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  1. Polaris1

    Few questions about hull research

    I got it now. Thank you very much! xD
  2. Polaris1

    Few questions about hull research

    So, if i research Hull C then the Require XP for Nagato will be 78k5 ? Btw, can i pass hull C and go straight for Nagato ? Cuz i dont really need those AA gun.
  3. Hi, newbie here. I'm in Tier VI Battleship IJN Fuso. After researching Hull B for Fuso (dont mind the engine cuz its a dead end), all XP left + XP for researching Hull B is about 16k5, so, it should be 4k XP for researching Hull C and 74k5 for researching Nagato (Because after Hull C Nagato is only 78k5). But I still have to research Nagato with full price of 91k XP. Is this a bug or what? Ive had this problem since i first researched Hull B for Kongo. (right picture: Require: 83k XP. Sorry for bad pics cuz i downloaded them from my facebook account)