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  1. Yeah because I wanted to play every servers in 1 Client. As much as I like to play on the Asia servers, somehow I like the NA because the Skill Level of players is kinda friendlier but I think thats just me.
  2. IT WORKS <3 I LOVE YOU!!!
  3. Nah still won't work :S Still the same DNS Error. Whats with Wargaming making such a pointless Method for people to download different clients... Its like they wanted to be laugh by Gaijin with their War Thunder that has all the servers on 1 client download....
  4. Oddly I got DSN Error from adding those Blue lines. Unless I'm doing something wrong. The Para Lines before I edit was something like this. <<scripts_config.xml checkPing="true" debugInfo="true"> <space>spaces/ocean</space> <offlineModel>PASD010_Fletcher_1942</offlineModel> <player entityType="Avatar" startDirection="1.0 0.0 0.0" startPosition="0.0 0.0 -313.0"/> <cursorScaleSpeed x="40" y="40"/> <server online="true"> <host alias="WOWS ASIA" csis="http://csis.worldoftanks.asia/csis/wowssg"> <master addr="login2.worldofwarships.jp:20020"/> <master addr="login1.worldofwarships.jp:20020"/> </host> </server> <chat visibleLines="6"/> <writeCombatLog>true</writeCombatLog> <Dock3D>true</Dock3D> <CurseVoice>true</CurseVoice> <scriptProfiler address="" enabled="true" netSend="false" port="6666"/> <GameParams packed="true"/> <disableTrainingRoom>true</disableTrainingRoom></scripts_config.xml>
  5. Yeah because I wanted to also play on the NA Server but I can't really do much by downloading all over again with my Internet Download Speed. Does anyone know how to edit the file or has a Zip file so I may be able to switch and play?