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  1. Sapper you need to edit this one.... Tech Tree Dutch DEAL MORE AIRSTRIKE DAMAGE.... by massive..... De7Provin = 6 plane x 4 bombs = 24 bomb drop every 60 sec ..... 3 stack x 24 bomb = 72 bomb every 3 min Haarlem = 10 plane x 6 bombs = 60 bomb drop every 90 sec ...... 2 stack x 60 bomb - 120 bomb every 3 min not only Haarlem plane is stronger, THEY DROP MOAR BOMB! also i am just realize HAARLEM IS OP.... not because airstrike,.... but because STRONK AP, combined with high concealment.... enemy cruiser is just toast.... the biggest sins of De7Provincein is THE AIRSTRIKE DEAL LESS DAMAGE.... its main gun suck.... and HP is looooww.... the best way for De7pron dealing damage is by creating as much fire as possible... meanwhile HAARLEM STRIKE HARD WITH AP and Airstrike
  2. ITS BEEN DECIDED! NO AZUR LANE COLLAB! WE WILL HAVE WW3 IN JANUARY!!! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! yeaah... since red is banned, i am realize we can use PINK LEL
  3. Skarhabek

    Which coal ship to get?

    Salem ..... a sidegrade to desmoine... - extreme survivability, basically immune to fire - yeah, basic AP spam from des meme GAMEPLAY IS ENTIRELY DIFFERENT, radar is just decoration, you main weapon is REPAIR. the problem is, this require massive knowledge and experience in mitigating damage.... this ship probably sucker on average people Marceau.... since the CV rocket nerf, Kleber is all the way... Kleber and Elbing is the ultimate destroyer... their armament can basically butcher the entire enemy team. Marceau? its biggest drawback is its torpedo have looooong reload... its suboptimal BUT IT CAN BE EXTREMELY FUN for psychopath..... terorizing enemies... ______________________________________________________________ Marceau and Salem is BAD BAAAD SHIP.... unless you have mostly OP ship and looking for challenge. also reminder.... KEARSARGE IS ON THE HORIZON!
  4. Skarhabek

    Druid review

    Druid, Chesire, and Tiger59 do not have any torpedo..... its time to give them a sweet 1 charge of AIRSTRIKE especially Tiger59 that work as radio or command ship
  5. Skarhabek

    Fair winds, friends.

    I smell Something really wrong with this
  6. You guys got discount? Btw, are you a spender? WG tend to give discount coupun for them who never spend... If you never spend on the game wait till WG offer you 200% doubloon cashback.... In my case buy Graf spee get Graf zeppelin lol
  7. Skarhabek

    This is my day

    RB is actually very easy... You don't need to reset entire line... Just a single favourite line... Re- playing again.. too bad there is no interesting ship for me in RB.... I thought Ragnar is Going for RB... But its steel Congrats on getting Ragnar
  8. Skarhabek

    How do i get a 50%+ WR ?

    just delete the post bro, that is better than someone misunderstand my post. thanks in advance
  9. Skarhabek

    How do i get a 50%+ WR ?

  10. Skarhabek

    Ship Plans

    the best way to grind tech tree ship : 1. Free XP to T6 or until T8 (lower tier ship get little XP...) 2. play T8 spam XP camo, signal XP, and premium time.... roughly each match will grant you 5K XP..... 3. spam dragon if you want faster... get 10k XP at least..... 4. EASY T10..... 5. make sure to have stronk credit grinder..... too bad, i like T8 ship, the randomness in T8 is the best... start from T6 match, to higher T10... in T8 you will face almost every ship possible.... T8 is the best!
  11. Yeah, but still... Its average damage is higher than other CV.... The fact that it doesnt have rocket plane is disturbing. Despite slow, it got massive boost launcher at 243 Knot.... Just like Ise Drop all load like a boss.... As you can see, it attack enemy Shokaku... Basically "AA Bug feature" like Indomie and Graf Zeppelin at 200+ Knot.... But how the hell Chkalov can do it at less than 190 Knot? And the most weird is its XP and credits modifier is so low in this match.... I get 3900 base XP in Le Fantasque for carry the team.... But far from doing 200K damage This Chkalov basically destroy the entire team with 300K damage ... Its XP and credits should be at leats 3500xp and 1 million credits You know, WG have tendency to give premium RNG and credits modifier to sucker ship like Orkan and Tiger59.... Or bad credits/XP modifier for OP ship like Ise Everyone know how sucker is Tiger59.... Yet its win rate is really high... My Tiger59 have also have high win rate despite doing poorly
  12. Japan, German, British, USA..... they are SO IDIOT.... they drop the bomb one by one.... hovering and practically doing inefective manouver.... why the hell we fly in AA zone? why not drop all of them? Russian is actually not that smart... but they are not idiot.... just straightforward.... no fancy, no bullshit, DUMP ALL THE LOAD AT ONCE!
  13. bro sapper, did you already have de7province? i still confused, 1. can it dodge and fire like charles martel with speed boost? 2. compared to Haarlem, how good is the survivability? 3. Congress or de7province?
  14. Skarhabek

    Can returning the wrong-buying ship?

    waow how much unused steel did you have?
  15. If Chesire or Tiger59 got the highest XP gain.... You know.... Something must be very wroooong.