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  1. Grygus_Triss

    USS Florida

    So do I. Thats why I spent over $1300 AUD this year on Star Wars LEGO models.
  2. Grygus_Triss

    Who reported me?

    Yeah. Good point. It makes me wonder why society judged children for years based on numbers... I blame bureaucrats, statisticians and accountants. They have an obsessive need to reduce the world into numbers.
  3. Grygus_Triss

    Who reported me?

    The only thing Karma does, is if you get enough, you get extra compliments & reports per day. I think you get +1 at 20, and another +1 at 50. Beyond that, there is no recorded effects... Though @Max_Battle has his own thoughts on the power of “MAKRA” (if this thread is not derailed yet, it will be). And since karma is 100% dependant on other people, who can report or compliment you for literally any reason (see my list above), most people pay not attention to it, not wanting their personal worth to be at the whims of the internet. I don’t tend to report people much myself, because people make mistakes (I know I do), and they often recognise those mistakes themselves and learn, and honestly, I don’t know exactly what’s going on with them in them in the battle, nor behind the screen, so I don’t tend to judge (well, I judge, I just don’t tell them). Yeah, I’d like a system which can actually tell you what you did wrong so you can learn, but relying on random people you meet in battle is not the way to go. If I listened to all the advice from those random people, I’d have uninstalled WoWS by now. Don’t let the haters get you down. If you really want to know what you did wrong and improve, post a replay in the forums and let the people here give you some tips, there are some smart, skilled players here who are happy to help.
  4. Grygus_Triss

    Who reported me?

    In port, click on your account name in top left corner. Karma is that number top right of your name.
  5. Grygus_Triss

    Who reported me?

    Hmm. Hard to guess without seeing replay, but a few ideas come to mind. Enemy reported you for killing them. Enemy reported you fort being 'annoying', aka 'good'. Allies reported you for causing team damage/getting in their way if it was just collision damage. Allies reported you for dying because they think you should have played safer. Allies reported you for doing something silly like broadsiding/going off on you own/hunting DD and getting torped etc... Allies reported you because you didn't carry hard enough. Allies reported you because you didn't play the way they think you should have played. Allies reported you for hanging around the back line and sniping. Allies reporting you for kill stealing. Someone reported you because the voices in their head told them to. The possibilities are endless. Now, these are all just possibilities based on things I've read/been reported for. I have no idea how you played, so I cannot really comment if any of these apply to you.
  6. Grygus_Triss

    Stupid Halloween rubbish again

    Yeah. To be honest, It’s no so much historical for me. I don’t mind the collabs, but I’ve gotten the impression that art design team and gameplay design team are separate. You can’t say that WG wastes time on camos instead of operations or game balance because different skills and different department. But here, with the halloween/space/savage game modes? Yeah, I feel that the game design department could spend this time on operations instead. Especially considering that there are 4 operations that are not active for the past year and a half. To be honest, don’t even care if they want to make it different theme, just want to use my existing ships rather than specific ‘even only’ ships.
  7. Grygus_Triss

    Stupid Halloween rubbish again

    It’s more the fact that historical operations such as Dynamo, Hermes and Cherry Blossom have been gone for a year and a half, no new operations have been added since, and instead, It seems lot of work has been put into this new Halloween mode. From what I’ve seen, WG seems to prefer to add PvP content over the PvE content of the operations, but even so, it should be possible to stage a history based battle with players on both sides, in appropriate ships. Although maybe we’re just in the minority. Maybe the majority of players prefer the sci-fi/spooky stuff over the historical operations.
  8. Grygus_Triss

    ST 0.9.10, balance changes and changes to test ships

    Yeah, give us HE, I’d like to rotate captains between Mysore and Perth.
  9. Grygus_Triss

    Can we have a model overhaul for Konigsberg?

    A worthy cause which WG’s art department should be concentrating on. One of the few improvements WG could make that would make players happy, without doing anything complicated to do with game mechanics.
  10. Grygus_Triss

    Georgia or Thunderer?

    Both are good. I would, however, consider sitting on the coal for a bit, to see which ship WG decides to remove next. I made the mistake early in the year to buy Thunderer before JB. Then JB got removed.
  11. Grygus_Triss

    The Extinction of T10 DDs

    Had a game last night when my team’s 3 DDs died in the first 10 mins to 1 of the enemy DDs. And it was a rare game with no CVs. That said,I feel that since ranked ended, all the radar cruisers have flocked back to random.
  12. Grygus_Triss

    WTF WG

    Haven’t played Legends, but I was under the impression that it’s generally an entirely different game from the PC version. For all intents and purposes, the T7 Yamato IS balanced to be a T7 and equal to other T7s. The whole idea, I believe, was to make it “simpler” for the console market. And possibly cut back on the number of paper ships. But I suppose if you want a full game with everything, rather than a watered down version, then Legends is kinda bad. Just play PC version.
  13. Not too fussed about removal of smoke at those tiers. Not sure it should be on BB anyway. I am slightly worried about this ongoing idea of making ships more “pronounced” when going up tiers. I think it leads to a lot of low to mid tier ships being without the gimmick their line needs to be viable. Kind of like how the low tier French DDs lack smoke, and do not have the speed of the high tiers either, making them difficult to grind. But to be honest, I think the Italian line is being gimmick saturated form bottom of the barrel gimmicks to begin with. Too much pressure to make them feel unique rather than just making a decent, normal BB.
  14. Grygus_Triss

    Stupid Halloween rubbish again

    I get the feeling that WG sometimes don’t want to make a “Historically Inspired” naval game. They just want to make a naval battle game, and used the WWI and WW2 ships to attract players. And they now wonder why they’re losing those players who are not interested in the content they create.
  15. Grygus_Triss


    Yeah, all we’ve got is thousands of years worth of cave drawings, marks on trees, and burial sites. Not that that stuff isn’t interesting, it’s just... not as cool looking as a gothic cathedral.