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  1. I am already suggest this....... This would probably solve a lot of problem. This also encourage non CV player to play CV. No more long waiting time for CV MM. This basically make research Bureau useless.... Since most of anti CV player will play low tier to avoid CV. Also people who againts this idea must be a sealclubber.... Rather than NERFING and buffing T4 CV, let's remove it in random battle.
  2. Skarhabek

    why we dont remove T4 CV?

    Image : Catasthrope of CV rework Reason : 1. there is no premium T4 CV 2. NO AA 3. CV in low tier create rage quit new player 4. Hard to balance 5. there is TOO MANY low tier CV in Queue, causing 3 vs 3 CV.... causing disaster 6. WW1 ship vs modern intercontinental ballistic missile? 7. there is no way to mitigate CV attack at T3, T4 BB 8. noobie with few surface sheep match, through the line to T8 CV.... and never touch another line.....(basically i did this in 2017)..... create unwanted Chauvinistic view that CV is superior Fair Mechanism of removal according to WG principle: 1. T4 CV is not completely Removed, THEY JUST CANNT DO RANDOM BATTLE at T4 2. SPECIAL T4 Scenario, exclusive for T4 CV only.... max player is set to be 6! WOAHAHAA 3. there is 3 kind of T4 CV scenario for variation.... rotation for every week... and maybe special event scenario..... 4. CV is still allowed to do CO-OP 5. they progress from DD, just like CV rework. Implication : 1. maybe this is not much, but CV hater should be gratefull they can rest assured no CV in low tier random 2. increase CV player skill before entering random T6 CV, .....the difficulty of scenario will be adjusted to train new CV player 3. create more depth PvE content beside T6 scenario, maybe non CV player will try it.... just to feel the exclusive scenario for CV 4. less newbie rage and low tier difficulty is lesser because no CV will rekt them 5. low tier premium AA ship like Yubari maybe become slightly obsolete.... BUFF PLEASE 6. less MM problem by eliminating 3 vs 3 CV 7. less sealclubbing 8. player will take longer to get T6 CV, because operation limitation that, you can only play after 30 min ______________________________________________________________________ Yashima is not YAMASHIRO! WG need to learn japanese.... PLAYER DEMAND YAMASHIRO, not Yashima! Yamashiro BBCV T8 and Ise T7
  3. Skarhabek

    Free Flag ?

    now i know why Indonesia and China have massive population..... we dont use glove.......
  4. Skarhabek

    Did I make a mistake getting the Baltimore?

    HEHEHEHE I CAN GO ONLINE! ____________________________________________________ Baltimore IS GOOD CHOICE compared to Cleveland, it lead to DES MEME. FAST FIRING 203MM gun with 6 sec reload. basically in game BEST GUN until Russian CL come in 2021..... Baltimore HAVE GOOD AA, you hate CV right? if you feeling noob, believe me.... most of T10 player HAVE ACCURATE AIM especially those BB player. unlike Fast French or other Smokey CA line, USN and IJN CA have trouble getting multiple player aim by enemy. both USN and IJN have DECENT concealment. YOU need to work around it. MAKE SURE NO ONE TARGETING YOU. when you are targeted by BB GET CONCEALED, when no one aim..... FIRE EM ALL! TRUST ME, just KEEP playing Baltimore by 150 matches AND you will realize you improve. different ship have different playstyle, even among the same LINE! also look at youtube player, maybe it will help. also play CV if you really frustated
  5. Skarhabek

    Free Flag ?

    https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/game-guides/the-love-boat/ I cannt believe my eyes....
  6. Skarhabek

    Petition to SWAP USN radar and RU radar!

