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  1. Skarhabek

    Black or Neutrazimy?

    CV and BB only is not interesting anymore... since we have BBV :V I did have Brits commander for CV. about gender, i am identified as male attack helicopter. _________________________________________________________________________________________ waiting for Black recomendation do its still worth in 2023
  2. Skarhabek

    Black or Neutrazimy?

    1. or save up for Tromp? any info on what will currency is Tromp? 2. for Black Owner, what is your impression? 3. any other recommendation for coal ship with intriguing gameplay? (no BB and CV)
  3. Skarhabek

    BB Hannover or CV Eagle?

    nah. you can buy it with credit later. its piece of cake. HERE WE GO! GET EAGLE!!!
  4. Skarhabek

    Auction (Ohio Flag for Premium Time [?])

    Come forth! our strongest Leviathan trump card in LBAS! I CALL FOR @LtDan_IceCream
  5. Skarhabek


    did you know BRAWL EXIST??? and this week we got DD BRAWL! BRAWL IS THE PROOF WG IS LISTENING TO US! BRAWL IS LIFE, BRAWL IS HAPPINESS.... you dont need to think, follow your instinc and be one with your primal spirit!
  6. Skarhabek

    Selling Camos Post Economy Rework Query

    how about buying new camos as cosmetic??? i want to equip #American Camoes all day
  7. Skarhabek

    Regarding Ruckus in the Depot in Armory

    ^^^ now this is truly a ruckus....
  8. Skarhabek

    Regarding Ruckus in the Depot in Armory

    WG trying to dodge from responsibilities...... Player : so.... if we choose not to refund money but doubloon instead.... can we re roll the ruckus gacha..... after that can we rinse and repeat the proccess? or there is only limited 1 time rollback? Pro Tips, if you wish to continue to buy another token for 65 crate.... ask refund, get the doubloon back.... and re roll.... if you get good stuff then stop, if you get shit simply buy remaining 65 crate like the first plan.....
  9. 1. Pick ship with high firepower.... main gun, secondary, torpedo... a plane.... anything you can find to smack enemy faster 2. YOLO
  10. Skarhabek

    Convey are just gambling!!!

    overall secondary got buff after the German Battlecruiser... accuracy, also its been long time but HE pen buff is really something, since its can consistenly pen bow and without IFHE. also the commander rework with skill 4 skill commander got -50% secondary dispersion if its keep firing single target with base -20% secondary dispersion... really sweeeeeet. but of course, my Republique cannt stand a chance againts the new fast Torpedo..... its feel too slooooww now.
  11. Skarhabek

    how 2 change clan

    using question mark is only for noob, real man use exclamation mark "!". also title should getting buff as well... for example : "My Clan is noob! i want to change clan! I need assistance!"
  12. Skarhabek

    Convey are just gambling!!!

    you are mostly pick the wrong ship for convoy.... 1. German secondary build YoloCruiser 2. any BB secondary 3. DD with high firepower.... anyway, PICK SHIP with high fire power like Fisherman, Kearsarge, Yolo ramming Cherbourg... the strategy is really simple, outflank the enemy and blast everyone. enemy will usually gather at final point.....
  13. Skarhabek

    Choo Choo

    at this rate i believe German BB Bismarck line should get accuracy buff and become sniper line instead based on History... FDG is overshadowed by Pommern and Ruprect.... the lack of Torpedo is really reeally reaally bad for CQC againts those who have.
  14. Skarhabek

    Less Coal?

    me with 1200 crate yesterday...... __________________________________________________________________________ WoWs RNG system is actually Pseudo RNG. if you get 1200 and 800 a lot, the next time will have guarantee 400 400 400. this is also apply to Match Making and gun accuracy. that is why its abuseable....