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  1. Can you hit anything at 15km?
  2. Flag for Gold Auto Refill

    You're right - some camos with silver, some with gold and the economic flags with gold. You can still turn off auto resupply if you run out by making sure the 'Resupply' checkbox is not ticked - thus
  3. Flag for Gold Auto Refill

    Just make sure the 'use in-game currency' box is not ticked. You can, of course, select credits instead of gold to pay for these consumables.
  4. Why Normandie's AA is so bad?

    Probably the only 'special' camo I really like.
  5. Make hay while the sun shines !
  6. To be fair though, it does take a few tries to get familiar with a new scenario and learn the best tactics to approach it. When it goes live, people who haven't done it before will benefit from the experience of those who've already tried it on the PTS. PS If you don't play on the PTS, how do you get a supply of special flags?
  7. I've had 6 or 7 goes at it for 1 2-star and 1 4-star win. It does seem a lot more difficult than the old one but, once the differences become familiar it may become a bit easier. The 4-star win only netted me 1600 (may have been 1800) base exp even though I came top with 9 kills and 225k dmg - so its days as a huge revenue earner may be over.
  8. My final Omaha battle

    With 35k exp on Omaha, I thought I was ready for Dallas when 0.7.6 went live but discovered that it was going to require a bit more than the old Cleveland to research and I still needed another 8k. I got a bit sidetracked with Cherry Blossom because I wanted to grind Edinburgh and Cleveland - so I spent 4 days on them to unlock Neptune and Seattle (and, incidentally, make enough free xp to unlock a t10 on one of those lines if I was so inclined) before I got back to Omaha. With a 200% daily win bonus, I figured I'd probably need 2 games and was fortunate to snare a win 1st up for 7k exp so I only needed another 1k for what would probably be my last Omaha battle (for a while, at least) as I'll move its captain to the Dallas. It's not unusual for me to get some pretty good results for the first few battles with a new ship for some reason, but it's also pretty common for me to get some pretty poor results for the last few battles - I don't know why, maybe I get a bit blasé. Anyway, I got lucky and had a really good one, which pleased me so much I couldn't resist posting it up here. With a 70% wr and 45k avg dmg over 33 battles Omaha has been one of my better ships and I don't know whether I'm really looking forward to the rest of the US cls as they seem a bit difficult to do well in from all reports (even for the unicums) but I'll see if I can adapt to the Dallas gameplay and take it from there. Incidentally, after purchasing Dallas, Seattle, Neptune and Izumo (unlocked it a fair while back but couldn't decide whether to buy it or not) my bank balance has taken a real hit today - 43M credits without upgrades (lucky I've got a Missouri ).
  9. I think WG would have other means of determining how well or poorly everyone is doing without having to check the forum postings :D
  10. How come no-one's posting any of their best efforts - it's usually fun to see how much better everyone else is doing than I am
  11. What about 'Theatre Cats'?
  12. Potato famine?

    Saw some classic potatoes in a coop match yesterday - a division of 2 Tirpitzs and a Sims. Their chat was soooo newbieish that I checked 1 guy's stats - highest tech tree ship was a Bogue with 1 coop battle, a grand total of 169 coop battles plus 3 randoms - yet owns Tirpitz, Arizona, Alabama and Sims. I don't worry too much about real newbies buying high-tier ships but, for their own good, I think WG should limit prem purchases to levels that they might expect to see in their games.
  13. Actually, not collecting the reward doesn't stop me from continuing with the next mission I've just noticed, although it does mean that 1 task slot is occupied until I do claim the reward.