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  1. Strafing from behind (CV talk)

    Still hate strafing lol. My beef with it is that it's just a really boring mechanic. In my Hiryu matches are just decided on who can strafe who first. Get lucky with strafing and you've got air dominance, now the other CV is toast. Really needs to be taken out of the game imo.
  2. Strafing from behind (CV talk)

    That'd be fantastic, thank you. Do you see any hope for the USN line in the near future, or do you think going through the IJN line is still pretty much the go-to-option for the foreseeable future?
  3. Strafing from behind (CV talk)

    Do you know of a thread somewhere or youtube video etc that demonstrates how to perform this, please?
  4. Strafing from behind (CV talk)

    KillStealz, on 23 March 2017 - 08:22 AM, said: Honestly until they remove strafing I will never play another CV, it's just a crazy mechanic which is not even needed where the CV performance/skill gap is ale ready so wide. Also take into account players lag, my ping is 30-40 and I've strafed right over the top of enemy planes and not destroyed a single one, that player must of had lag... very frustrating. Personally I hope they remove it in the upcoming CV overhaul. I'll probably cop a bit of flak, but I totally agree. I think it's a ridiculous mechanic. Fighter management at later tiers just becomes a game of cat-and-mouse who-can-strafe-who first before sticking-and-killing the reduced strength squad. Personally I find it's incredibly boring and tedious.
  5. Strafing from behind (CV talk)

    Hello all, I was just in a match where I got completely wrecked in an unexpected way. Tier 4, in my langley, enemy is in his, first 2 minutes I get a strafe on his fighters and take out 4 of them - he has 3 left. Then as mine are still strafing, he manages to get his back around mine and follow them the rest of the way. He wiped out my entire squadron of 7 fighters in one go, crippling me for the rest of the match. He did this again later when I got a dive bomber squadron strike on an enemy BB. Again, he manages to pull up behind them, strafe from behind and poof, they're all gone in 1-2 seconds. The guy knew what he was doing, and with that type of disadvantage against a skilled player for the rest of the match, combined with being on the losing team - it was definitely a famine game. It was a really humiliating affair as I usually do pretty well in the Langley. Now the second instance of his strafing on the DB's I understand - I've done it before on TB's and DBs. But it was that initial strafe that threw me into complete disarray, as I've only ever seen this done once before but marked it up to luck. Whenever I've tried to do it the planes waste a few seconds flying around in a big circle and by the time they come about the enemy squadron has moved well on. But this time it was just whip-zip - they turned on a dime and sgtarted following mine the whole way and strafing them the entire time - 3 fighters took out 7 and crippled me for the rest of the match by giving him complete air superiority. How does one manage this maneuver? As mentioned I've never gotten it to work, but obviously some can. Or was it just a fluke or a bug or something? I asked him how he did it in chat but he didn't respond.
  6. Gotta say I'm getting pretty sick of the USN air superiority load out strafe, strafe, strafe, strafing the fun of the game.
  7. I've got the Hiryu coming up next...I guess that free exp hoarding is looking great about now lol.
  8. Oh it doesn't? Gee that's comforting :p haha. I'm in that Tier 5-6 moment at the moment and it's very frustrating. The enemy CV's fighters are annoying enough, but getting put in games with Tier 7-8 BB's and cruisers that turn your planes into red mist in a few seconds is hair-pullingly frustrating. I finished one game with just 1 kill and 11k damage, because I lost all my planes to enemy bb's and cruisers (who always stick together). Then I have another game and get a couple of kills, 60k damage and shoot down a lot of planes. That's the MM for you.
  9. Does it get better for USN at Tier 9 or 10, if Tier 6/7/8 are that gimped? Because I've got a Tier 6 IJN and USN, so I can go either way :p. I enjoy the USN's fighter load outs a bit more; the trop bombers tighter spread is better for manual drop, and I've heard their dive bombers are kick ass at tier 9019, while the smaller squadron number but larger size makes them a bit easier to handle (my simple male brain makes multitasking a bit irritating :p). But with that being said, IJN carriers aren't a bore - they're fun too, and the playstyle can be adapted to.
  10. Are Japanese carriers really that superior? I've tried the Independence now for a bit and it's the inconsistent results again. Sometimes do alright, other times all my planes get shot up. But with the Japanese carrier, if I can get a Captain to Rank 10, that's 5 fighters per squadron, which severely reduces the IJN disadvantage of only 4 planes. It makes their torp drops easier and it means the carriers with 2 fighter squadron loud-outs (the rest torps/bombs) have a fighting chance against, usually, the single american squadron of 6. Thoughts?
  11. Hello all, So by now I'm used to making these threads where I complain and ask for advice. It's a common thread with me :p. If things are going alright I'm quiet; if I need help I ask. Today's topic: Carriers. I've been playing around with carriers and I've been having inconsistent results. Some games I do really well, get a couple of kills, do a lot of damage etc. Then there are the other games that are just soooo awful and frustrating, particularly at Tier 5. So far it's like this: Tier 5 Japanese Carrier: Run into 1 enemy fighter squadron and you're screwed, unless it's another IJN carrier. A bogue? You're done. I have spent entire games locked in the corner by 2 bogue fighter squadrons, unable to do a thing the entire game. Tier 5 American Carrier: Run 2 fighter bogue and get nowhere with experience. Sure you shoot planes down and can lock out the enemy carrier - but the exp grind is soooo slow. If you run 2 bombers + 1torpedo, a single enemy fighter squadron will shut you down, and even japanese carriers are now grinning at the chance to get air superiority. Try to get your bombers/torps into position to bomb someone? Here comes the single enemy fighter squadron to chew you up. At the moment I've played 8 games with my Bogue and won just 1. The common advice is: well just hang around your teams cruisers/bb's for the AA defense. Well, no, that doesn't really work, because those AA balls also hang at range from the enemy. If you want to try and be of any use you have to leave their protective sphere for extended periods of time. I've found that in practice no enemy CV is that stupid, they turn their fighters around and go back to their stand-by position at the centre of the map rather than get lured into aa death-fest. Second: Avoid the enemy fighter squadron. Easier said than done. Fighters are fast, and once the enemy CV catches on that you've got either no fighters or only 1 squadron, they'll park their superior fighter squadron in the centre of the map where they can easily and quickly respond to where your bombers are going. So if there are any carrier players here that want to deposit their advice, tips and learned hints into this thread to help out myself and other players, that would be greatly appreciated. I've tried looking up carrier guides before but they all seem out of date (didn't the Midway used to have a 1 fighter, 1 bomber and 2 torp bomber loud-out?). Thank you all.
  12. Worst games and ships?

