubbing at t4-5 should know not to drop a BB that is within AA range of his team, and an inexperienced CV will fly his planes straight into the AA bubbles protecting you, hopefully losing most planes on the way. It really all depends on two words: MAP AWARENESS. Enlarge your minimap so you can see clearly what exactly is coming at you. You will also get a general idea of where the team is going, and be able to follow your cruisers and destroyers, even if you lag behind a little. I can say with utmost confidence that a semi competent CV will never drop a battleship right at the start unless you are alone or rushing in without support. There you have it, your argument that you have to learn to aim, angle, position and co ordinate is invalid as map awareness and staying close to your team already counts as positioning. Expecting players to know that they should stick close to the team for AA support? Yea, sounds like positioning to me. Its nothing extra at all, just part of the normal learning process.
  12. Golden rule of playing battleships: don't sail in a straight line at the same speed. That's just begging for the enemy DDs to torp you. As long as you don't overextend and stay with your team, instead of going on your own adventures to god knows where by yourself, you should be relatively safe from torps. That doesn't mean you should sit behind the team at full HP, you just have to position yourself such that your own dds can spot the enemy dds/torps before it reaches you. If you spot torps coming from your flank, ping the map and tell others that there is a dd there, and start changing your course regularly instead of sitting there and whining about invisible dds killing you. Once you learn how to position yourself correctly in a battleship, you will see how easy it actually is to throw off a DD's set of torps, be it from your juking or your team spotting the torps for you. Like @Adm_Kunkka said, you should try playing DDs, not really past t4 as usually the teams are pretty bad, but around t6 - t10. You will find an increase in the amount of skilled BB players that frequently change their course or angle into a cap to minimize damage taken from torps. German battleships are also able to equip hydro at high tiers, which adds on to the difficulty of hitting them. Usually, people just drop torps for area denial, to lock the enemy into a position and hold the cap, not expecting to actually hit any of those torps dropped. If you think it is not enjoyable to play BBs when it is easy for DDs to blap you with torps, think about it, isn't the whole point of DDs to scout, cap, and use those torpedoes to counter BBs? It is actually possible for battleships to devstrike just about anything (DDs included, since you can get full penetrations with your AP shells which deal about 4k per shell at high tiers, imagine eating those in a DD and just melting instantly) if you have good aim and good RNG. The only times you get deleted in a BB is when you foolishly show your broadside to another BB, or eat a full set of torps. Aside from these torps, DDs and CAs really have no actual weapon to outright delete BBs, while BBs can literally blap anything in sight (i repeat, if you have good aim and RNG). Adding on to the CV issue, there is really not much you can do at low tiers, but when you move up, just stay close to your cruisers as their defensive AA can spread out drops which makes it so much easier to dodge. Learn which cruisers have good AA, and which ones have trash AA, and stick close to the ones with good AA. ( Examples being USN cruisers) My point is, once you move up to the middle or higher tiers, your opinion on this should change drastically. There's a reason why many unicums and CCs complain that BBs are easier to play compared to other types of ships, simply because once you know how to position and aim, most of the time you will be getting decent damage numbers on the enemy.
  13. tell something similar to a certain Nikolai player please