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  1. Grygus_Triss

    RB/NTC Requirements.

    I know I would. WG: hey, we heard you like collecting ships, so guess what? Me: You’re going to release more lines into the already heavily populated meta and making the grind longer? WG: Yes! But we’re also going to allow you to regains your old lines again! Won’t that be fun!
  2. Grygus_Triss

    Kharma points

    Literally lolled at this.
  3. Grygus_Triss


    I agree with @Skarhabek, the two best investments that’s are worth something in this game is premium time and permanent camouflage. With these two things, a slighly below average player can break even in T10 randoms easily enough. If you don’t have the money, or are not good enough to break even, then best bet is find a way to earn credits to fund your T10 adventures. Operations at T6 (or 7 when available) especially in premium ships if you have some decent ones. Or random at same tiers. Or random at higher tiers if you have some T9 coal ships. But If not, just a ship at T6 you are comfortable with.
  4. Didn’t Jutland use to be good? Like, and actual decent ship, not op but just a good ship? Is it because it’s not Russian that it’s not allowed to be “just good”? Or am I mistaken and it was actually OP?
  5. Grygus_Triss


    It’s great! You can no longer remember what you were mad about. And everyone else does not have to listen to you for a while.
  6. Grygus_Triss


    Yeah, trying to tell WG about bots is just slightly more headache inducing and less useful than slamming your head into a brick wall.
  7. I can’t believe they’ve taken so long to add this.
  8. Grygus_Triss

    Does this annoy anyone else?

    Just keep putting in bug reports that say that it looks bad now. Let WG know that their lighting changes are bad.
  9. Already got a Thunderer, So WG can remove from armory if want. One day, when I'm not grinding tech tree or stuff, I may actually play it.
  10. Grygus_Triss

    World of Warships will never have...

    @Max_Battle love the new tagline and pic
  11. Grygus_Triss

    I can't see the logic here...

    WG use logic?
  12. Grygus_Triss

    NPC in League of Legends

    Ah, a stealth “fix MM” thread.
  13. Grygus_Triss

    US 2nd Battleship tech tree Size comparison

    *Yamato stares 18 inch shells at all the longer BBs* “Screw you guys, I was actually built!”
  14. Grygus_Triss

    when you get TKed...

    Torpedos, and who is at fault is... sometimes complicated. Some people adopt the stance that you should NEVER drop torpedos somewhere they could potentially hit an ally, regardless of the current speed and direction the that ally. I disagree, if you play torpedo boat, you sometimes have to take risks, usually, I’ll spam F9 to the ally ship and hope they get the message. For instance, two BBs are facing off. The ally BB could speed forward and hit your torps if you aim at the enemy. On the other hand engaging at close range might result in him losing a lot of HP, or simply ramming the enemy ship, so instead you spam F9 and drop torps and hopes he gets back. If all goes well, enemy moves forward, hits your torps, dies, and you saved the BB.
  15. Grygus_Triss

    Ram denied

    I agree, ramming is a last ditch strategy when you are almost certainly going to die and it is the only way to do as much damage as possible before you do. Usually when you are on very low HP and the other guy has a lot. Or if you’re point blank with a DD and it’s either ram or eat a face full of torps. Its not a good idea to ram when you have a decent amount of HP, especially if your allies are seconds away from sinking the enemy ship you’re trying to ram. ESPECIALLY not when the friendly DD is trying to torpedo the enemy ship you’re trying to ram and wishes you would keep reversing Rather than sailing forward, missing the ram, dying to enemy gunfire, then shielding enemy ship from torpedos with your hull. Being alive on 10% HP is usually still more useful than being dead.