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  1. Skarhabek

    Fast n furious

    I can PM you if you want to know WG sekret. Its secret document, so make sure to not redistribute it _______________ Dear moderator can we close this thread already, i thought its closed/deleted already....
  2. Skarhabek

    KRI Silliwangi vs Lo Yang

    Its look like no one give sheet about Silliwangi. Ough gonna wait few month
  3. Skarhabek

    Fast n furious

    Its on test not for sale currently and yes Irian need Kutuzov Range
  4. Skarhabek

    KRI Silliwangi vs Lo Yang

    Fast n Furious I actually intens to write rant about how long is Silliwangi torpedo reload by 131 sec but its only posses 2x2 gun. And silly idea appear.... And the next is history KRI Silliwangi, when the Indonesian Navy bought it, its main purpose is for anti submarine warfare, that is why some Torpedo room is converted to auxiliary room. The ship itself carry 2x2 powerfull Russian 130mm gun and decent torpedo. In WoWs, KRI Silliwangi will retain some Ognevoi characteristic, but its unique value is 5.5km HYDRO, Pan Asia Smoke, and deep water 10km torpedo. The ship itself is powerfull in term of multi purpose but lack of specialization. Also slow like snail. No speed boost, no Heal like Ognevoi. But here is why KRI Silliwangi could be deadly. 1. Its posses Pan Asia Smoke, its mean the ship herself will be able to spam smoke at ease. With smoke upgrade, its even more smoke. Even without Heal, it can safe firing inside smoke againts enemy. With 130mm, this can be used for long spam HE. Imagine 500 sec inside the smoke and can be further with smoke upgrade and superintendent. 2. Hydro, its 5.5km.... againts another DD without hydro..,. Just like Lo Yang division lol. Contesting cap can be easier. Also spam HE inside smoke can be safer because hydro. No worry of torpedo, unlike when i am sailing Gadjah Mada. Drawback 1. T8, get ready to sink the Yamato! Wait, soo much radar... For what is smoke anyway. Better get Khabarovsk or Kleber. Also for what Hydro? Its not like' i am going to cap because of radar 2.Torpedo..... its strong but the reload is God damn Loong. Atleast buff it to 120 second to match the Gadjah Mada. 3. Mogador and Kleber say hi.... Event smoke cannt save you. They can straight charge at you because Deepwater torpedo cannt hit DD. 2x2 Gun wont work because their massive HP pool..... And the ship is too slow for retreat. I am familiar with Russian DD but never touch US and IJN DD. Also never play Lo Yang so i cant compare it. What do you think about KRI Silliwangi
  5. Skarhabek

    Fast n furious

    already delete it I think that mistake The good thing is, ltdanicecream is not here yet to full quote. Otherwise it will be disaster
  6. Skarhabek

    Fast n furious

    Yess ban incoming hahahaha
  7. Skarhabek

    Fast n furious

    I am actually want to rant about upcoming KRI Silliwangi. Its Ognevoi based, in real life its multi purpose ship that main feature is anti submarine warfare. The problem is in game torpedo reload too long, 131 sec what the heck WG. Also its only 2 main gun. Total crap and slooow If Indonesia BUY KIEV imagine, powerful gun 3x2 spam long range, Hydro 5.5km, pan Asia smoke, lelwatertorpedo at 10km.... And fast speeed of Russian gun boat! The ultimate Mogador at T8+smoke and hydro. Daamn it why.....
  8. Skarhabek

    I'm crossing T opponent, why I'm still lose?

    Typical fatal newbie mistake. You are not the only one, when i start the game, i am always try to do the same thing, bring all the gun to firing all. Yet after i know what is Citadel and richocet i realize how stupid is that. Showing full broadside (T manuver) MEAN easier to hit and EXPOSE your Citadel. Citadel hit is FATAL and can insta kill you. Of course you sink first. Angling is different story, try to read about richocet and Bowing position. The hardest to hit is kiting position, you show your ship stern whole running away and keep firing. Keep playing, watch YouTube tips and you will git gud soon or later. Also try play CO OP if you have hard time. Losing and sinking is normal, even pro unicum player never hit 99% win rate on thousand battle.
  9. Skarhabek

