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  1. i would like to discuss this concealment revamp, could you make new thread based on your analysis? i am afraid at this rate my opinion is too much biased so better someone else make the thread
  2. Skarhabek

    Share Your Favorite Gaming Snacks with Us!

    my snack this month after Eyjafjalla and Blaze Gacha......
  3. Skarhabek

    German CV event

    My Weeb friend : heey Skarhabek lend me monies, i need it Skarhabek : you print monies Twice as mine, working more harder... Why the heck you went bankrupt Friend : i am doing Skadi Gacha in FGO Skarhabek : hueh, you are not the only one here, i am not getting eyjafjalla and blaze..... Damn already burn monies Gaben : we know you are broke because gacha, here is Steam Summer sale!!! WG : you spend monies on gacha?? Here we go Skarhabek, GERMAN CV EARLY ACCESS!! Skarhabek : they said Champagne sux, could i get discount??? Why the hell I cannt use coupon, its also same like when i bought Orkan WG : we nerf all AP bomb, include Graf Zeppelin, BUT WORRY NOT! T8 GERMAN CV TECH TREE HAVE HAKURYU AP BOMB. ITS MORE DAMN ACCURATE EARLY ACCESS THE GERMAN CV!!!! Skarhabek : Blaze is the last gacha, i am not gambling anymore....
  4. Skarhabek

    Zao (mid 2020)

    More like Buff Zao instead of nerfing our AP bomb..... Remember, nerfing AP bomb is useless since you eat more damage from HE than AP. Most BB now use HE Aye, forget to mention T8 GERMAN CV AP bomb is more hurt than Hakuryu.... Have HEAL and can bypass AA Flak 7800 damage x 3 Plane per strike WTF WG
  5. Veneziaaaa Veeeeneeeziaaa Veeenetziaaa 10K HHaapee ouf iech 20 seekko ........ Its WG fault to remove Smolensk. The best counter of Thunderer is HE spam from Smolensk. You pop smoke, let CV spot Thunderer.... Then kill it under 1 min Also Slava is OP as heck.... You basically Citadel everything from 40km Old BB is out of meta, Halland have fast 15km torpedo, Smolensk, Venezia, CV....
  6. Skarhabek

    German CVs in a nutshell:

    i am waiting someone to post this GREATEST SEKAI ICHI! German Science is too stronk that 83mm rocket could citadel like 203mm
  7. For them who lazy to read, my point is very simple ; I am understand there is no way DD survive againts CV, but atleast give me more time and chance instead getting deleted in one strike. The point of CV rework is eliminate CV ability to oneshot DD. Now rocket and SAP say Hi. CV should attack DD multiple strike before killing it. BB player is more afraid
  8. I don't have smoke, and if you do have smoke there is radar in the cap. All my DD don't have smoke.... Also DD is not always in smoke. In CV i am just need to calculate where will be the DD after smoke gone My point is very simple, CV need to strike DD multiple times to sink it.... NOT INSTANTLY KILLING IT. I am very well understand if CV want to kill you it will happen. But atleast DD not get insta deleted. SAP is bad idea too.... Your post contradict itself, if you complaining about Hakuryu delete Zao in one go, then what is the difference between the DD getting oneshot? Zao can farm 15km away with team sticking.... DD? Unless Cruiser, DD IS FORCED to do everything ALONE Hakuryu and Enterprise AP bomb is indeed OP, but Shokaku and Graf Zeppelin is not due to Fragile plane and limited plane. I am CV player myself, no matter how smart the DD, if i am decide to kill it.... It will dead. And dinding DD is not that hard. If you said sinking Zao require 6 min, just saying CV just need 1-2 min to kill DD I am CV player myself.... No matter how WASD Dodge DD, i am always hit them with rocket and its deal 3K to 6K damage Also WG don't care about your Zao, its their Stalingrad got nuked hard in CW by Hakuryu so its decide to nerf all AP bomb Zao is weak because overnerf... ________________________ Somedude : hey skarhabek, why don't you play CV then? Skarhabek : they nerf AP bomb, the only fun and skill based Somedude : then go midway Skarhabek : Yoo, basically i did. My point is, if they care about balance, first nerf rocket and nerf He bomb instead skill based AP bomb
  9. as both CV and DD player.... ROCKET IS HARMFULL FOR DD, ITS GUARANTEE DEAD AP Bomb IS SKILL BASED, its scale with player skill I AM DEAD IN 2 STRIKE! WASD DODGE MY ASS as CV player i know no matter how good DD, death is inevitable if CV decide to kill it. i am not asking for totally immune DD againts plane, BUT ATLEAST CV NEED TO STRIKE ME 10x times before kill me.... NOT ONE SHOT ME IN ONE GO! my suggestion for rocket is : #Increase rocket circle aim to be wider 2x #decrease rocket accuracy #REMOVE MAA penalty +50 cooldown or simply buff it to 200% the idea is, rocket will be reliable hit BIG TARGET and deal damage..... againts smaller ship it will be hit or miss. giving more chance for DD to atleast not killed in one strike ROCKET IS STUPID MECHANIC IN CV REWORK, UNREALISTIC, and SIMPLY WEIRD people demand CV rework so their DD dont get one shot by torpedo bomber now we have CV rework IT JUST SAME, its rocket this time.... as CV player, I AM DEFINETELY QUIT IF THEY NERF AP BOMB i can go Midway or Audacious, BUT HELL AP BOMB WAS FUN Graf Zeppelin AP bomber is already crap.... and you make them more crap??? MOST PEOPLE WILL ABANDON HAKURYU, ITS MEAN MORE HE BOMBER CV and DD IS MORE SCREWED! AP rocket is good addition but GERMAN CV IS TOO WEAK, barely anyone will pass through T8 German CV WG DONT CARE ABOUT DD PLAYER WG HATE DD AP bomb nerf is just appeal for BB player and Large Cruiser 12KM radar bullshit #DDLIVESMATTER
  10. Skarhabek

    Does any of you suffer problems with Armory Interface?

    Player : OOII WG, Steam is doing summer sale and other games give us a lot of discount! WHERE IS OUR SUMMER DISCOUNT! WG : we listen, in order to increase your shopping experience.... we just revamped the shop to make it more interesting! FGO Player : i am just doing Skadi Gatcha and went bankrupt, we need WoWs Summer discount! Skarhabek : ouuii i am went bankrupt too because Orundum Gacha.... damn Blaze, i got useless Hoshiguma instead -_- WG : we understand your pain, we will make the armory so lag, so you can no longer buy anything
  11. Skarhabek

    I can't see the logic here...

    just put the old mod file to newer mod folder...... it might cause error but it rarely happen aslain download link sometimes is really SLOOOOWW
  12. Skarhabek

    Riga- Thoughts?

    i have suspicion they want to buff Tech Tree Russian CA but cannt straightly buff Moskva... so they make Moskva Special and create BRAND NEW OP SHIP also, 360 Turret WHAT THE HECK and THEY NERF MY HENRY4?
  13. Skarhabek

    Sad state of KM ships

    WG Could make more profit by putting Z-35 for SPECIAL T9 Doubloon/Research Bureau ship BUT available to direct purchase.... T9 ship price is a lot all characteristic remain the same EXCEPT TORPEDO REACH 10 KM and Hydro have 6km range..... put in T9
  14. Skarhabek

    XP in Aegis screwed up.

    Ssshhh Its German CV celebration, working as intended. Now before their nerfing CV XP i am better Regrind my Ryujo