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  1. Warning. Steam download 11.9 GB!

    They don't call you Captain Obvious for nothing
  2. Operation zzzzzmo

    Nowhere near as good as Cherry Blossom - being 2 tiers higher gives a big boost to avg base xp. As long as they don't nerf it, save your good camo/flags until it comes around again.
  3. Warning. Steam download 11.9 GB!

    It's a shame there isn't a forum option to allow you to block all postings from certain users, isn't it? I'd certainly avail myself of the option
  4. Locked on sector

    If you want to engage a ship but also need to do some manoeuvring first (torps, island, wasd, etc) you can lock the guns in that direction and they will try to traverse as the ship moves to maintain their aim. When you're ready to shoot, they'll be pointing in the right direction and you can fire sooner.
  5. Quit while you're ahead?

    Any Kraken is a good Kraken. Congrats on a great battle.
  6. Locked on sector

    Shft-X to lock on sector, Ctrl-X to lock on bearing. Just X to unlock for both.
  7. Don't let it get to you, your question was quite reasonable but it does get raised pretty often in this forum (and, icy by name, icy by nature )
  8. Colorado Captain

    So you get AFT/BFT first? I'd normally get SI/CE first. If you're regularly using all your repairs, then you'd better get SI before CE.
  9. Colorado Captain

    I thought SI was one of the basics for bbs
  10. DeGrasse FOC

    Congrats, DeGrasse is a pretty good ship. I don't know if the actual probability of getting a ship drop is publicly available, but I've only had one in nearly 2 years and I'd guess it's no better than 1 in 50.
  11. Isn't Colorado why fxp was invented? Just kidding, but it's so slow it takes all the fun out - like getting to a party just as all the guests are going home.
  12. It's usually 4pm AEST.
  13. Banzai bonsai to 4th year

    " –15% to the cost of researchable Tier VIII–X ships in credits" too. I'm currently grinding 6 t9 ships and was planning to unlock them all using fxp within the next couple of days anyway - it's a pity that I've only got 76M credits at the moment, but the 15% is a 6M saving so my timing is excellent. Maybe I should flog off a few old ships and see if I can get another 40M.
  14. Banzai bonsai to 4th year

    Last time did count coop battles, I'm pretty sure.
  15. Things you'd like to see

    I'd like to see a scenario or campaign based on the escape of the Goeben and Breslau to the Dardanelles during the opening days of WWI; an event which precipitated Turkey into the war on the Axis side, extended the war by 2 yrs, cost many millions of lives, produced the Gallipoli debacle, instigated the Russian revolution, the breakup of the Ottoman empire and had ramifications extending to today in the Middle East.