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  1. I watched the news about upcoming tier 8 Belfast 1943, I am eager to own one bcz I missed the opportunity to get the old tier 7 Belfast. However, after I examined the data of Belfast 43', it is clearly not matchable compared with the old Belfast, even much weaker than Belfast with lower DPM and a short smoke generator. So, here is just a proposal, why don't put the old Belfast into tier 8 as Mikhail Kutuzov does, and put the Belfast 1943 in tier 7? Then the old Belfast won't be that overpowered faced with Tier Xs, and the Belfast 43' will have acceptable performance in tier 7, let alone the old Belfast has unique, historical, and modernized modeling, which attracts players to purchase, as I know, some of my friends bought the AL camo for Belfast without knowing it's not purchasable. By doing so, WG will make more money and we loyal players will spend real money more willingly, so why not? What do you think about this proposal? Please leave your comments, thank you.
  2. 對比了一下俾斯麥,腓特烈,大選帝侯,歐根歐根歐,和興登堡,好似埃吉爾的設計錯誤了
  3. 對比了一下俾斯麥,腓特烈,大選帝侯,歐根歐根歐,和興登堡,好似埃吉爾的設計錯誤了
  4. I double-checked the design of Bismarck, F.Der Grobe, G.K, Prinz Eugen and Hindenburg, it seems like the design of Agir is wrong compared with those existing ships.
  5. 意外的發現齊格飛和埃吉爾的雷達/光學探測儀互換了位置,如圖紅圈所示,請問這是建模出錯了還是歷史設計?請大佬指教
  6. 意外的發現齊格飛和埃吉爾的雷達/光學探測儀互換了位置,如圖紅圈所示,請問這是建模出錯了還是歷史設計?請大佬指教
  7. Hi, I found an interesting difference between Siegfried and Agir, it seems they changed the locations of radars/optical observers, as shown in the screenshots and highlighted. Is this a modeling error or historical design for the O class battlecruiser? Someone, please help, thank you.
  8. 意大利巡洋艦的船頭基本都有星形的裝飾,Gorizia也有一個盾徽,為什麼扎拉的船頭什麼裝飾都沒有?是因為歷史就是這樣的還是建模錯誤?
  9. While trento and amalfi, and basically whole Italian cruisier line, except Zara, have a star on the bow, and the Goriza has a coat of arms. Is it a historical issue or a modeling error that nothing is decorated on Zara's bow?