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  1. RN Normal Container OP

    the first time i open the RN chest...got Acasta I WANT LIGHTNING SO BAD!!!! why you guys got Jervis Easily -_-
  2. RDF is luxury skill for commander that have at least 14 skill. i am use it on cruiser and DD and the result is amazing. the late the game, more usefull the RDF. imagine you are the last cruiser escorting 2 BB againts 1 DD and other enemy ship. this DD cannt stealth torp easily.....
  3. i have Acasta with that characterisic..... i want to know about Jervis and Lightning for anyone who have lightning and Jervis... IS THAT FOR REAL? WIKI IS LYING!
  4. Question about RN dds

    oi, how about smoke in Jervis and Lightning? i just got Acasta and it HAVE 7 SMOKE, with same characteristic as Pan Asia, short duration but short cooldown
  5. sadly i dont see any record of the arm race. so its look like no.... i bet this mode is designated to lelel camping meta by forcing people go to multiple cap and push. by pushing in mid, there is also given benefit like heal or reload fasta. this mad pushing look worth it. yeah, pretty fun for brawling until asashio and lightning strike lol.......
  6. How radar should work IMO

    just buff british DD with radar jammer and NO SMOKE, problem solved
  7. Warning. Steam download 11.9 GB!

    its look like mod is on vacation..... i see a beep beep word and you guys still float. this is the chance... CHAOS! NO RULES!!! WOHHOOO FREEEE!!!! say any word you want! FRREEEEEDDDOOOMMM [enjoy the moment before hammer of order fall] yo guys need to calm down, watch some memes or just eat some cocholate. i am smell mod is incoming :V
  8. Submarines Are Coming

    no worries, RDF will find it :V
  9. what happened to WOWs?

    what to expect in WoWs : 1. British DD, Weckt radar sheeps 2. new CV rework, wreck AA sheeps 3. Hydro indirect Buff.... we got submarine next its actually nice to see WG attempt to make game more dinamyc. the only thing that make me worried is bot, especially on CV. if you see nickname like "warbunder, WT_isbatter or ploy_WT" (not actual IGN) then ITS MUST BE BOT. WT is attempt to ruin WG by this pesky method......
  10. Submarines Are Coming

    these submarine is actually a gud option to counter radar sheeps and bring hydro into action. it will be more dinamyc than camping with radar.
  11. How to Richelieu?

    manual secondary and IFHE is waste on Alsace, its secondary is already accurate and you cannt phew-phew multiple enemy at time. IFHE for whut? +10K more secondary damage seems crap compared to fire damage caused by its secondary. AFT+BFT+CE is MUSS for maximum YOLO
  12. BB captain is screwed.......

    get mission for Acasta.... wtf its TORPEDO IS SHORT! BADLY NEED BUFF!!!! is that possible to get lightning mission if you have already get Acasta??
  13. BB captain is screwed.......

    come on dude, cannt wait to hype on LIGHTNING! finally, a T8 Gadjah Mada :V