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  1. _0xRpTdE

    Zao (mid 2020)

    Relatable but then also all cruisers can get AP bombed into oblivion by a persistent CV
  2. _0xRpTdE

    Do's and Don'ts in Battleships

    And battleships SHOULD NOT (yeah I'm going with the caps thing) stick very close together, because then enemy targets can bow on to all the battleships at the same time. Send a battleship or two to the middle to generate crossfire. And, especially if you're in the middle but also when you're not... USE ISLANDS as cover, to ensure you're minimizing the number of enemy ships that can fire on you at once. Bow in behind a tall rock or something. (Hopefully you're using a battleship with more than one turret on the front.) It's kinda like sidescraping with tanks but not.
  3. _0xRpTdE

    Loosing in Chung Mu suddenly

    Is it even possible to provide the fire support a DD needs without being spammed out of existence? It seems BBs can't get remotely close to a cap without sacrificing a great deal of HP. Not to mention how they're going to get away at that point. And with CAs (and CLs without smoke), if you don't stay at max range, you become easy damage farm for BBs. The increasing average caliber of high tier BBs isn't helping. From the perspective of a DD player, what do you actually want / need your flank to do that can be done without paying a ridiculous amount of HP for? Or is it a thing where since in the current meta a DD that does their job properly often won't survive the battle, so everyone else on the flank should be donating HP too? More than enough times I have tried to provide AA and radar for DDs in Tallinn and have lost 30k+ HP or been outright dev struck within 5 minutes. Probably the better player would help if they could but are intelligent enough (unlike me apparently) to know that there is literally nothing that can be done in most cases.
  4. _0xRpTdE

    Can't seem to land hits with Fuso

    Fuso’s dispersion isn’t even that bad. I know RNG disappoints very often, but with 12 barrels I found it very hard to miss. For Myogi, I’m pretty sure you can equip artillery plotting room, which helps some. Best thing with Myogi is to load HE shells and troll whichever DD charges at you. Actually so much fun. XD And if you want to switch from Jap BBs to a cruiser line, DO NOT choose the American CAs. Jap or German ftw. Although neither are anything like BBs, they are so much easier to play. Have fun!