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  1. Skarhabek

    Thunderer Get....

    WG removing Georgia is unacceptable. Unless they Made another Speedy BB. I have Georgia, but removing it will just bad precedence that WG trying to force US grinding or losing stuff. I am not definelyninto grinding
  2. Skarhabek

    WTF WG

    Console is only for noob,
  3. Skarhabek

    Hmmm. DD XP.

    depend on DD, Orkan, Loyang and German DD could get cap easily as long as CV not present. as DD player who dodged shell crayzily, CV auto death sentence is more threat than enemy radar. shell damage can be RNG based and when you luck hit its barely any shell hit. except for slow DD.....
  4. Buff? - 60 sec damage control party..... basically easy to repair and anti HE spammer - British super heal..... SLOW, Snail, tanky...... HE spammer will crying...... the Idea is slow and super tanky BB with less secondary compared to burning hall German Sheep but have secondaries
  5. also my apologies for Earl_Arland and Max battle for our early division. i am being selfish since i am rarely playing and only aim for fun.... and tommorow is another project that must be done......
  6. well, people need to eat, they need food, they need money to get food, people need to work to get monies. WG is not obviously weeb charity company, its main purpose is serve khorne the blood god create profit. Developing world of warship is REQUIRE MONIES and we only want to spend monies if its worth it. some people just like throwing bucks for power, some old vet just want to buy nostalgic real ship.... and the weeb, spending monies for no reason for pixelatad screen image...... there is a lot of suggestion to make WoWs better like bring back RTS CV or optimize balance or etc... all but all, its really rare for us suggesting a way company make profit..... i dont want WG to turn to stupid side by taking short profit route and endanger the whole game since WoWs the last of its kind people have opinion and here is my idea my idea?..... Sell Azur Lane Yamashiro as the most expensive T8 Sheep its unique, Retrofitte version with hybrid plane, 410mm Gun and 30 knot speed! the rest is basically Fuso stat..... why this is good idea? - weeb will buy it (its weeb we are talking about) - collector will buy it (Sultan player.....) - power hunger warmonger will buy it (basically BB with CV abilites?) - more unique than Steel and Crap Bureau.... directly create profit instead of encouraging bots - VERY RARE SHIP, its rare event with collab of Azur Lane.... - basically open possibilites of CREATING TOTAL IMAGINERY PAPER SHIP without bothering history nerd (Azur lane have Kizuna Ai as Ship) - Yamashiro is loved ship by everyone... basically most of its skin in Azur Lane is free obtained - Kancolle player might hate Azur Lane..... but they wont deny how cute is Yamashiro! - Stopping the first singularity war that cause 1/3 earth population as casualties. since weeb will happily playing WoWs instead of creating Axis Aqua Cult or Join Reunion Movement. - earth will prosper since the money spend by the weeb will moving the economic, WG Staff will buying new yacht... the yacht company that went down due to pandemic is finally active again - stop Corona spread.... the weeb will be playing at home.... less people mobility.... - yes this is good idea.... PLEASE RELEASE AL Yamashiro ASAP before 2021.....or Tulak Hord will revive itself
  7. Skarhabek

    Hmmm. DD XP.

    capping have a lot of XP especially when you cap early but no one contest the cap till the end.... but combined with 100K spotting damage is even more..... sometimes i am jealous of DD spotting reward.... since CV wont be rewarded like that
  8. Skarhabek

    So, what is the point of 0.9.9?

    its already happen, could 2020 any worse? they will go after SEA, just not attack philpines directly. start from China, Vietnamese, and later Indonesia. Japan just need resource from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. their oil and raw material resource is more than enough to create industrial machine comparable to America in just 5 year. remember, Isoroku is not idiot to attack pearl harbour directly. "you dont awaken the giant, you poison it and let it sleep forever" Japan and German could win WW2 if they are become "liberator" and not "new oppressor". in case of German they have chance with partisan to join them because who doesnt hate Stalin? Japan could get support from SEA people if they are not doing "jugun ianfu" and do the right. in 1945 most of people in SEA just hate western for hundred year of colonialization. the biggest mistake of German Navy is failure of obtaining French Fleet Ship. the aftermath of operation catapult is enough to turn Vichy French againts England.... and Hitler Biggest mistake is trusting Churchill will join him later as superior race. yep both Japan, Italy and Germany have one biggest stupidty in 1940, they are think as superior race. but of course it all the bloodshed need to happen, now we have Weeb, Wehraboos, PIZZAAAAAAAAA and the best of the best..... American Memes if Axis win WW2, i doubt we are still enjoying all of this degeneracy...... even if Axis did win WW2, it just matter of time until people revolt like soviet..... in the end people just want freedom
  9. Skarhabek


  10. Skarhabek

    So, what is the point of 0.9.9?

    Hey don't blame the CV creator and Isoroko. Without CV the WW2 will be prolonged. CV and Nuclear bomb is the reason we don't have major war despite a lot of conflict. Without CV, Bismarck and Tirpitz will prevail. And Submarine is going to wreck havoc. Japan wont attack pearl harbour, allowing them to stack force By getting their hand on south east Asia resource. And America will never have their great fleet. They will doomed by their slow snail fleet. We have CV named Nimitz because he encourage the rockheaded halsey to get on CV. Nuclear bomb Deny the will of creating another major war, since its guarantee mutual destruction. Its the greatest deterrent. Oppenheimer may kill million people, but he save Billion people by discouraging WW3.
  11. Skarhabek

    So, what is the point of 0.9.9?

    If Japan win WW2, there will be no anime. They will become another tyranical country. We will not have console game or other fun stuff. Japan will produce military stuff instead of what our have today.
  12. Skarhabek

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    this should be Republique, 4x4 380mm
  13. Skarhabek

    Current contest?

    i will make one Coming Soon ™
  14. Can we have 4x2 ARP Maya but instead of repair party it got 12KM RADAR with USN duration. And to compensated its pack of gun.... 15km torpedo with slow 3 min reload but fast speed of 86 knot Hohoho
  15. Skarhabek

    What if? (Hybrids Topic)

    Hooohooo Tone have repair party WG quickly release Tone!! Quick booiisss!! Also sell Yamashiro as retrofit Fuso Hybryd in T8