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  1. We MISSED you bro, the forum was too civil and it wasnt good. People may said they hate you for anti CV, but deep down we know people miss you along with neufert. Anyway welcome back! If you consider staying long we will make forum hell again.
  2. I dislike Flamu but WG need to get rid of it more smoothly. You know, more soft way. Flamu still have a lot of follower, getting rid of it without reason is just asking for cashbuck to leave. SOME WG STAFF NEED TO COME PERSONALLY, told Flamu HE IS RUINING THE GAME. Company need profit to sustain and he is not the only one who have opinion. People follow Flamu because they think he is the best. If there is someone who look better and give better advice, we will definitely follow him/her. Anyway, its chaos. WG is really follower of the blood God..... Now we have warhammet event.
  3. its obvious my positioning is bad, but i still wonder if my aim was bad or not. i think my 30% to 35% hit ratio seems fine, just curious how well unicum aim out there. are they aim reach 50% to 60% average? 5 to 10 min ahead. BUT ITS FRUSTATING because even if you know what will happen, there is nothing you can do. the team bound to lose.... that is why i said its my limit because i dont know what i should do.
  4. 5 years playing.... before i quit, i have question. how much is unicum player Hit Ratio on BB, CA, DD for Main gun and Torpedo? if my aim was fine, i guess its bad positioning and timing.
  5. Skarhabek

    The Sad Truth

    Why do you think unicum with 150K average damage only have 60% win rate After a while i never considered random battle as skill measure. Because you cannt carry 11 idiot. Except RTS CV, the only class that can singlehandedly destroy the entire enemy team. CV rework damage is not that differ from RTS era, but the presence from anywhere really affect the battle.
  6. Skarhabek

    What is the trick to lighting fires

    There is no specific trick, it depend on the ship itself. 1. Shattered HE tend to less create fire. 2. You cannt push in this current meta, event worse with British BB. 3. Ship with a lot of structure usually get burn more easily.... Look at high tier German and French BB... The hard one to Lit fire is American ship. 4. Thunderer, Conkek and Republiqe have insane fire chance that basically every salvo burn..... But in Republiqe Cruiser will spam you since you have all 32mm armor. 5. The best way to avoid getting Burned is to avoid the attack itself.... Or in other word not getting targeted.
  7. Skarhabek

    Salem is disaster.... and i love it

    seriously farming dreadnough or potential damage is super easy with Salem. for weird reason everyone is aiming at me. its weird why the hell farming dreadnought or Potential damage in Republique is harder..... when i am using Republique, everyone is spam HE.... its normal... when i am using salem everyone use AP.... include thunderer and conkek.... what the heck
  8. Skarhabek

    Latest Code...

  9. Skarhabek

    Too COSTLY to play Tier 10 ships

    for Premium CV do not buy = Graf Zepplein : For Experienced Player, Graf Zep Torpedo and AP bomber can bypass Flak AA, but its Rocket plane is fragile and prone to Flak. the problem is aiming atack is extremely HARD Saipan : SAIPAN PLANE TOTALLY SUCK Slow regent, but deal very high damage. Indomietable : lower damage but can bypass Flak AA..... EFFECTIVE for hunting enemy CV.... BE WARY, once you get used for Indomietable you will hate other CV slow plane. I recommend .... for newbie Kaga...... EASY MODE, CONSISTENT, feel like UNLIMITED POOOEEWAAAAAA!!! Salem Laugh at This.... dear free player, its time to consider spending in game for supporting developer and prevent them to make this game P2W. monthly premium time is enough....
  10. Skarhabek

    Inside the Ranked container

    7000 free XP is totally joke for veteran lol edit : wait, is that suicide torpedo??? i am just realize it....
  11. Yep, my point is to alter the blame from developer to the playerbase itself if the idea gone wrong. People complaining they don't get listened.... The truth is WG did listen... But to the bad idea.... For example is Submarine and CV rework. To be honest i want sub and BBV in game. But some people disregard the idea..... Claiming WG never listen to them. Imagine if WG remove CV from the game.... DD will be the next broken class lol... Yet some BB player insist CV is bad for them Now think again, if WG listen to 100% of flamu, i bet the game will be totally passive and boring
  12. 1. useless 8.5km radar.... 2. Super Repair Party is useless because max heal from HE and AP is only 50%, Citadel only 33%. your real heal around 25K HP.... except overpen and fire/flood damage 3. sluggish bastard, getting targeted all the time. 4. short ranged..... in this meta when engangement range is 20km, you can barely hit anything. in term of usefullness and carrying ability, DES MEME IS BETTER HERE IS MY ADVICE FOR ANY PEOPLE WHO STILL SANE, DO NOT WASTE YOUR COAL ON SALEM. there is a reason why WG remove a lot of ship yet Salem remain intact! if you want phew phew got Marceau..... De... why Salem is Salem LITERALLY THE BEST SHIP? 1. EASY FARM DREADNOUGHT, FIREPROOF, UNSINKABLE.... everyone literally aim at you..... 2. LITERALLY NO SERVICING COST, premium time or not its almost impossible to get minus credit when your T8 sheep cost more! 3. Salem is SALEM, a. NO NEED TO MOUNT Delta SIGNAL (+20% heal) because heal is maxed at 50% total HP from HE and AP damage b. 10 commander skill is enough.... compared to my Udaloi or BB that need 17 skill LOL c. easier to typing its name compared "Des Moines" 9 character and 1 space, JUST SALEM 4. Basically hard mode on the game, EXCEPT its Do-able compared to other crap like Burgeryone, Chesire, Hayato, ...... they aare just plain bad. there is a different between crap ship and hard mode ship like Orkan. 5.
  13. Skarhabek

    Rank Super Thread

    except for CV, most of T8 premium ship is obsolete or completely crap,,..... HAIL T9, most broken premium ship is here..... i mean almost everything in T9 Premium have major stand point and less drawback.
  14. Skarhabek

    The right way to play BB

    My Indomietable usually deal 8K-14K damage each min when attack enemy CV except it was Indomie or Implacable. Enemy CV usually dead in 5 - 9 min, combined with BB snipe, it will be even more faster. MY BIGGEST PROBLEM IS, team mate DEAD SO FAST. i told ya to not push, yet they keep charging to the dead. and then blame why team is not pushing. isnt holding cap is the main objective? why push further??
  15. Skarhabek

    The right way to play BB

    As long as it win the game, Sadly its not like that, the team that can obliterate enemy quickly will win the game. The push is caused by chasing remaining enemy. Also after we got cap what is benefit of pushing? WoWs Map is not wide enough to justify flanking to the enemy's rear. When i am playing CV, i am always warn my DD to not push yet.... since i cannt be everywhere like RTS. The idiot just went to the cap and dead because enemy is already waiting. Not everyone have patience... That is why everyone hate sniper gameplay. Speaking as DD, you are not the only one who play DD, i am also play DD. The problem is most player refuse to adapt what they cannt do. Dodger DD is really exist like Mogador and Udaloi and Kiev. They annoy enemy BB/CA and push them back.... They can solo the entire enemy team.... Well, they still prone to CV Rocket. Yes they can tank massive damage. That is why i love them. Most DD player just want Stealth gameplay, that is why they hate getting spotted. And blaming CV spotting is more deadly than CV attack itself. I called it bullshit since CV attack can cause you lost 1/4 to 1/2 HP. I know because i am both DD and CV player itself.