    probably my last thread until next 2 month? damn it Asus TUF battery only last 40 minutes for gaming, not every place have electricity right? DAMN IT, but it was cheap cheap as heck.... good as cheap PC replacement but crap for travel with low battery but big consumption.... SIGH..... i dont think i will miss anything big in two month, based on current what happened
  7. i cannt believe Tank with hooming missile ever Exist in World of tank blitz before... (it have been removed now) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3x Russian CL/CA Division and DD is Cease exist...... 12km radar WITH RAILGUN Shell..... THE ENTIRE MURICA LINE IS OBSOLETE! SMOLENKS is gone on sale? HOW MANY people already have it? the only hard counter to it is only ANOTHER Russian SHEEP! 12km Radar and Railgun shell will smack it.... i am usually like OP ship, BUT THIS TIME NO! its DISGUST THE PLAYERBASE, MY PREY IS RUNNING AWAY! I HAVE No reason to keep playing if no one playing :v will be honest, i play a lot of MMO games including the P2W..... BUT NONE OF THEM OFFLINE. I LIKE PVP I AM GENUINE PVP PLAYER, i am rarely doing CO-OP, PvP IS LIFE, PvP, IS THE REAL MAN GAME! MOST OF TODAY MMO SUCK (not really), WoWs IS MY LAST RESORT TO FIND LONG LASTING GAME TODAY MMO just have SHORT LIFE, MOST OF THEM only last less than a year THERE IS ONE LAST CHANCE WG SWAP THE USN RADAR AND RUSSIAN RADAR EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY! WHO GOING TO COMPLAIN? i like swedish IKEA DD, i want it but incoming RU CL with 12km radar and Laser.... unlike French, Swedish DD is snail the best solution is to swap the radar, 12km USN radar with slow shell and 10km radar with laser Russian CL. there is currently NO INTERESTING SHIP on my sight! not even steel or coal ship. i am bored on tech tree,.... i am hyped about European DD but Russian Bias ship news ruined my hype,..... SO heeereee it is.... everyone just say stop playing..... until : 1. USN and RU radar SWAP 2. Yamashiro come to WoWs.... THE RETROFIT T8 Yamasiro, I WANT TO SINk tHe YAmAto of course with buffed HP, T8 plane and faster manouverability than Fuso
  8. Skarhabek

    I’ll be back

    am i the only one here playing with only touchpad and doing fine? thanks to CV rework i could play CV without using mouse LEL Mouse is only for noobs
  9. Skarhabek

    Odin HP Debuffed (Bullcrap Alert)

    Shit, i want Odin so much, ... Okay its time to stop playing because they nerf our Halland And what the heck with marceau torpedo nerf???? That its..... I am go back to tree if savior
  10. Skarhabek

    Moskva and Kirov, research them while you can!

    how about 1 WEEK with premium+CAMO+FLAG my friend is crazier, FULL TECH TREE in 4 days with a lot of SPAM special Flag.... damn 10K-20K XP for each match _____________________ my biggest concern here is... 1. do we get Moskva+both tech tree? 2. Moskva only and line reset to 9 tech tree 3. Got Moskva and one of the tech tree.... 4. DONT GET MOSKVA, it changed to tech tree Cruiser
  11. Skarhabek

    Let's talk T10 DDs

    Marceau AA was GODLY but not as killer as HALLAND EVERYONE.... Neutrazihimy is moved to coal, its have AADF and dual purpose. sadly its mediocre but atleast it have repair to mitigate damage. the DD gameplay change from stealth vs gun into FULL ACTION SCREW THE CAP FARM BB _____________________________________________________________________-- well, WG need to release Europe DD asap because there is too much CV
  12. Skarhabek


    WG only need to do 1 thing... 1 MATCH, MAX 1 CV per side yet......
  13. Skarhabek

    Let's talk T10 DDs

    Hey welcome back, in the current meta i think Grozovoi is better, array of consummable Heal, AA, DFAA, massive Gun and HP. And atleast decent AA Also DPM for gearing maybe high, but the new DD have insane gun. KLEBER at T10 murder everyone except CV. With reload booster and fast speed its really though to duel gun. Halland everyone Halland everyone Halland Halland! LOOK NO MORE! POST WW2 DD WITH BALLISTIC TORPEDO AT 15KM WITH 86KNOT AND ONLY 100 SEC RELOAD! HATE CV? HALLAND IS YOUR SOLUTION! ITS AA IS SO STRONK THAT MAKE DESMOINE BECOME JOKE OWH WAIT THERE IS MORE!! REPAIR PARTY!!!! The drawback is.... Like French DD... NO SMOKE
  14. Skarhabek

    Moskva and Kirov, research them while you can!

    Howling sheet, i don't know people aware of the power ranger Genghis Khan.... I am actually thinking of we can both get moskva and T10 Cruiser OF BOTH LINE
  15. Skarhabek

    Changes in the Armory

    Uggghh i mediocre AA... I don't need Stealth but AA DD, its look like i will go Halland. But its snail.... _____________________ What i want - no citadel - 15+ Km range gunfight with 2x barrel, with fast Velocity - GOOD AA - min 8km Torpedo, i don't care the other stat - fast at minimum 39knot before speed boost and flag - repair party I want to gun and run and CV wont stop me... I don't need smoke! Kidd is good, BUT IT NOT DUAL BARREL GUN!