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  1. Moldavia

    Achievements in coop

    I did a bit of checking and, apparently, it's a temporary achievement related to the Ice Hockey event - you can get it once per battle and it gives you 4 "Victorious" camos for the 1st one of the day.
  2. Moldavia

    Achievements in coop

    Looks like you can get some achievements in coop now - got this one today; don't know what else is available.
  3. Moldavia

    Is Izumo still crappy?

    Ibuki, FDG, Izumo - my first 3 t9s :(
  4. Moldavia

    New Ranked Season

    Expect to see a lot of Guilio Cesares. It might be fun - everything t10 is getting very boring.
  5. Moldavia

    New Mexico for current Op?

    Fuso, Budyonny, Dallas are my favourites for this op. NM should be ok as long as you don't stray from the path too much, as it's so slow.
  6. Moldavia

    Unique Commanders

    It had a real cute animation of Casey Ryback coming on deck from various parts of the ship while it was in port and doing some martial arts exercises too - pretty neat stuff, too bad we're reduced to the very bland John Doe now.
  7. What happens if the bots start getting smarter? From personal experience I have found that putting a not very effective barrier in the way just encourages your typical hacker to raise the ante and improve the performance of their software so that it is harder to distinguish from a human (the Turing test) and it shouldn't be hard to make some big improvements on the more obvious bots that people seem to be reporting. Alright, maybe if it (the software) gets good enough you'll start hoping to get the bots on your side BUT, what if the bots get good, get together and then decide to get rid of the human players (the Skynet scenario) ? Then you'll be sorry
  8. Moldavia

    Goin' back to Ol' Blighty

    Flambass wasn't on your team by any chance?
  9. Agreed. In any case, aren't clan/ranked battles there to provide that filtering into groups with similar skill levels. Sure, ranked has its problems, but that's just an implementation issue which WG will probably iron out eventually. Randoms are just a PvP version of coop where people can step up and get experience playing against real people and, perhaps, they (randoms) shouldn't be taken so seriously. Of course, bots, afkers, etc should be taken seriously in any and all modes.
  10. Moldavia

    Unique Commanders

    Excellent skills for DM captain.
  11. Moldavia

    Finally, the unicum secret is revealed!

    Who cares about the Ring cc competition, I want Sharkbait as a captain on all of my ships
  12. Moldavia

    So I set out to make 500 FXP in one mission

    47k was my best on Cherry Blossom, but I regularly managed 30k even without a Dragon flag.
  13. Moldavia

    Thought on public test

    You must have been reading my mind - always seems to be clan, rank, divisions lately and, they often seem to coincide with a particularly attention demanding period on the live server (juicy operations like Cherry Blossom or Dynamo, or just grinding through the RN missions). I played 1 battle last time and I doubt I'll manage any more this time.
  14. Moldavia

    Brits. dd spoils of war

    Daily win bonus doesn't affect credits, does it?
  15. Moldavia

    The Bank says no - Premium choice Take Two

    Perth's creeping smokescreen makes it fairly unique amongst cruisers, if it's uniqueness you want. I got one in a SC and I've only played it a few times in coop, but I was impressed and intend to give it a good run in PvP sometime. Better than Leander but no Belfast.