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  1. Imohep

    Commanders and Ships

    Thanks for the feedback. Some good advice.
  2. Imohep

    Few questions about Co-op battles

    There is some very interesting info in this thread. After playing for just over 3 weeks, I find that I spend a lot of time in Coop mode learning how to use my ship and watching game play. I also can't be bothered to wait for the MM. My last random fight consisted of my ship vs one other player. Hardly worth the 5 minute wait. Annoyingly, it seems that the Coop battles are made up of ppl like me who are learning the game and often make crazy mistakes.
  3. Imohep

    Commanders and Ships

    Awesome, thanks HoZ. I had a suspicion that my method would have been prohibitive, but couldn't determine whether selling ships and moving commanders was a less punitive approach compared with having a dock full of lower tier ships. I assume there is less value in holding onto the Elite ships compared with acquiring new ships? I will figure out soon enough, but does the ship specific xp from the sold ship transfer to where useful?
  4. Imohep

    Commanders and Ships

    After playing a few games to understand basic mechanics, I am keen to hear other views on how to deal with Commanders and which ships people keep in dock. I am training up each Commander per ship and I don't transfer Commanders. I play most US Cruisers, DD and BB. As I'm now starting to run out of space, is it as simple as selling the lower tier models and just training new Commanders for each ship? Also curious what ppl put points into training their Commanders. All skills seem rather useful but some clearly favour certain ship/playing types. Wondering if others had different ideas on this topic. Thanks
  5. Imohep

    any aussies playing?

    Hi everyone, just joined the server a few weeks ago. Came via WoT. Prefer Ships better, although still trying to get to speed with gameplay. Only just got to tier IV and following US Cruiser line. Due to lack of time, most of my matches are in Co-op. Happy to team up in either Random or Co-op.