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  1. _Blink_Blackwolf

    How do you stay motivated to play?

    In its current state, nobody can. But because of quarantine, a lot of us have spare time left and we want to spend some of that in this game regardless. I would suggest trying to find some friends or mayb join a clan and make friends that way...join voice chat and play in divisions. Atleast then you'll get to express your utter disgrace for the game, how bad the developers are and have a laugh with your friends all while blasting those brain-dead noobs back to port
  2. Well here's the TL;DR version: 95% of the things that us, the players have faced for the past year or so have either been overwhelmingly negative or extremely polarizing. CV Rework, Puerto Rico, Research Bureau, Resurgence of HE spammers, OP Russian ships, Constant power-creep, Over-saturated ship release and super grindy RNG events along with them, Shady business practices, Ignoring player feedback entirely, SuBmArInEs.....I can go on for days So the "Good" players(Who actually cared about the game) do one of two things: a) Stop wasting time and play something else(And realize that almost every other game is better time-spent) b) Stick to Competitive(CB, KoTs) and PvE only and only playing Random Battle when there is absolutely no other way Result: You see less of those "Good" or "Dedicated" players in Random and the game-play experience becomes what you mentioned in OP. And the situation keeps getting worse day by day because WG doesn't know how to bring those players back(Or simply doesn't want to because the current system makes them more $$$)....
  3. Only thing that I have issue with all this is not getting refund for the 5k doubloons a lot of us spent to buy the perma camo....I mean seriously, is it that hard to give a 5k doubloons refund ? The game is at its absolute low anyway, so why not attempt to do something even half decent?
  4. _Blink_Blackwolf

    I had fun in ranked

    If you lose in ranked, not only do you waste time but you also need to play even more later on to achieve net progress which also costs time. That is one thing that WG never thinks about while making decisions about this game....making it actually worth our "Time"
  5. _Blink_Blackwolf

    Clan Battle Start Time in Australia

    Me and my clan have been exclusively playing in RU time( and smtimes EU) ever since they introduced cross server mm. The default SEA time is wierd to say the least. Also bonus is that most teams from those servers are trash...
  6. _Blink_Blackwolf

    Why you do not play midtiers?

    I'm not talking about sealclubbing at T9+... I dont think it is even possible to sealclub at those tiers. I was talking about simply playing the game. You can earn more at those tiers with less effort(beacause the ships simply have better stats and give you more tools to play with, so they are easier to play in general). Ofc this only applies to experienced players...if you are new you shouldnt be playing t9+ in the first place
  7. _Blink_Blackwolf

    Why you do not play midtiers?

    But is sealclubbing really that big of an issue when simply playing T9+ is easier and far more rewarding?
  8. _Blink_Blackwolf

    Why you do not play midtiers?

    It is unfair and there is literally no reason to have a mechanic like this. I mean, what will go wrong if they let low tier ships equip T9 modules? Will they become OP and overthrow their high tier counterparts? I get it that credits is a concern for new players playing low tiers and it can remain as it is in low tiers. But they can do it for mid tiers atleast...T7-8 atleast should have full access with T6 having access upto the 2mil slot
  9. _Blink_Blackwolf

    Why you do not play midtiers?

    My personal reasons for never playing below T8 : 1. I dont like pre-WW2 era ships. This is just an over simplification tho....I just dont like old ship designs(with some exceptions offcourse) 2. Maps...this is a big one. I absolutely hate low-mid tier maps with passion. They are small, lighting is terrible, you can see the other end of the map... there are some mid tier maps that I like(Estuary for example) but most of them are terrible to play in. 3. Low HP and limited healing capabilities. Cruisers and some DD lines for instance, dont get a heal until T9-10. Now I love playing Cruisers and DDs but not having a heal turns me off. 4. Not having access to High Tier modules. You dont get access to full set of upgrade modules until T9. I like having a ship at its maximum potential which is not possible until T9. 5. Not having access to all consumable or nation/line specific "perks"...this again goes into the maximum potential thing. You'll get the best experience of a perticular ship line at its highest tiers. Lower tiers just dont get access to the "flavors" in full form. 6. Uptiering is not that big of an issue for me. I can do just fine against T8s in a T6 unless the ship itself is genuinely trash. My gripe is that the teammates I get in T8 ships tend to be braindead glue sniffers... they become a huge liability, while enemy gets good players in their T8 ships who pretty much steamroll. that's all I can think of now...will add more later.
  10. _Blink_Blackwolf

    Has Benham drained the life out of you yet?

    Watching WG turning into a "Business Rolemodel" was more than encouraging for me to not even touch the game for the past few weeks... and I'm pretty happy Unsurprisingly, when I go to our Clan Discord, I see everybody else doing the same. There are other games in the planet too, something that WG doesnt take into account when they launch these 24/7 grindfests for months
  11. _Blink_Blackwolf

    WG's words on NTC - no more buffs

    I agree. I mean, encouraging people to play low tiers so that they can get their hands on a High Tier ship doesnt seem like a sound logic. If they really wanted players to play low tiers, they could have just analyzed why people liked snowflakes...it was simply because of free resources. Hell, I didnt even bother playing below T8 because I only needed steel and only played in PVE. So snowflakes was actually not as effective as WG thinks it was.
  12. _Blink_Blackwolf

    WG's words on NTC - no more buffs

    I dont mind the experience of grinding. What I do mind is the "Time". WG pretends as if WoWs is the only game in the planet. There are plenty of other games with their own respective grinds. And I havent even mentioned irl stuff. Another thing to note, as I've just said in my previous comment. To get 1 ship after a huge grind, you won't have access to all the T10 ships you have reset.
  13. _Blink_Blackwolf

    WG's words on NTC - no more buffs

    But Coal/Steel can be earned by simply playing and they are much more flexible currencies. You dont have to lose any of your progress to be able to afford coal/steal. Now if you want Ohio or Colbert, you will have to essentially "sacrifice" a few of your T10 ships. Keep in mind that T8+ ships are valuable assets as they are essential in competitive gamemodes. So basically, you have to chose carefully what ship you want to sacrifice...
  14. _Blink_Blackwolf

    WG's words on NTC - no more buffs

    I do feel kinda cocerned for those who were interested about Colbert and Ohio. Now they have to go through a mindless grindfest to get their ship. I would rather not see ships getting locked behind huge grind. Coal/Steel system is reasonably stable now.