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  1. Whenever I see members of the same clan on both teams, this is what usually happens: Initial clan chatter, not relevant to game. then both sides do level best to kill the other. Both sides laugh at each other and say ‘well done’ I see no problem with this.
  2. It’s frustrating, I believe that WG are aware of the issue, but their statistics tell them that it’s only a minority of the player base, so they are focusing on makn* the majority happy. For the record, I am usually up until 2.00 on Friday and Saturday, but I work a Monday to Friday, 8.30 to 17.00 job, so late night gaming is not really an option if I want to function the next day. If the shared server CB happens, it could open up Sunday afternoon, which would be nice, but considering AEDT prime time is around 20.00 to 23.00, none of the other server prime time slots match. At this point, it feels like WG is saying that ANZ clans are not a large enough player base to worry about in comparison to the rest of the server. Which is just really disappointing considering the time and money I’ve spent on this game.
  3. Port Filter - Non Elite Tech Tree Ships

    Hi I'd like to suggest adding an option in the port filter, alongside elite and premium ships, to display non-premium, non-elite ships. I.e. Ships that still require upgrading, or in the process of grinding to next ship. This would allow people with lots of ships in port to quickly see what ships they have which require still require XP. Especially with the ever increasing number of tech tree ships. Cheers

    I don't think anything I suggest is going to make it into the game. (For the most part, its venting, saying my piece to make myself feel better). And any concept is going to be crude and/or simple, that's what the refining process is for. The important thing is, to stop and think, which has apparently already happened during the supertest. As for whjat happens with smoke, now? Well, I'll wait and see and maybe put in my two cents and/or complain if I don't like it (though I'd prefer offering alternatives, crude as they may be, rather than straight out complaining).

    1. Obviously not 2. Just because they have cancelled it for now does not mean they are still not going to nerf smoke at some point. Wanted to toss in my two cents since I can argue with myself all day but it won't mean anything. Yes I could and should have started a new thread, but I figured I would use an existing thread rather than create a new one.
  6. Seal Clubers... whats your take on it?

    Mikasa: Only really dangerous if you get within 3km. That's teaching new payers to watch out for secondaries. Smith: Teaching new payers to dodge rapid fire torpedos Tachibana: Teaching new players...that even DDs have Guns? Emden...have not unlocked this yet. Seriously Ships like these are more for flavour than actual fights, sure they're fun, and skilled players can make them work, but anyone with some skill can overcome them with tech tree ships, and if not, they'll stop meeting them at T4.

    Here's my two cents. Forget about all this firing reducing smoke timer, its bad for reasons other people have gone into. Simple answer: Firing in smoke increases detection range for THE SHIP WHICH IS FIRING ONLY. No fire: smoke acts as normal. Ship fires: detection range increases to something EQUAL OR LESS to ships non-firing detection radius. Ship stops firing: Smoke acts as normal after usual time after firing duration The exact radius could differ for each ship type, tier, nation, or even every individual ship. BBs firing in smoke could extend their detection radius to... 80% of their normal minimum detection radius, so ships within, 12km or so would still be able to spot them. This would encourage more aggressive gameplay, by forcing players to close the distance DD's should have almost no difference, many needing their smoke, same with RN cruisers. While there may be a case for gunship DDs to have a larger detection radius in smoke, most IJN DDs should be left as is. This system would mean that if one ship, or ship type was found to be still too powerful, the degree to which the detection radius after firing changes could be changed. I feel that changes to smoke (and yes, they should be changed) should be along these lines, and definitely designed to affect ONLY THE SHIP WHICH IS FIRING.
  8. Shiratsuyu - brought down to mediocrity

    @cyqsimon You are right. While I was never a player of that calibre, I can see from YouTube that many players used Shira to devastating effect. The buff was needed, and while I have not gone back to Shira yet, when and If I do, i'm sure whichever way I choose to play will make little overall difference to the team. I do wish that Wargaming would try something other than the sledgehammer approach, though I doubt it, so I will have to get used to it. Cheers
  9. [Suggestion] Generate Karma Report

    I agree, Karma needs a statistical breakdown. While many laugh at it and don't care, or even take pride in a zero rating, some of us want to know why we keep dropping karma points when we're not sure what we are doing wrong. I'm a mediocre player, I play to have fun, I try not to make any big stuff ups and work to support my team best I can. I rarely get complimented because people either don't use the complement system, or I'm not a high enough xp earner to deserve it, generally sitting middle of the team in XP. So it causes me some worry when I lose a karma point. I want to know what I did wrong so I can get better, but I have no idea what I did wrong, was it friendly fire? did I collide with someone? was an enemy annoyed at me for killing him? Am I acting like a noob? etc... At present, the Karma system is useless as it provides no data which could help people improve their playing, as we are not sure what we did wrong, or even what we did right! Even when I play a good game, our team wins, I killed enemies, got top XP, supported friendlies, spotted etc... I may get no compliments, so I still do not know what to do right. I may just be an overly sensitive person, but losing karma without gaining any makes me think I'm doing something wrong, and I still do not know what. While not perfect, being able to see the base reason WHY someone reported you, and if they were ally or enemy, would help.
  10. Shiratsuyu - brought down to mediocrity

    Dear Wargaming Doubt this is the right place for this, I do not expect anything to happen, but I felt I needed to say it. I was very disappointed when I found out that Shiratsuyu had its smoke and torpedo booster placed in the same slot. Before, the Shira was a fun ship to play, great for those who liked stealth torpedoing, and made it easy for mediocre gamers like myself to contribute to the team, both by creating torpedo walls (more often than not, only making ships turn way, not actually hitting them) and covering allies in smoke. Lets be honest, most captains will pick smoke, as it will be more useful most of the time, and gives you greater utility to the fleet (especially given that IJN destroyers do not have good AA). Now, much of that ability has been removed, and left with a ship that is only mediocre, if not less, compared to its peers. It has nothing that makes it stand out, and only a smaller detection radius is its only advantage over Akatsuki. A long range torpedo boat is going to miss most of the time, and the torpedo booster gave you the ability to increase you chances several times during a battle, it made the ship unique. Maybe I'm just a poor player who liked something that improved my playstyle, maybe I need to improve my skills (as a casual player, do not necessarily have the time). But please, consider giving the Shiratsuyu back the smoke and torpedo booster, even at the old cooldown time, ever if the reload time is increased to 20 seconds or so; It will make the ship fun and much loved again. Grygus