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  1. I love playing World of Warships and have thousands of battles in all game modes. I also have completed every collection available and have to play every mode available. I know there are many other players across all servers who do the same. I love the game so much that I even hatched the idea of starting a community event which became the King of the Tasman. Recently I have noticed many players including myself becoming tired and having a feeling of been overloaded with event after event rolling into the live server. I can just imagine that the content team and other teams would be just as tired with events such as Savage Battles and Clan Battles, followed by Ranked Battles followed by Ranked Sprint, followed by Clan Battles and Ranked at the same time. In the midst of this is the release of new lines and masses of premium, coal and steel ships. I understand that new content attracts new players but as an avid player of the game, can we slow down on the content for a while and allow the game to be enjoyed for what it is?
  2. iCaptain_Nemo

    15 game losing streak

    I see that you are in my clan yet I never see you in discord looking for players to team up with. Teaming up with others and communicating is a good way to dictate a game. Listening to the veterans who have been playing the game since Beta is also a good way to be able to effect matches. You have a resource at your fingertips, (which is a clan) that many other players don't have.
  3. iCaptain_Nemo

    Commonwealth Tech Tree [Proposed]

    Well done mate. Lots of effort has gone into this. As I mentioned before we could put HMAS Australia in there as an early BB. I'm sure WG historical department could fill a line of 'paper' Battleships or Battlecruisers. There are already plenty of ships in the game which were only proposed and never made it off the plan.
  4. iCaptain_Nemo

    Critical errors and coop only.

    Patch is out and after it has downloaded and installed I can only play in Coop mode as every other mode won't let me in and reports a critical error after the match has finished. Many of my ships won't appear in port either when I select them. I also have been getting these issues in port with a number of my ships: I thought it was my direct X but I am running direct X 12 so I checked my graphics driver and it is up to date. Anybody else having similar issues?
  5. iCaptain_Nemo

    Suggestion: Clan Battle Scheduling

    I agree Bex. Add 2-3 hours to the start of the current clan battles time. The King of the Tasman tournament has shown that there is competitive depth in the AUS/NZ region and it'd be great for all our clans to be able to participate in regular clan battles.