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  1. Lightweight_stern

    0.10.0 bug report

    completed but no reward
  2. Lightweight_stern

    0.10.0 bug report

    I have finished completing the lunar mission but can't get the reward
  3. Lightweight_stern

    How long until the free skill resets end?

    You have 1 week again
  4. Lightweight_stern

    Need support

    Need support ship for random battle
  5. Lightweight_stern

    Bring back scenario

    Can you bring back (cherry blossoms, dynamo, hermes,the ultimate frontier) or add new one?
  6. Lightweight_stern

    ST 0.9.10, Arpeggio of Blue Steel and Black Friday

    for me if WG gift this ship free i will take it,but if pay nah
  7. Lightweight_stern

    Battleship new world game model.Night war

    I too late, want try cherry bloosom
  8. Lightweight_stern

    Can add new feature

    WG can you add feature trade player to player? Or add web inventory
  9. Lightweight_stern

    Dockyard 2.0

    Why must use doubloon
  10. Lightweight_stern

    So IEarlGrey is "SACKE- i mean resigning "

    Yup i think, maybe more fun if there new fitur like heal area or mine