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  1. talking about historical accuracy in an arcade game
  2. Exiaa

    Border humping not punished enough

    b-b-but border humping is good
  3. Exiaa

    Thank WG for deleting my tokens

    b0ss i have [content removed] pls
  4. Exiaa

    Thank WG for deleting my tokens

    Thank you. Will go to the store and ask for this later.
  5. Exiaa

    Thank WG for deleting my tokens

    what weed are you smoking? I'd like to try some
  6. You think so? Yandere WGC
  7. Exiaa

    Pls halp

    @HuginnKR <3 <3 <3
  8. Exiaa

    Pls halp

    I have completely reinstalled the game and updated using the old launcher, just reinstalled WGC and it works fine, but only displays World of Warplanes on the games tab. Do i still need to send a report?
  9. Exiaa

    Pls halp

    Forgot to say, WGC has been working fine for me all the while, even yesterday when i was playing, but once the update hit it just doesnt respond
  10. Exiaa

    Pls halp

    Been unable to update because WGC thinks it is internet explorer so i couldnt do anything and tried to reinstall WGC, but same thing happened. Next i tried to reinstall WOWS completely and guess what happened no idea what to do now, pls send help
  11. Exiaa

    Is it bizarre to skip both T8 and T9 to T10?

    If it lets me have more broadsides to farm, then sure why not?
  12. Exiaa

    MM Rant

    In his example, Belfast, yes obviously because it is so insanely broken. While in his MM example, the enemy had a DD and BB advantage, in addition to the Belfast. His team also had 2 tier 5 DDs, while the enemy had 2 tier 6 DDs, while still having an extra tier 5 DD. Doesn't take a genius to know that the odds of winning are tipped heavily against them.
  13. Exiaa

    Consumable Resupply

    Ah well, you shouldnt be putting this out here, maybe try sending an email to WG instead and enjoy getting ignored by them :)
  14. Exiaa

    Consumable Resupply

    you miss my point what i mean is you buy and mount the consumables when you change them from the free ones then you get a number of charges to use in one battle and then it expires at the end of the battle if you have auto resupply on, it will resupply at the end of the battle for the next battle so you dont have to do everything again simple as that