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  1. Skarhabek

    a suggestion to make CV rework is more decent

    its ironic that every my post include the serious one is turned into meme anyway, my suggestion is to avoid normal ship become CV food. if CV rework is just released just like that, bet me 10gold..... "CV OP please nerf" "World of CV 2019" "CV player just discover Fascism" "Pixonic is greedy P2W bastard"
  2. Skarhabek

    a suggestion to make CV rework is more decent

    Rant : CV rework is coming yet... WHY THE HELL I MUST BUSY THIS TIME.... shit always happen in the near end of the year
  3. now the sheet and screwed yet thrilling CV RTS has been destroyed, what left is unlimited blade works brainless bombing from CV. JUST HEAR ME THIS TIME :V first, i will state the obvious impact of current CV rework : 1. Surface Pheasant will become pinata for CV with unlimited plane and unstopable bombing 2. CV snipe will become more common, THIS IS NOT SOLVING the "noob CV vs Pro CV"... just making it more worse..... 3. Surface Pheasant will BECOME IRRELEVANT AND OBVIOUSLY EVERYONE WILL PLAY CV TO WIN 4. Easily ABUSED BY BOTS, no brain involved... unlimited plane da heeeelll.... EZ dodge AA flak 5. Less profit from selling premium Surface Pheasant..... because wallet warrior is always want a stronk sheep 6. short hype, people will be bored after a few match..... but i dont think we must abandoning the CV rework Idea... this new interface seems appealing for a lot of people WHAT WE NEED IS TWEAK SOME STUFF! ok, here is some sugestion A. NEW MODE, CARRIER BATTLE - everytime CV is involved, ITS AUTOMATICALLY TURN INTO CV BATTLE - OBJECTIVE : DESTROY ALL ENEMY CV >> its obvious - TIME LIMIT : 30 min - THERE IS ANOTHER "special" 2 BOTS CV FOR EACH TEAM, preventing silly botter or noobs or DC for screwing and losing fast. - maximum real CV player is 4 in each team, a lot of people will try this mode lol.... - SPECIAL 2 bots CV WONT LAUNCH PLANE, unless commanded by surface sheep - WIN is based how many CV is sunk, or if number same, its based on remaining CV HP - surface pheasant sunk is NOT COUNT - the number of CV and its tier is balanced on each team - give AADF FOR ALL TIER CV! B. a benefit for surface pheasant - any ship selected consummable automatically turn into AADF in this mode, so NO WASTE HYDRO or AADF for sheeps - number of AADF is buffed by 4~5 - SURFACE SHIP have special plane consummable (please look at BBCV ISE in WoWs Blitz for reference) *surface sheeps now can COMMAND 2 Bots CV to launch plane, so there is 2 slot... its represent each bot CV....launched based on CV1 or CV2 * Cooldown is 3 min, it mean it can only launch plane 10 times for each CV..... * its QUEUE based on the first who command the bot CV... *based on it type : >> Cruiser can launch 1 squad bomber, 3 plane for each squad, the bomber type can be chosen "in battle"..... just like changing torpedo mode >> BB 2 plane of spotter squadron with 3 only min duration, except for German BB and French BB can launch fighter (3 plane), because their YOLO nature.... BB mean to deal damage with their own massive firepower..... >> DD can launch 1 squadron of fighter (3 plane) or bomber, pick in battle like changing torpedo type * this is benefit for surface pheasant to defend their CV ESPECIALLY the 2 BOT CV! because the moment 1 or 2 bot CV destroyed, they lose access for launch plane.... * this is intended TO KEEP RTS style and make the surface sheep keep relevan in CV battle. Cruiser can become AA slave without sacrifice a lot of damage, BB can shit on other sheep because the spotter plane, and DD is become the real Daddy because it can launch fighter or bomber. smoking team now give it benefit * surface pheasant sunk in not count for winning to make em last longer and avoid becoming obvious pinata for CV player if this sheet is implemented, i can IMAGINE a INTENSE AIR BATTLE and surface pheasant is WILLINGLY to become AA slave
  4. Skarhabek

