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  1. Putting the battle class in at T9 allows you to name it the Khaibar - allowing Pakistan to be represented and allowing it to be it's 1956 refit which could be used to differentiate it from the Jutland. Maybe keep the same turrets and ROF but up the damage / change the ballistics and accuracy to represent new shell types and FC systems.
  2. Looks good mate. Some hard work went into that. The initial suggestion I have is swap out the HMNZS Black Prince for HMNZS Royalist. It's a more distinctive ship for a premium. You give up one of the twin turrets from its '54-'56 rebuild but it gains a AA suite that was one of the most lethal pure gun AA armaments ever put on a British CL. Balance would be challenging but I think if you kept it at T7 with a T8 / T8.5 AA suite it could be interesting. I'd also like to see a more distinct Daring class DD. I'd suggest the 2nd Penta Torp mount is dropped as the double mount was only installed in 1 of the 3 RAN Daring's. To replace this put in an improved AA suite (2 2x40mm STAAG Bofors, 2 1x40mm Bofors and 4 1x0.5 Brownings) and probably a torp reload boost. Possibly trick it out further with defensive AA if required.
  3. Sarp688


    Yep. Please censor the names and clan tags guys. This was not intended as a name and shame - just a PSA to indicated that HMAS and HMASW are not affiliated with any other clan due to some concerns we'd had raised by non-clan members in our Discord
  4. Sarp688


    Yep. Just to reiterate - this was what I was talking about. No other clan is associated with the HMAS and HMASW clans. We don't support comments like this and I've offered a personal apology to the person who this was sent to (despite that fact it had nothing to do with us).
  5. Sarp688


    Hello all. We've had some people jump into our Discord server recently concerned with the actions of a member of a clan with a similar name to ours. HMAS and HMASW are the only two clans affiliated with each other. No other clan with a similar name is affiliated with us. If you have any issues with the conduct of any of our members please PM me to discuss. Cheers, Sarp688