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  1. Grygus_Triss

    submarine tech tree will come from VI(BB,CA,DD,CV)?

    If I had to guess, I’d say T6 DD, Torpedo boats. This is, however, a guess based only on the fact that DDs are both the counter, target, and that SS will fill a similar role. No fact whatsoever.
  2. Grygus_Triss

    Grand Battle is great with a few buts

    I don't think WG ever intended these BBs to enter the game proper. The mechanics they use may come in some form, but I doubt the ships would. That said, WG is probably testing to see how far they can push the 'super BB' idea. Problem is that while I wouldn't call either BB a gamebreaker, they are vulneable to concentrated fire and DDs. They do make it unfun for certain other ships. You need inteligence reports the use the big BBs, but I think anyonje with a T9 at least can pl;ay the mode, and get more intelligence reports to play. And I'm pretty sure you can buy T9s nowadays... So there are probably no more poor players than random. Thye problem with so many BBs is that you do want to keep your distance. 15km is kill zone for most BBs. I think most people do just use this mode for farming. I know I've been using it to grind my Minnesota. What I find annoying is that both teams tend to stay at range and hide behind islands, except for that one ship on enemy team which caps, and then your team loses by points because no-one contests, or spots. I will be happy when I have, still need Satsuma, tried twice and failed. Hannover was easy.
  3. We already know that WG think players are stupid. Granted, Some players are... but many, if not most, aren’t (completely...). The funny thing is that Ise and Tone’s consumables are still manual... It’s ridiculous to think that players cannot manage their own consumables on the CV. Some of those players previously managed 8 squadrons AND the ship. I understand for the first patch or so giving a notification of a new mechanic, but after that, it really only needs to happen to new players. Regarding friendly fire. I think the minimum times you hit someone per battle is 40 per battle. So with torpedos, turning pink accidentally is going to be impossible. I do worry about the torpedo warning being taken for exactly the reason you state. If you don’t know torps are coming, you can’t get out of the way of friendly torps, meaning you may stop those torps from hitting enemy. One thing WG should implement, team does not lose points for ally getting killed by damage reflection. In a Yuro vid I was watching yesterday was a clip of a ship dropping torpedos, hitting an ally, ally survives, but the ship who dropped the torpedos dies due to damage reflection. There were seconds left of the game, the points flip caused the team to lose. Because the system punished the player. Now, team damage may not still be a thing, and pink ships may be rarer, but I believe that damage is still reflected back if you are pink. WG should make sure team is not punished due to one careless player.
  4. Grygus_Triss

    Remove/Alter Karma

    I agree with you. I just usually keep my mouth shut about it because the general attitude of karma is that of Ralph's. And anyone who gets annoyed by karma is usually told not to worry about it, or called a snowflake. People: "Remove Karma, it does nothing but makes you feel bad." Other People: "Why remove karma? It does nothing, why feel bad about it?" This basically sums up the Karma argument. And WG being WG, its easiest to do nothing about a non-core-game problem. Its not wrong that losing karma makes you feel bad, it just means that you care what people's opinion of you, and it makes you strive to improve yourself. Which is why having no idea WHY you were reported is so annoying. But the Truth is, its an online game. There are going to be salty people who just say or do things that make you feel bad, either through Karma or through chat just because they feel like it. Its not right that they do so, but you just have to harden you heart against them. Or if you truly cannot deal with it (such as if you have severe mental issues), stop playing. Its not worth your mental wellbeing. Best of Luck Captain.
  5. Grygus_Triss

    I need intelligence data!

    Despite the occasional stupids, I enjoyed playing T7 ranked the past few weeks. The fewer radar ships, the smaller numbers, makes it easier to push in a BB. I mostly played Sinop, I made sure I pushed up near the front, yes, I used islands for cover, but unless I was being relentlessly targeted, I was in position to cover caps and allies. I killed quite a few DDs while firing AP with Sinop, I took almost every opportunity to fire at DDs. And on occasion, if a DD could do a job, I’d do it, BB or no. So many players are willing to blame the DD for dying. What they don’t realise is how easy it is for a DD to die. How risky it is to play. Yes, DDs die from torps. This is not always because they hide in smoke, but because they’re on the frontline and are the first ship to spot the torps. And air dropped torps are harder to position against. All BBs know this, why do they think that doesn’t apply to DDs?
  6. Grygus_Triss

    I need intelligence data!

    I find about half of those “I need Intelligence Data” requests should end one word early. Were you the DD in the battle?
  7. There are definitely more Russian ships in the game than there should be in comparison to other naval powers at the time. IMO, if the game were not developed by Russians, there would not be nearly so many. We are more critical of Russian ships because of the developers nationality, so whenever we see a new Russian line based on paper ships, or a ship which is a little too powerful, we tend to get annoyed.
  8. Grygus_Triss

    New CV mechanics

    Why didn’t they just implement some mechanic where CV rockets do 20% less damage to DD and specifically DD. True, it may not have made sense, but it’s not like half they stuff makes sense these days anyway. Sounds like they just made CVs harder to use.
  9. Grygus_Triss

    My 1st Grand Battle with HANNOVER Super BB

    I did that the first time, and It was awesome and I won. DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA
  10. Grygus_Triss

    Maybe if you held my hand a bit tighter?

    Hopefully it’s only temporary... or only appears at low levels for newer players. If they’re going to do this, they may as well make priority target and incoming fire alert free.
  11. Grygus_Triss

    Fun And Engaging Matchmaking!

    Is this a sarcastic post, or is it a post showing that those who complain about CVs are complaining about nothing? My sarcasm radar is on the fritz... You get weird matchmaking at certain times when there is low population on the server. Always have.
  12. You know one of those battles where no one really knows what they’re doing. BBs snipe, ships yolo, people yell over the chat and call each other noob, some guy torpedos you for some reason etc... And just when it looks like you might actually win, someone does something stupid, like chasing after a BB when they have low HP.
  13. Grygus_Triss


    Yes. Had the doubloons for it, so had to get Haida. She’s worth it and I’m a sucker for Commonwealth Ships. As far as the rest go, I don’t play T8 premiums often enough to justify the spend on them, and I seldom play T6’s and 7’s outside of ops, and I seldom play DDs in ops. The German DDs may be decent, but I can’t just go buying every ship I don’t have. @GrumpyAJ As above, the others simply don’t add much to my gameplay or options. Graf Spee I got for free waaaaay back during ‘Hunt for Graf Spee’ Christmas new year event, first year of playing if I recall. Nelson I bought early 2019 to take refuge in Ops during the CV rework (100% worth it). Haida, as above, used spare doubloons. I wouldn’t mind having her purely for the collectors value, but I used her a little in T7 ranked, and I can see myself actually using her otherwise. The others... given my usual patterns, I don’t see myself using them much or at all. TBH, I don’t really need convincing not to buy them, I just want reassurance in my decision not to buy them. Of course, in an entirely predictable manner, half the comments tell me to buy stuff 😛
  14. Grygus_Triss


    Lets see... most comments telling me to buy something... Yep, checks out, all is normal in the forums.
  15. As many are aware, its the last chance to grab the following ships before they are removed indefinitely. VI Admiral Graf Spee VI T-61 VII Haida VII Z-39 VIII Lenin VIII Asashio VI Erich Loewenhardt VII Nelson The ships I don't have are; VI Admiral Graf Spee VI T-61 VII Haida VII Z-39 VIII Lenin VIII Asashio VI Erich Loewenhardt VII Nelson I don't really want to spend money on ships I probably won't play, and I'm not especially attached to them as far as collecting goes. But please help convince me NOT to buy the remaining ships. I don't think WG really deserves the money.