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  1. BecakTempur

    World of warships Space Ship 2202 / ARP Ships

    look like this skin mod need an update, i found some "weird" skin in New York class battleship.. all liveries goes to red https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B68q3y_4k24iemsxYWlSb1RIUkE/view?usp=sharing (sorry, i don't know how to attach the picture to this post)
  2. BecakTempur

    Chats Displaying asterisk (***)

    bingo, thank for the tips work for me...
  3. BecakTempur

    Blue Screen in Mid Game

    i will try it, blue screen appear when my FPS drop until 10-17 FPS, no excess apps in my PC so i think everything fine
  4. If it stupid plan but its work, its not stupid...

  5. BecakTempur

    Blue Screen in Mid Game

    i dunno, because i played last week still fine, no bluescreen even using mods. i try to check integrity the blue screen no longer appear, but when join random battle, the blue screen appear my spec : CPU : Intel Core i5 @ 3.20Ghz RAM : 8GB VGA : nVid GT730
  6. BecakTempur

    Blue Screen in Mid Game

    Hi all.. i just experienced blue screen in the middle of game, does anyone know whats wrong? i try to reapir game integrity, first time work, then i launch game for the twice and blue screen still appear. i try to remove all mods but still not work.
  7. BecakTempur

    Indonesian Player?

    i'm indoensian player, but i just new in WoWS...