    CV should be banned from ranked

    Hate rocket IJN divebomber is crap compared to old CV. They need buff! IJN I want our glorious divebomber crap on ship. RN CV buff is nice, like carped bombing... But rocket..... This thing is weird and feels like throwing pipe dart from airplane. The sun is rise 15 min earlier.... Yes, but not with rocket... IJN divebombing is harder compared to other line and carpet bombing or stuka is easy..... Yet because silly AP it went overpen or damned richocet... Or just 1/3 normal damage... WG should delete rocket from IJN CV and replace with HE Divebomber.... So IJN can use HE or AP Divebomber.
  10. Skarhabek

    CV should be banned from ranked

    1. WG remove my entire CV line when CV rework hit and Hakuryu Legendary module mission is still available.... Only manage to play it 3 times.... How to play CV if the CV is gone? 2. The current ranked is apply to T8.... This is october, OCTYABERSKYA mean hello weeny the pooh. And i want to spread terror with Boris Veber using Worm Kiev with repair party. Smoke is not healthy, BPJS budget become deficit because Cigarrete. And i am not smoke.... 3. Its obvious, Cruiser main value is to combat CV. ESPECIALLY LIGHT CRUISER. When same tier CV easily rekt Cruiser like Cleveland, Edinburgh or Mogamii With the WEAKEST armament "rocket"... You know that something gone wrong. 4. Cleveland (half HP) hiding behind island, my Kiev without smoke get close to Cleveland..... CV attaaaccc.... With rocket only.... Back and forth wave after wave.... Guess who sink first? Its Cleveland, and me with repair party keep drifting and eventually sink Our CV cannt do shit, due to poor fighter mechanic 5. Mogami wohohoho, after decent buff spread the fire.... The ship is well known for citadel magnet and EZ to sink.... Yet... 29k damage come from CV rocket and dive bomber.... All torp missed. Enterprise ROCKET is EXOCET or Uganda brand new surface missile. Something wrong here
  11. Damn it yea 4 ship gun aim at me but 60% DAMAGE ONLY COME FROM ROCKET HOLY ROCKET God damn it WG especially the enterprise ROCKET Smack anything especially Cruiser.... My Kiev use repair party, but sadly T8 Cruiser mostly don't have it. And what funny? Cruiser now can easily wrecked BY ROCKET. ROCKEEEEEET wwwoiiiii I repeat, ROCKET SINK CRUISER Rockeeeeet This is WW2 theme Yet why the heck ROCKET smack DD This is wrong ROCKET damage should be HaLveD WG should buff dive bomber instead of making rocket more powerful. ROCKET is ROOCKEET And its not what And rocket In ranked there is FEWER ship compared to normal match.... Mean less AA compared to usual match.... Also LESS target to kill.... And sadly with the new CV mechanic, there is no way you could Dodge rocket And rocket is not obviously WW2 naval weapon Everyone shot me yet ROCKET did most damage That is wrooooong Who the heck idea bring rocket to WW2 naval battle romance. Its not rocket that sink Yamato
  12. Skarhabek

    ST, Luigi Sansonetti, Odin, Siliwangi

    Silly-wangi NEED faster torpedo reload to 120 second. 131 sec ist too long. Just -11 sec buff will make this ship more appealing. Other option is it can choose between hydro or Torpedo reload booster. Its weird why KRI Irian got torpedo reload booster yet its T8 DD didnt have it as option. Please WG i really WANT THIS SHIP.
  13. Skarhabek

    Another buff German BB thread

    Ough i missed this thread, Its the entire DD, CA, BB.... Did you know they called hiddenburger battleship in the old Time? Now its getting powercreeped. The DD line maybe still work but less appealing with the new DD. The battleship line is total crap. Lack of gun firepower and because HE meta, they survivability become redundant. Its badly need buff
  14. Skarhabek

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Before CA : Damn DD cap please!!! BB : DD please spot!!! CV : hunt for enemy CV oi or sink enemy AA ship! DD : damn u guys ! After Everyone : oi sub, go to cap, spot and kill enemy ship faaasst!!!!