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  1. Sy_dn_ey

    terrible luck with torpedo

    Of course.... ships can see the planes coming and turn towards them - they have missed even before dropping the torps. I saw the cv player on YouTube.... he did not drop at first opportunity, he circle the ship first, then ship don't know when he will drop.... get them at least 1 hit every time, amazing, but required allot of hand holding of the torp bombers, so, if the cv player has allot of things needing attention, then he cannot easily do that, and that's the problem.
  2. I would love some harder co-op, but hopefully it will attract people to play more games rather than sucking people away from Random..... already i find myself in Co-op frequently just because the Random wait queue is long that night, so i guess it would make little difference since the problem is already there.
  3. Sy_dn_ey

    Are scripts allowed?

    Whatever program you run outside the game is your business..... do you mean its in the game- as in the script inserted somewhere 'in' the game? That could be a different story. Possibly moved to off topic?
  4. I am always mixing up because same key doing different things on different ship. How many times i need to hear my crew go on AA alert when no planes around??? I dunno.... T and Y keys, little buggers
  5. Sy_dn_ey


    Imagine a real navy ship with the following crew; Ship Captain; admiral Hargrave Crew; Mr Mg Goo Lloyd Christmas Harry Dunne Alan Garner Frank Spencer Jacques Clouseau Homer Sompson Gilligan Gomer Pile And a brilliant officer to inspire your men; Be interesting to see?
  6. Sy_dn_ey

    Ping issues

    The strangest ping related issue i ever saw was a frozen ship i was targeting, it was about to go safe behind an island.... but it got frozen there....but no one else was frozen..... its smoke was frozen but trailing back as if at speed.... when i shoot at it, my shots curve back behind it magically..... i have to put lead on a ship that was not moving hahahaha.... so i could take several shots i should never have been able to take because it would have gone behind the island. Usually when ping resets, it moved the ship forward to the correct spot if it never stopped rite? Not in this case! just kept going normally from where it was frozen.... poor guy, must have wondered how the hell he got so much damage instantly? Come to think of it? That happened to me a few times??? hmmmmm?????
  7. That reminded me... when i first saw campaigns, i was excitedly expecting to go and complete specific missions on unique maps - That's what i always got in any other game i have ever played - Boy was i disappointed! lol If there was a real campaign where your fighting AI, then there could be allot of opportunity for increased realism and no reason for anyone to complain.... save for the last mission which will be so hard people will be crying all over the forum! Edit: As long as i got to test a wide variety of ships in the campaign, i would be happy with that.... i am very curious to see how ships would play when more realistic
  8. Thanks for posting..... yes i have seen this kind of complaint come up when i google War Thunder.... i have even seen a similar complaint come up against WoWS too, but like in this forum, just as many people come and post against it! Arcade mode was worse in Tanks?? Incidentally, i just found out War Thunder are Beta testing their Navy game right now! I am subscribed to 'MagzTV' on YouTube..... He is the reason i first found out about WoWS - he does some WoWS vids and other games but mostly War Thunder. Edit: Pre-Beta testing i should say Use of Red Text. Post Edited. User Warned ~ADM_dude
  9. No! The trick is to make it more realistic AND more fun not less fun, would have thought that was obvious, but going by the responses, i guess i have to spell it out. I don't know how people expect the game to develop into the future? I would have thought moving more towards realism is the natural path of improvement. Its a fact.... sooner or later someone is going to make a more realistic and more fun naval game, whether it be this year or in ten years i don't know, but it will happen. i would have expected it to be WOW, but with this kind of support in the forums, i doubt it.
  10. Here are what they say about the realistic mode in war thunder; Pro: 1. Games more realistic; no airborne ammo reloads, possible to crash due to exceeding speed or G-forces, etc. No lead indicator to assist aim. 2. Games last longer. 3. Bigger maps. 4. No "bomber spam" (which is also related to a "Con" below). 5. Elementary ACM tactics more effective, especially defensive ones. 6. Every kill feels much more like a significant achievement. Because it is. 7. Games more historical than AB. There are still often ahistorical plane matchups due to BR system, but at least all your allies are of one nation, and (usually) fighting against a historical enemy nation (a few "alternate history" maps are an exception). Plus all the locations are history-based....nothing zany like "Pacific Hidden Base". Con: 1. The aircraft are harder to control than in AB with mouse-aim/keyboard. And, at least with MA/K, there are some ACMs (Hammerhead comes to mind) which just don't work in RB. 2. I do believe that playing high-alt strategic bombers (B-17, G5/G8, Welly, etc), is basically a waste in RB, at least in terms of significantly contributing to a team win. 3. There is a lot more "dead time" in RB, climbing out from airfield and then flying back/forth between combat and airfield for repair/reloads. Personally I don't find this a problem at all, but I guess some folks do. 4. No matter how well you play, you're not going to get nearly as many air kills, due to several factors. Much bigger map. Each enemy can only be killed once. Limited ammo. This is compensated, however, by higher rewards.
  11. No.... we all have plenty of science fiction games already...... so think about what is the attraction to WOW compared to all that.... real navy
  12. First build time machine.... not so easy!
  13. Well, actually, WOW is not one of my top games *sheepish grin* At the moment, i am playing Galactic civilizations 3 more than WOW.... most of the games i like are strategy games. The only game i have that is anything remotely like WOW is the X series of games... X2 the threat, X3 reunion..... when i say 'remotely like' i mean more like WOW than a game like Galactic civilizations! lol
  14. Agree... so you have to find the ways to make it fun at all levels, that's the challenge, keep it fun while realistic - imagine that?