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  1. I'd like it if there were enough players to reduce the tier difference to +/- 1 instead of 2. I know, I should look on it as an opportunity to excel, carry the team and get lots of experience but many ships really don't suffer being uptiered 2 levels too well and it happens so often it takes a lot of the fun out of the battle for me. Otherwise, I don't have any real complaints with the current mm.
  2. It's not going to match ships - just ship types and tiers. eg if there's a t7 bb on one team it will try to ensure there's a t7 bb on the other team.
  3. Just saying

    As I understand it, your Cleveland xp will most likely stay with the t6 Pensacola.
  4. Just saying

    The key point to get to is Cleveland - this will get you the new T6 CA Pensacola plus the T8 Cleveland. If you can put a permacamo on the Cleve then this will translate to a T6 permacamo on the new T6 Pepsi plus a T8 permacamo (3000 doubs worth) on the new Cleve (I got lucky and had a serendipitous sc drop of 1000 doubloons the day b4 I unlocked Cleve - obviously the Fates wanted me to get that permacamo). Having got to Cleveland, I've started to have 2nd thoughts about the wisdom of grinding the rest of the line just to take advantage of the split. The new Cleveland will be in a different tier and may have various buffs/nerfs, so playing the current one may be a bit of a waste in terms of learning, as it will cease to exist in its current form. The same can be said for the current Pepsi, NO and Baltimore - they have a bit of a rep for being user-unfriendly but, in their new positions (with whatever buffs/nerfs that will be applied) they may be much more fun to play so I don't think I'll stress out about grinding through them just yet, although I'll probably play the current Cleveland just for fun and see what happens. It might also be a good idea to grind the Omaha a bit to get enough exp for an early unlock of the new T6 CL Dallas (I think I'll do this as I prefer the CLs over the CAs). As for cashing in duplicates; I think I read that, if you have them all, it will be worth something like11-12 million credits. PS The above is hypothetical, based on the RU dd split, but it's probably good info.
  5. Just saying

    If you have all of them, you will get multiple versions of the new replacement ships - the duplicates will be paid out in credits.
  6. Varyag Marathon

    I got 1000 doubloons - better than my usual for a sc.
  7. PT mission #4

    You start with t8, change to t10 at rank 3 then, if you make it to rank 1, you can play t7 in the Sea Wolves league. PS I had to wait in the queue for 100 mins to get my t7 battle done.
  8. ultimate frontier failure

    [content removed] Violation overt advertising. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  9. ultimate frontier failure

    They're even making it harder to get a few special flags on PT the last few patches. If they get too mean about these things, they may discourage their established player base and start to lose them.
  10. Maybe ill quit this game

    If you can get access to another PC and install WoWS on it, you can at least decide whether it's your current PC that's the problem or whether it's some link further along the chain.
  11. Get your FREE 3 days Premium time!

    Whoops - my mistake, thanks!
  12. Get your FREE 3 days Premium time!

    Must claim by Apr 7th - and claiming also means taking your 0.7.2 rewards which otherwise would not need to be claimed before Apr 30th; nice touch by WG all the same.
  13. Space Battles

    It was actually worse in the 1st iteration (PT #1) - more transparent and made it very difficult to orient yourself, like floating in space.
  14. I did it a couple of times today and can't say I noticed any differences. It does make it harder if people persist in trying it in dds; cvs aren't much better either. A good mix is 3 bbs plus 4 cas; stay close to the border of the harbour, focus on the nearest enemy and it's usually good for 5 stars.