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  1. Imagine putting Kuznetzov in that ship and you basically have 2xHP and 20% dispertion for enemy too
  2. _TAMAL_

    CV haku AP bombs

    You "can" hit back. Just eat as many planes as possible and you will be hitting them back. I have no idea why people still bear the false perception that you need to hit the CV to counter it. A CV without planes is just a floating barge lol.
  3. _TAMAL_

    CV haku AP bombs

    In all fairness though, if you are in a BB and you are tanking citadels from the CV, then you are doing the right job keeping him from nuking your cruisers... Not that 25k salvos are that common anyway. Majority of the times you will only get 1 or 2 cits...
  4. _TAMAL_

    CV haku AP bombs

  5. _TAMAL_

    The dark side of mine

    Well, for me, Steel is something that I simply cannot pass up. So even if it gets frustrating, I keep pushing
  6. _TAMAL_

    Legendary Upgrade Suggestions

    They need to rearrange the slots for legendaries. A lot of them sit in upgrade slots that otherwise hold very important ones...this in turn makes the legendary upgrade pretty much useless. Think of Yueyang's Legendary for example; Putting it as an alternative to concealment will never work. Same with Worcester where increasing the duration of radar becomes pointless as utility of short range radar is directly related to concealment of the ship. IMO WG should add separate slots for them or atleast let us sell those for something valuable (i.e. steel, coal or doubloons). After all, the grind is huge.
  7. _TAMAL_

    The dark side of mine

    That seems like a sound strategy, albeit a bit risky :3 Thats why I keep track of nearby islands when I position my CV. Also, I play a lot closer to my team so that my AA does some work.
  8. _TAMAL_

    The dark side of mine

    Did you deliberately focus them or they were pushing too forward? I usually dont go after the other CV unless my teammates also decide to assist. It usually takes a while to kill one off myself(not to mention the heap of planes that gets lost if you are too desperate)
  9. _TAMAL_

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Totally agree. What's more ironic is that they had quite a few options to work with and inevitably chose a path that nobody asked for....
  10. _TAMAL_

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    It's just a test for a possible DD only mode in the future...
  11. _TAMAL_

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Haven't played that game for a while...thnx for reminding
  12. Actually, You Can Use the "Extended Tech Tree" mod which is available in both Aslains and WG Mod Station
  13. _TAMAL_

    huge nerf in a WRONG way

    Accessibility, Ease of Matchmaking, Ease of Grinding the line(to retain interest of players, increasing popularity) etc
  14. _TAMAL_

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Stalingrad 2.0 basically...will be yet another ship that is a must have if you wanna stay competitive in Clan Battles
  15. _TAMAL_

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Well that basically throws all of my enthusiasm about grinding the line out of the window...