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  1. What Am i Doing Wrong ? IOWA IX

    This is good. Provided you have positioned correctly, you can go for whatever ships are in your range in this order. But feel free to take a shot at any broadsiding ship you think you can citadel.
  2. Yamato problem

    Find a corridor where ships cannot attack from the sides and bow tank, only ships which can overmatch your bow are other Yamato’s and Musashi. Do not angle as your citadel can be hit though the “cheeks” of your bow at about a 30 degree angle. Though you can use this knowledge to tackle other Yamato’s. Only threats to bow tanking Yamato’s are torpedos, planes, and HE spam (and other Yamato’s).
  3. HMAS Vampire

    Probably because Game Balance > Historical Accuracy Her guns are great, if she had another torpedo launcher, her guns would be worse.
  4. Defensive destroyers?

    Okay, what do we know? - No engine boost - Short range long duration hydro Inferring from existing RN ships and dds. - Torpedos with single fire option and long reload. Hard to tell what flavour the guns will be. Regarding what a defensive DD is, I would say that is it something that hangs back with the bigger ships, gunning down DDS who try to ambush, or camps behind islands, torping larger ships that try to push forward. But unable to push itself, or unable to escape if caught in an unfavourable situation. Meaning you won’t see it much on the front lines, because it can’t run or hide, but it may possibly have good burst damage. I question this, because it is generally accepted that DDS have to go foward, cap, spot, etc as above. And being a DD who does not do that, whether sensible or not, usually does not make you popular with the team. IJN DDs already have a hard time, but their concealment usually makes up for it, but many will still run as soon as they see a gunboat. Looking at the current meta, such excess radar, I can’t help but think if WG want to encourage Cruisers and BBs to push and cap, supported by DDs to spot toros for them, rather than hanging back behind islands, expecting DD to do the work. Guess we’ll wait and see.
  5. Au Revoir, Emile!

    I enjoyed grinding this ship, but sold it when I got the T6. I liked the quick relatively quick turning of the guns, the manoeuvrability, the fire chance and decent reload, and the speed. Mostly played it as long range HE, open water dodging. Not sure about the torp change, never relied on them much anyway, but it was nice to have for area control. Meaning the only way to use them now is defensive or ambush. But oh well, it’s a T5.
  6. Let’s see... Moskva. Very accurate guns which hit really hard and can citadel a cruiser from max range. Also 11.7km radar. Yes, this is a ship which we should allow to get closer to us before being spotted.
  7. Have IQ's dropped sharply?

    Karma is meaningless. It has no impact on the game, and anyone can report (or compliment you for that matter) for no reason other than they feel like it. I could be on top for 3 games and not get any karma, I could make the same mistake 3 games in a row and not get reported, then make 1 minor mistake and get reported. Drop a smokescreen for any ally, and get complimented. Most people here accept that karma is meaningless, and complaining about it (or even going to the effort of removing it) is pointless. I can see their point, but I still feel bad whenever my karma goes down and I don’t know why. Which I why I want to see karma either improved, or removed. But those are unlikely to happen, as most people don’t care about it. So, best thing we can do is to suck it up and deal with it, unfortunate, but there is nothing else that can be done (which won’t cause everyone else to roll their eyes and think “not this #$&@ again”).
  8. Get Ready For More Radar!

    Besides, won’t be as bad as the Cleveland apocalypse a few weeks back.
  9. Get Ready For More Radar!

    No fear from me. I’ll play Indy once or twice, then leave it in port. Also, I’m not very good. (Not that you need skill to camp behind an island and radar DDs).
  10. Clan battle start?

    Too little too late. My clan has gone to bed. Maybe next week.
  11. Clan battle start?

    WG has CLAY stuck in clay...
  12. Boggled.

    All good points, all been said before, and nowadays are mostly treated as shark bait. I don’t pay attention to the accuracy stat, anyone who has fired at a ships broadside, only to see shells land behind and in front of ship is aware its the work of RNGesus. And if you have a low W/R it is you fault...somehow (doesn’t mean people get to bag you for having a low w/r, but people are people). The general consensus (and I don’t really agree, but I have a low w/r anyway, so yeah) is that if you are not good enough to sway the team to victory over 50% of the time, regardless of how they play, you are a bad player. But randoms are random, you get all sorts in there, from the hardcore “I know penetration and armor values of every ships and will try seriously to win every time” to the casual “I think I’ll play a few battles before bed, I’ll try my best and hope to win, but won’t get too concerned about it.” In my opinion, so long as you try your best (at any given time), and still have fun despite having a 45% w/r, that’s fine. Other people will be less fine. And few people ever complain about less skilled player on the ENEMY’S team :P
  13. Des Moines with spotter plane

    As someone who grinded Old New Orleans ( is it just ‘Orleans’ now?) by camping behind islands and radaring caps, I can see why NOT playing DM as a radar ship is a good thing. As Yuro says, if you don’t rush to hide behind islands bear caps, you can do much more DPS, Thus contributing more by sinking ships. Having radar equip means you may be forced into the mentality of radar ship play style. The spotter plane assists in the DPS focused gameplay, more so than radar. Of course, there’s nothing saying that you can’t focus on DPS and use radar for mid-late game when you need to hunt down those DDs. Problem is that some players are so scared of DDs that they see it as the DUTY DMs and other radar ships to get in there and flush the buggers out, while focusing their guns on something more juicy. Ultimately, if you have the skills to back you up, use whatever consumable combinations suit you. If you play well using the ‘wrong’ consumables, you should not be blamed because you’re not using a ship as effectively as you should be. Especially if you did better than your critics.
  14. Why play CV when you are bad at it?

    There is no answer to your original question. People play a ship class because they can. And you cannot know the exact reasons why they do, regardless of how bad they play, they will have a reason as to why they play. That said, as many others have mentioned, CVS are in a bad place at the moment. No other ship is affected so much by skill gap, as no other ship has so much outcome on a match, and no other ship is directly competing with its counterpart. Hopefully the upcoming rework will do something about that. Myself, I want to be able to play and have fun with CVs, I really do. And while I could almost play game after horrible game to try to have fun, I realise that it’s not worth it at the moment. I only use my Ryujo in operations now, and my beautiful Hiryu sits in port. I want to play her, I want to send her planes across the seas against the enemy, but I know that I lack the skills. Others like me have more determination, and will try regardless. The only time I take a CV into random is when I need plane kills for a mission. And I apologise for that, but missions make me (and a large portion of the player base) crazy.
  15. RIP T6 cleveland:(

    Light cruisers at height tiers will always be piñatas. Especially if you’re a T8 in a T10 match. But I think Cleveland will remain the DPS beast she is now.