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  1. Skarhabek

    New CV mechanics

    its thread about CV after all.....
  2. first.... please do notice that SEA player is relatively superior than western counterpart. the think that you think easy can be really hassle for them. second.... some of WoWs player is either old gramps or just casual dude after working like me who seeking fun third.... the moment they introduce T7 Belfast and T7 Saipan, this game lose its competitive aspect as fair game. fourth.... noob casual player usually spend more monies to weight their skill. giving them more spoon feeding info could increase their awareness fifth.... LACK OF TUTORIAL, combined with very loooooong learning curve. this change might help newbie player as well you are unicum, the "thing" that you consider easy maybe extremely confusing for other casual player. i am suspect you must be young dude that still have a lot of reflex compared to old gramps with slow response :v
  3. Skarhabek

    New CV mechanics

    Dear thread starter.... There is mixed opinion here.... PUT THE POLLING ALREADY WE WILL SETTLE IT THE MOST AMERIKA WAY THE POLL The Democracy WHERE IS THE POLLING? LEMME SEE how many againts, how many agree how many neutral
  4. Skarhabek

    Any chance we could have another Bonus 200% Coupon?

    heh nope..... at least we still have quarter -25% discount.
  5. Skarhabek

    IJN Ise vs Tone

    Tone and Ise plane is different.... Tone plane is faster yet weaker in HP. That is why its so easy to shred. Ise plane is slower yet tankier.... Unlike Ise, its better to play Tone as REAL CRUISER with options to launch guided torpedo missile. Aaand Ise.... Better play it as Light Carier with main gun
  6. Skarhabek

    New CV mechanics

    hey that is the main purpose of CV.... smack the Babbies.... its time to play DD if you think they are OP as heck since the RTS removal, CV era is going to downfall..... even if you buff them in extremely OP way, their gameplay is stale around launching guided missile. its time to Join the Hybrid and Airstrike..... soon, we will have DD with Airstrike gimmick. RTS CV is the best not because they are OP but HELL OF GAMEPLAY. Deploy and counter.... now WG already milk them enough, its time to reduce CV population again. they need to sell brand new OP DD soon™ if you want Buff, probably mid next year with Russian CV added depend on the CV, if you are on the USN.... then.... Rocket nerf is BY DEMAND OF some PLAYER. WG already nerf rocket by changing the reticle, BUT IT WASNT ENOUGH. Graf Zep and USN Tiny Tim IS MORE POWERFULL THAN TORPS againts big target. some is weak.... it depend on the CV, that is why they got different timer right? very solid answer.... i remember to nuke LE Fantasque from Graf Zep from full HP into 1/3 by multiple wave LOL and i got karma got blasted by Midway Tiny Tim on Mogador -_-
  7. Skarhabek

    New CV mechanics

    Rocket plane should not be exist from the first place.... This change is necessary because SOME DD HAVE NO SMOKE AT ALL. This change is actually better compare to increase DD AA. This is win win solution, player that have higher skill should be distinguished from the noob. I am playing both DD and CV, and i know its impossible to Dodge CV rocket. CV by design should be effective againts heavy armored target... Not againts something cute small DD. The nerf of AP bomb is actually not good. __________________________ But truly, this strafing should be improved. The rocket aiming should be farther! So i can bypass powerfull AA..... This could be good trade off
  8. Skarhabek

    Maashinn Guunz

    My Orkan after the patch hit My French DD the 150mm German DD _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LONG RANGE DD IS BAACCCK!!!
  9. Seems Legit 150mm gun mounted in DD have same pen as 203mm in CA.... even higher than the Cruiser 150mm gun...... Elbing get the same treatment as Kleber LOL, 138mm gun have comparable pen than 150mm CL Gun...... but 150mm gun comparable to 203mm gun IS REALLY SOMETHING!!!
  10. Skarhabek

    Tone looks nasty

    compared to Ise, Tone will be very high skilled 1. High tier have insane AA, and slower reload than Ise 2. Tone is CA, a single mistake is causing BOOMB 3. dont be fooled by extra repair party, if you get nuked. you are booom 4. short ranged..... and IJN Taste... low concealment mean nothing in high tier with a bunch of radar and accurate shell
  11. Skarhabek

    Team Kill XP Abuse.....

    20 sec to win, akatsuki decided to pro-long the game and increase everyone XP...... my current damage is 43K..... unexpectedly, it got detonated...... thus in the end increase my damage further to 50K..... give more XP and Credit,.... also mention another medal for NC.... sadly no signal reward this time this is the example WHY WE NEED TEAM KILL!!! 1. its increase everyone XP.... including the killer (better trade off) 2. giving yourself UNIQUE COLOUR, FLASHY! only the brave, the foolest AND OUT OF ALL THE MOST SPICE!!! 3. and of course for the lulz..... ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WG : you should not attack your allies! TK-ers : Skarhabek : ok bro here is +7 Karma!!!
  12. buff it when released..... so there will be no rage when WG announce German Ship : OP as heck like Aegir Secondary After release : mediocreeeee when WG announce russian ship : look balanced or underpowered like limited DCP Reality : BUFFFFFF
  13. there will be no russian line in 2022.... same as 2018 it will be broken... trust me you will hate russian CV so much in the hand of Asia Player
  14. People : LOL CRAP RUSSIAN CV with poor plane stat Skarhabek : why i smell Ise? only 4 plane but can devastating,..... the fact that its only need one run to unleash massive amount of damage,,,, unlike british CV with massive HP and low damage..... this russian CV is going to be high risk very very high reward in the hand of skilled hand. coupled with fast restore time,,,,, REMEMBER! rocket plane will be IMMUNE to AA when strafing, the fact that it have tiny tim like rocket.... that is mean ITS PRIMARY TARGET IS BB or big CA! the AA will become very useless while the rocket is unleashed.... Skip Bomber and Long Torpedo bomber? the gameplay will be around avoiding total AA,.... while unleash long range attack! MOST OF RUSSIAN SHIP HAVE LONG RANGE, DD, CA.... except for their weird BB..... this CV will smell like that.... attacking from long distance to preserve plane.... look at Ise, only 4 plane.... but the damage it can cause can be more devastating than other TB CV!