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  1. YuudachiP0iP0i

    F1 error causing lag

    case clear, fix, this not error lol At first place i think this error caused by mod, so to show help menu is to hold F1 not press F1 LOL No, this not about tutorial, i know the button, just dont want my wow error lol Im using that mod again and all work fine Mod can close this thread
  2. YuudachiP0iP0i

    F1 error causing lag

    I want asking something, your F1 button is normal or not? I can't press F1 on battleplay, that button is for tutorial screen i'm installing this voice mod https://pravdateam.wordpress.com/2016/03/21/prinz-eugen-sound-mod/ , i create backup banks folder on res folder, after i use this mod i cant press F1, every i press F1 my wow lag So i remove this mod, and i use my backup banks folder (backup=banks folder before i put the mod), but after i use my backup banks folder my F1 still error I don't know this F1 error is started before or after i use the mod *if u want tell me to uninstal the mod, im already remove the mod, using my original backup banks folder too
  3. YuudachiP0iP0i

    British cruisers are garbage

    NO!!!!! armor already like a tissue paper
  4. yup, he call me the name of animal on the zoo too my torpedo range just 8.2km, i will detected by enemy on B if i get closer to B, while if im not wrong, no CA to support me if i go to B on screenshot, not on replay, after batleplay he spam me via private message
  5. look that replay lol, when all team lemming on A, he said to me to cap B, while on B is still bunch of enemy at there Im ignoring him on battle replay, but when i go to port wtf....he pm me again and again...
  6. well, i dont care about win rate, i just play and enjoy the game, at least im not bot he call me from 1 of the country in earth Look this replay: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxs39nliTE6eNjJ2UFQxYUpmSHM/view That battle is before he spamming message on me Did i go wrong? all team go to A if i go to B=im dead, who cover me if i go cap B? all CA on A And im the one too who cap A, after cap A enemy still on B, if i go B = im suicide
  7. i play on the morning, and after play on port, someone PM me, spam me, with multiple insult and racist I'm already reported that player via ticket to WG, Ticket #292374 Player like that better get permanen banned and IP banned, because he play just to spam and insulting other player And maybe better get IP banned, so he cant play wow anymore Here the screenshot (i'm cencoring the nickname because rule of the forum no naming and shaming): **change the screenshot to link because forum rule: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxs39nliTE6eeDRQQUgwOXRBekU/view Replay= https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxs39nliTE6eNjJ2UFQxYUpmSHM/view [screenshots removed] Profanity. Post edited. User warned. ~dead_man_walking
  8. YuudachiP0iP0i

    How the reporting system about chat ban working?

    Now this system become more strange to me On 6.30 AM, i turn on my PC, and i play WOW, on 2nd or 3rd play I said "dont cap" "dont cap" "kill all i need exp" After the game i got 2 reported and goes to chat ban again Why? why typing dont cap and kill all got chat ban? Replay: https://www.sendspace.com/file/rbc4lx Notes: on my 1st and 2nd battle im not typing at all, so that battle is my first typing Now i believe this system seem like a failure system Can WG fix the system of reporting, its like "who can spam report is the KING"
  9. YuudachiP0iP0i

    How the reporting system about chat ban working?

    Poi in WOW is like "HI"/"hello", but Poi (っぽい) is a Japanese word roughly translated to “supposedly,” http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/poi-%E3%81%A3%E3%81%BD%E3%81%84 Poi from yuudachi in kancolle, nano desu from Inazuma Umw, im not spamming like typing that word few times Maybe because on battle before where im DC and many player reporting me with insulting or bot But i think chat ban is from insult reporting, i dont know if bot reporting can result in chat ban If on the battle where im DC they report me (while im DC so i'm not speaking/typing), if im not speaking/typing, the report system should not work (the logic) Im not receive notification like "you were reporting xxx times" So my case is like, typing 3 word: - "my internet dc" 1st battle - "nano desu"+"poi" 2nd battle after typing that, then BOOM..., im typing enter then "banned by blablabla" I give score screenshot, to clearing that im not afk/not bot because maybe few player reporting me as bot while im DC
  10. YuudachiP0iP0i

    How the reporting system about chat ban working?

    2nd screenshot is im typing "nano desu" and "poi poi", just 2 word, im forgot to cencor nickname on 2nd screenshot -_- its like, this chat ban system is if total 14report then auto ban by system, so all player can make a troll using all report, 1 player have max 7 report, so if u have a platoon then all of ur platoon reporting somebody with 14 report, then the result is auto ban, not care if that player insulting or not U can play my replay
  11. Did if 2 player create platoon then they can auto banned other player if they sending 7*2=14report ? So we can make other player chat banned if spamming sending 14 report Because i feel strange, on start of battle, i'm typing "nano desu" + "poi" then suddently get chat banned Before that round, im play on other map but my internet disconnect, after DC i'm login again and entering battle and i'm typing "my internet dc" Yeah. on the next battle im meet platoon which i meet them where i'm disconnect before. And on the end of battle im doing 89k damage with 6citadel and 3 kill Screenshot: on attachment Replay: https://www.sendspace.com/file/zrrdgm Naming and shaming. Attachment removed, user warned. ~amade