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  1. Moldavia

    Flat out lie?

    Same here. Did get the 10M, the coupon and a couple of containers after activating the link and winning a battle - but no free 7 day rental of an Irian. Will check again tomorrow.
  2. Moldavia

    Why not fixing this instead?

    At least Narai is still fun and, usually, a fairly satisfying win.
  3. Moldavia

    Off Fishing

    I rolled a new Skyrim character - up to level 11 already.
  4. Moldavia

    Share Your Last Game with Uneven Tier CVs.

    Last battle with Ryujo - was hoping for a better one, but the team was too efficient.
  5. So, we've got until Feb 8th to master all the implications of the cv rework plus changes to concealment mechanics and get our captain skills all setup for this brave new world - bit stingy of wg I think, surely they could have allowed free respecs until the next update to give people a reasonable amount of time to experiment. I think I'll reset all my captains and just play t1-t3 until it becomes a bit clearer what skills are needed in the higher tiers.
  6. Moldavia

    Operation Rotation for 0.8.0

    I loved Cherry Blossom - made the grind of those t8 cruisers a real pleasure and made so much fexp I was able to skip their t9 versions and get 6 t10 ships all on the same day (having a 20% off deal made it very attractive too). All their captains ended up being 15 points or more too. I think it's time for a break, at least until the dust settles.
  7. Moldavia

    [Suggestion] T8 Killer Whale

    Although, if you allow too big a diversity, you start to suffer from the problem of mm teaming you up with too many weak or inappropriate ships. One of the best things about Cherry Blossom is that there are, literally, no bad or inappropriate ships you can bring to it.
  8. Moldavia

    Is this a joke ...

    It's a bit difficult to follow but, if you carefully read https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/sales-and-events/lifting_the_siege_of_leningrad/ a couple of times, it starts to make sense. e.g. if you win 5 battles with Okt Rev in coop, your base exp will be averaged and, if you're in the top 100 at the end of the event you'll get a prize. You can do the same for numerous other ships in both coop and randoms.
  9. Moldavia

    Combat mission won't tick over

    I think you still need 5 hits to citadels - if that's the one you're concerned about.
  10. Moldavia

    Is this a joke ...

    Thanks guys I see what it's about now. As @HobartAWD said, it doesn't seem too hard to have had something a bit explanatory up on the screen rather than what they've got now. There are always so many odd missions and challenges going on that I tend to ignore the descriptions most of the time these days.
  11. Moldavia

    Is this a joke ...

    ... or am I missing something. 1000000 base exp before 28/1/2019? A reward of 1 credit? Must be some sort of joke - but I don't get it!
  12. Moldavia

    Getting Gud ... maybe

    Sounds like me yesterday - took my Charleston out to do a bit of seal-clubbing but only managed 33% wr. Gave up after a loss where I got 4 kills and did 69k dmg. PS I don't think the wr follows a normal distribution. I suspect the unicums have an undue influence and the average wr is probably somewhat less than 50%.
  13. Moldavia

    The next operation of the week...

    Does anyone know what effect the new cv changes will have on Cherry Blossom? The other ops all seem to have had a mention, but I haven't seen any references to CB.
  14. Moldavia

    Achievements in coop

    I did a bit of checking and, apparently, it's a temporary achievement related to the Ice Hockey event - you can get it once per battle and it gives you 4 "Victorious" camos for the 1st one of the day.
  15. Moldavia

    Achievements in coop

    Looks like you can get some achievements in coop now - got this one today; don't know what else is available.