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  1. Maybe a bit more research?

    This is the sort of historical accuracy WG SHOULD be focusing more on. The stuff that does not affect gameplay in the slightest.
  2. You just can't tell some people.

    While the other players reaction is not acceptable, on this forum, if not the entire game, inadequate play is considered a far worse crime. People will judge your play first and foremost. And anything less than a full replay is not enough. Me? I can forgive a lot if the team wins, no use agonising over an “almost” loss. You’ve put more effort into this than I think most people would. And learnt a few things and re-evaluated your play. You did what you thought was best at the time, whether it was or not. You did not lose, so your decision did not throw the game. But whether right or wrong, people will always judge you as wrong if you do something they would not do.
  3. Rank Season 11 Idea

    YES! T6 ranked was great. Good dynamics with just the basics.
  4. You just can't tell some people.

    Tough situation, with 2 CVs left alive and none on your team. Its hard to make tactical decisions in the heat of battle. You clearly considered your options, and took the one you thought was best... which is more than some people do. You’ve also communicated your intentions to your teammates. I probably would have stayed in cap to share aa and reduce cap time. But trying to go on offensive and drawing fire away from BBs in cap (it does happen), is not the worst idea. Having different strategies is not a bad thing, they are not always going to work, but you can’t prove that the other options will work either. No one has the right to abuse you like that, it IS only a game. But kudos for trying to explain anyway.
  5. Operation zzzzzmo

    This Op is quite easy, though I still do badly because those bl - - dy schnell boats are hard for me to hit. Maybe I’m just bad at using gunboats. Doesn’t help that the only acceptable ship I have is Aigle, I need to grind US DDs. (they need to introduce an op designed for IJN DDs, seriously, why is this line so continuously overlooked for ops?) One problem is convoy is quite slow. Because the distance travelled has not changed, and the DDs allowed can move faster than the original. Enemies are quite easy to beat, so only way to increase challenge would be to increase number. Which would still just be a grind fest. So yeah, faster convoy, longer distance and more enemies of same type? (Limited because of “realism”)
  6. Submarines Are Coming

    I agree, so much pressure is already put on DDs. They have a much lower threshold for mistakes as other ships, try to cap, get radared/ spotted by enemy DD, dead in 30 seconds. Try to spot, get accused of being passive, try to actually get so though damage, get accused of being selfish. It’s also not uncommon to see first ship dead is a DD. You give this job to DDs, you’ll either find they ignor it (after all, you still can’t rely on ships to turn around and protect BB/CV who is under attack by that invisible DD which got past your lines), or they go after an easy kill, and leave the front lines, where they are needed. This will also cause BBs to play more passively. Given the long standing issues they have had with CVs, I’m not sure this is a good idea. WG need to decide what sort of game meta they want, and figure out, through lots and lots of testing in all areas, what changes to make to make that happen. TBH, subs would be interesting, I’m looking forward to the Halloween event, but I’m not sure I would want them in the game proper. Its possible that people are getting worked up over nothing, but I still don’t think there is clear confirmation one way or another. You have Jingles saying this is only a concept work, see how people react and then decide whether to work on it or not, you have Flamu saying it will probably happen as they use these events as test beds, and you have the venturebeat interview saying it will happen in the next year or so. Jingles is probably the most correct, assuming the venturebeat interview is the dev being overly optimistic. But a lot of people seem to interpret this that subs WILL be a thing, it’s just a matter of time. Hope we get some clear guidance on this soon. Will have to wait and see.
  7. NO NO NO SH1T

    Huh, not sure how I feel about that. Not sure how WG seem certain that ‘(teams will) come together and find a way to protect each other from submarines’. Teams in randoms can’t even come together to protect allies from known surface ships. The average level of teamwork in most random games Ismail mostly, “shoot that ship” which players mostly only do because they might get the kill from it. But it will all depend on how they balance the boats (subs are boats, not ships) and how easily it is for players of other ships to adapt to sharing the ocean. Of course, this is probably still years off.
  8. Right Click Report Options

    Huh, I thought this thread was more of a joke, rather than just another rant about karma. ”yolo” ”that’s a paddling” for those who broadside battleships. ”you sailed in a straight line, what do you expect?”
  9. Who is "Dasha Perova"?

    To be honest, I’m not a Dasha fan, nothing wrong with her, but I play this game for the ships. Regarding the Dasha captains, at the end of the day, they are just captains, I can always grind more captains. The perma camo’s however, will help fund my grind,of those ships.
  10. I don’t have much of a problem with the maps. Yes, they are difficult to master, and yes, they rely a lot on you team working together and being suitably aggressive
  11. What is playerbase?

    playerbase; noun; plural noun: playerbases. A base for a player to stand on.
  12. Spotter Planes

    That, and I don’t think more or less spotter planes affect the game at all.
  13. Spotter Planes

    Not sure it really matters. Just means you won’t run out. Spotter is useful in some situations, sure, but not so vital to ships that they NEED to use more charges in battle. And spotter is not really game breaking either (unless you are Yuro). I have never found myself cursing when my spotter runs out or is shot down, or is on cool down, nor have I found myself upset at the abilities that the enemy spotter gives them. Just a funny quirk of the game.
  14. Most DD players are bad

    Hahaha. Not sure what’s funnier, the original joke, or the ones who haven’t caught on that it’s a joke. Thhe job of a DD is to heard enemy ships in front of my guns.
  15. How you like THEM torpedo beats!?

    Ah, the Kamikaze, the T5 nightmare. Now you just need a good soundtrack.