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  1. NukeDukem

    AUNZGUARD - AU/NZ Clan Looking for members

    Hey sandman404 sure do, send an app in and ill accept. This is the last spot :)
  2. NukeDukem

    AUNZGUARD - AU/NZ Clan Looking for members

    Hey 7fingers Love the name, and certainly keen to have you on board... Ill send you an invite
  3. NukeDukem

    AUNZGUARD - AU/NZ Clan Looking for members

    Hi Roy, Would love to have you in the clan, we are a friendly bunch of guys Ill send you an invite when I get home from work, so will be later this afternoon - early evening. Cheers, NukeDukem
  4. NukeDukem

    AUNZGUARD - AU/NZ Clan Looking for members

    Hi _BANE_ You have come to right place, and I can assure you we all speak english Also I totally understand where you are coming from, on a loosing streak - isn't fun, so im sure we can help you out. Come and check us out, we normally have regular div's happening in the evenings and weekends, and we also have discord available for coms Ill send you an invite. Cheers, NukeDukem
  5. NukeDukem

    AUNZGUARD - AU/NZ Clan Looking for members

    Hi n77067, Thanks for your interest in our clan, basically the description says it all, we are a mix of Kiwi and AU members, pretty laid back, still small in terms of clan sizes, however growing steadily each week. I'm a kiwi my self, and you will find me on generally most nights. We do like div-ing up when members are active, we generally have divs ranging from 7-10, we also have discord available as well, although is not a requirement, however certainly helps coordinating tactic's when in battle together and to keep in touch with one another. I'll send you an invitation to join, see how you go - if our clan doesn't suit your play style, then I would recommend our friends HMAS - which are a larger clan, however I believe are more Western AU time zone, however im sure they cover all if not most time zones AU - NZ. Cheers, NukeDukem
  6. NukeDukem

    AUNZGUARD - AU/NZ Clan Looking for members

    Still looking for members - regular div fleets happening most nights, we do encourage discord however certainly is not compulsory. We currently have a good mix of AU and NZ players. As it stands - go the kiwis If you are looking for some fun & laughs, or generally an all round good time, then join us today!!! Cheers, NukeDukem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYK1OMiWBpk
  7. NukeDukem

    AUNZGUARD - AU/NZ Clan Looking for members

    Hi Captain_Fathom It certainly is nice to know, there are some other fun - decent AU/NZ clans available - and thanks for your support !! In regards to the forum, should be all good in that department, and also the same as Discord... Catch you on the waters - safe seas NukeDukem
  8. NukeDukem

    AUNZGUARD - AU/NZ Clan Looking for members

    Hopefully someone will move it for me.. Saw the mistake - thanks for pointing that out..
  9. AU - NZ Clan - Recruitment is openWe are a small clan with a good mix of kiwis and Aussies, and we are currently looking for new members.. We enjoy using the Division feature of the game, we usually divi up every night, so you will generally find us online from around 6pm AEST untill 12 or 1am weekdays, however we are also on most hours of the day through out weekends. We also have a public chat channel AUNZGUARD feel free to drop by. If you are someone seeking a laid back clan with a great bunch of people, enjoy some laughs, then consider us the clan for you. Cheers, NukeDukem
  10. Hey everyone, Im just over a month in playing the game, im looking for a NZ & AU clan to join and people to div up with... Tier x USA cruiser & Teir VIII BB working towards X. Im active, on most nights, love the game.... Any suggestions or groups seeking members, would love to hear from you. Cheers, NukeDukem If you need a thread moved, please contact a forum moderator via PM or report the post to request it moved. Do not create a duplicate thread. Duplicate Thread. Thread Locked. User Warned. ~ADM_dude