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  1. _TAMAL_

    what has happened to the game?

    Was playing clan wars, then this happened all of a sudden. Ships are stuck with "Service Required"...You can still play matches with other ships though, but you dont get any rewards. :/
  2. _TAMAL_

    Tell me how to avoid Ap bombers

    Or you can simply take a break from the game like me... They've said repeatedly that they are working on "Fixing" CVs...It'll just take time...until then, just stay patient as there is not much you can practically do when a CV wants you dead(AA doesn't matter...period). It is a broken class and aside from bad average playerbase, it is the biggest "issue" with this game currently, and everybody knows that
  3. _TAMAL_

    Design A Patch Event...

    Honestly, If I were you, I would have danced in joy :/
  4. _TAMAL_

    Do Commanders Remember Old Ships?

    Wut? Can you give us a screenshot? Is accelerate retraining only for non-elites?
  5. _TAMAL_

    Do Commanders Remember Old Ships?

    Premium commanders? you mean, ARP ones? Those are limited to IJN ships only :3
  6. _TAMAL_

    Do Commanders Remember Old Ships?

    Well, after you go through the pain of training one captain to 19 pt, the issue with retraining goes away entirely...Elite xp earning is very easy and you won't be facing any penalty doing that...In fact, it is wiser to complete retraining with elite xp before even taking the new ship to action IMO
  7. _TAMAL_

    Shell Hits

    It can also occur because of hitting space armor...
  8. _TAMAL_


    Well, I can finally stop reporting for Misbehavior and start reporting for Unsportsmanlike Behavior instead!
  9. _TAMAL_


    About getting Pink because of Bots: I think it should be implemented in a way that you'll get pink only for Co-Op mode if you accidentally kill a friendly bot...so, you will stay normal in other battle modes but whenever you play co-op again, the game will view you as pink...a friendly reminder that "A bot once got road-killed by you because it was a BOT"
  10. _TAMAL_

    Queen Elizabeth problems - fires

    Dunno why you didn't like QE...among the other tech tree ships, only Fuso seemed fun to me. I think it all comes down to personal preferences
  11. _TAMAL_

    Y'all ready for the split in 7.3?

    It is better to delay and release a well-rounded line than bumrush and release a half-baked mess...I'd prefer to wait
  12. _TAMAL_


    And then they let you submit the ticket and at the same time say in the conditions that "Reports about Team Killing and Team Damage are handled by automated systems and will not be further investigated" or something like that
  13. _TAMAL_

    Queen Elizabeth problems - fires

    It is not about experience...bringing a premium in comparison to explain why the tech tree counterpart is crap is not a fair way of judgement...giving the OP a Warspite and inspiring him to play it instead of QE won't solve his problems!
  14. _TAMAL_


    Why not make this a permanent mechanic for all cases and get rid of this TK issue already? Why do I have to pay the price for someone else's stupidity? I don't care if they are learning or doing it intentionally or whatever... It is a shame that even submitting tickets don't work for these kind of issues