    Kitty Purrfurst's Combat Missions

    this cat is really something
  5. Skarhabek

    Web comic starring the Bismarck

    oi bro, i think its time to fastened the battle because its seems i am starting to miss the main character. how many weeks is passed i wonder.....
  6. hi sometimes when you want to try kurfurst or gearing without actually grinding it, you can borrow those account from close friend. its not only common in vietname, but also in here. of course this is very risky because your account can be gone. the MM bracket is actually very geniuses Idea, make it <42% bracket and normal bracket (>42%)..... BUT HERE IS THE DIFFERENT! put em in "Noobs Queue" when you did SUPER POORLY like doing average 5K damage with CV in 20 matches or any indicator else for every 20 matches you will fight againts Bots in Co-Op and must deal some damage threshold like 1million for DD and 5 million on CV before being released in random. i am somewhat agree with legionary, but my reason is different......put noobs vs noobs only make the BOTTER and Noobs TAKE BENEFIT. there is a game called "war robot" in smarthphone and tankers (who did badly in purpose) TAKE MASSIVE BENEFIT! because MM bracket like that! why ? imagine if i am use 100 bots, and there is 100 noob player. this noob player is more noob than the bots,.... guess what? my bots took a lot of XP and credit compared to normal random battle.... this just encourage botting. also if bots vs bots happen, they still gain a lot of XP and credit. so PUT EM playing CO-OP for a while, slower down botting progress and teach those noobs to play Co OP instead. well, i am still agree we need to separate those bots and noobs, but put EM IN CO-OP instead of random battle. make sure they deal some big chunk of damage before released in random. this poor performance is measured every 20 match. for DD they need to cap (instead of damage) atleast 4 times in those 20 battle. requirement to quit "Noobs Queue" : - 1 million damage for DD with MAIN GUN ONLY or 2 million damage with Torpedo only.... fire and flood not count - 3 million damage for CA, must main gun or torpedo only - 4~5 million for BB and CV without fire and flood and special for CV rules MM : - a CV player only be able to meet the same CV player TWICE a day - REMOVE CV from ranked, Daddy will be Happy and Babbies wont cry, except there is balancing rework - CV should be buffed, to make it very stronk damage dealer and can delete the entire enemy team. this will encourage people to play CV and discourage botting.
  7. the first time i play WoWs, my friend lie about how long to get nagato. he said it took 6 month of full grinding, because 1 match give you 200~500XP. also he said cruiser is the noob friendly..... i start pick the german cruiser (unbuffed version).... i thought i will quit because nurnberg is so sux, and it did sux...... try battleship nassau, GOT OUTRANGED BY BOGATYAR, WHAT THE HEEEEECCCK, try Kawachi....Myogi, moar sux.... DD?? what can small fry do? my friend keep telling me to avoid playing CV because its too hardest.... one day a i am just watching drifter opening..... its look cool! so i try CV (still have manual) GOSH~ CV IS THE MOST EASY CLASS FOR NOOBS! EZ carry, EZ damage, and guess what? just took 1 month to get Hiryu by playing casually! in the end i betray my waifu..... the reason i play WoWs is because Nagato..... __________________________ playing CV is solving a lot of problem... - no need to worry about Bot CV in higher tier - EZ kill - hardest to kill - most rewarding class.. the bots rigging CV wont be happened if everyone follow my advice and play CV instead
  8. Skarhabek

    Finally, the unicum secret is revealed!

    Drakon just bought the book
  9. Are You even wonder how the heck someone have purple stat? are they cheat? or just what? WORRY NOT! HERE IS THE BIGGEST SECRET OF UNICUM! this PDF book know most of its trick! and dont be SCAMMED BY PEOPLE SELLING ACCOUNT! DONT BUY FAKE AIMBOT HACK! DONT NEED TO RIGGING CV MM ! WHAT YOU NEED IS HERE! THE MASTERPIECE!!! THE SECRET OF UNICUM! who need aimbot and T10 sell account if you have this book?? Testimony : ~_~_~_~_~_~_~__~_~_~_~_~_~_~~_~_~_~_~ ~_~ AND MOAR TESTIMONY! they all prove how usefull is the book! now its your chance! for this time i will give you special brother discount! 0.5% PRICE CUT! now from $999.999...... it will be $999.900.- YOU GET $99 BONUS! damn, not only that! you can re-sell the book for any price you want! QUICKLY ORDER IT ON BUKALAPAK.COM! there is only copy left! THIS ITEM IS LIMITED!!! _______________________________________________ sponsored by Bagogo shop
  10. ITS TIME TO PLAY CV, REKT THOSE BOTTER AND RULE THE SKY! this kind of botter need to be punished by playing CV.... also to minimize this kind of botting. in one day a CV player should not meet the same CV player twice........
  11. Skarhabek

    In dire need of veterans to teach me to improve and etc.

    1. make sure you know in game every mechanic, read wiki.... all of them include ship parameter...their weakness and strength 2. if you watch youtube, DONT WATCH HOW its win, WATCH why enemy is losing and what should you do if you are the enemy . most of youtube are bad example because its usually noob opponent againts experienced player. 3. enable replay >> play 20 games >> re-watch them and analyze, "what will happen if i do something else" 4. if you cannt improve after all those effort, ITS TIME TO PLAY CV..... otherwise, you need 2000 battle experience on same type ship to gitgud. last but not least, REMEMBER you cannt get 100% win, some losing is normal,
  12. Skarhabek

    Brits. dd spoils of war

    1. first try to gitgud and print average 120K credit by destroying enemies.... 2. after you sure gitgud, STACK credit camo, and whatever credit++ flag..... 3. it will be super easy if you also have premium time. also, ignore cap and try to destroy everything. cap got a lot of XP but not much credit.
  13. Skarhabek

    I was watching Peter, I was watching.

    i am smell autodrop from CV lol
  14. RN HE can punishing DD in one salvo, they have insane HE damage.