    Hey all, So I just had two of the worst games I have ever played in what has been a week of bad games. My Bismark win rate has gone from about 60% to 44% - that's how bad it's been. But just then I had, undoubtedly, two of the worst games I've ever had, both in the Kongo. Well, one in the Kongo and the other in the Arp Kirishima. The Kongo I usually do well in, got high win %, do good damage etc. But this was just a terrible game. I'd shoot with spotter aircraft...mountains in way, twice. I'd shoot from 10km away - miss completely except 1 over-penetration. Hit with an entire broadside - over-penetration, enemy torpedo bombers catch me right as I've slowed down and hit me with full torpedo broadside. Died pretty quick and only doing 17k damage, absolutely pathetic. ARp Kirishima was worse. I've got a terrible win ratio with this thing, I swear it's cursed, I finished a game doing only 15k damage all from over-penetrations on a grounded South Carolina. It should have been an omen when I had a 22km exchange with a Fuso where I did 1k over-penetration damage and they citadeled me. Terrible game. Humiliatingly bad games that make you want to go and unload on a boxing bag. What about ya'll? What are some of the worst games you've had? How do you show your face around again after such dreadful outings.
  13. Tired of Over Penetration

    Haha you're telling me .
  14. Tired of Over Penetration

    At the moment I'm typically aiming for the water line, as in all the past tiers that was where to shoot to land the succulent citadels. Edit: Oh I'm currently new to the Bismarck. I love her secondaries, it's just a shame most Tier 8+ games are long-range snipe fests hah.
  15. Tired of Over Penetration

    Hello all, I hope you're well. Title about says it all: I'm sick of over penetration. I haven't deleted a cruiser for about a week now because all I'm getting is over-penetration, over-penetration, over-penetration. I shot at a cruiser from 10km away, hit them in the centre of their broadside and got 4 over penetrations. I've noticed this a lot in the Tier 7 and 8 german battleships. This is the general gist of exchanges for the past week against cruisers: > Them: Shooting HE, 1.5k damage, 1.5k damage, 1.5k damage, 1.5k damage, 1.5k damage, 1.5k damage, fire damage, 1.5k damage, fire damage, 1.5k damage, fire damage. > My return: Shooting AP (because german HE sucks): miss, miss, miss, over-penetration 1k damage, miss, over-penetration 1k damage, miss, miss, miss, over-penetration 1k damage, miss, penetration 4k damage, over penetration 1k damage It's maddening. I just got out of a game where a Myoko ran aground 11km in front of me with their broadside pointed at me and were on about 8k health. I unloaded all 8 AP shots in their direction...1 penetration + 3 over-penetrations. Didn't even die. They pulled back and sailed off behind the island before I had time to reload. It's happened so many times now, it's hair-pulling out maddening doing a few thousand damage to a cruiser every 25 seconds. Any advice or explanation someone can give would be welcome.