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  1. MISOT101

    Winrate is Meaningless

    I have clawed my way up from 48% WR to 59% and still improving (mostly solo). I only play above tier 7 and never anything below unless I'm grinding that line. Winning is all about mindset. If you really want to win and play like so, it will reflect on your winrate. Also, playing high impact ships like USN Cruisers, BBs and DDs, Russian Radar boats and German Destroyers will also help. Also, never giving up at any point of the game will matter. Some players give up the moment the enemy team has a 3-ship lead with 300+ more points, but skilled ones look at it as a fun challenge to do even better. Some people say that playing for fun as an excuse to not improve, but I say to them: "Improving is fun because it wins you games, and winning games is the epitome of FUN." In a sense, my winrate reflects on how much fun I'm having with the game.
  2. MISOT101

    overpowered DDs

    They're pretty easy to deal with as a BB. Just shoot them with AP shells from 15km away and watch as their HP magically vanish. DDs are deathly afraid of getting shot at by massive Battleship guns. But to achieve that, you just have to git gud, good sir. Or are you perhaps one of those what they call BBassists? [content removed] Derogatory. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade