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  1. TODuckeyQuack

    Issues with Purchase.

    Hey Syandra could you message me on fb or something? https://www.facebook.com/DuckeyQuack need to talk. #11
  2. TODuckeyQuack

    Issues with Purchase.

    ok thank you
  3. TODuckeyQuack

    Issues with Purchase.

    as i now only have 5 messages, i cant pm you, so here it is here. 250208
  4. TODuckeyQuack

    Issues with Purchase.

    sorry for the spam im about to do, but going to try get up to 10 messages so i can private message you to make this conversation easier
  5. TODuckeyQuack

    Issues with Purchase.

    hey just spoke to the bank, and they notified me your end would have had to approve for the transaction to take money from my bank for the item, and they said that has been done. so it has gone through. so whats the go?
  6. TODuckeyQuack

    Issues with Purchase.

    Hey Syanda #3 i didnt check the ticket number as i didnt think it would leave so soon, i posted the ticet hen went for a couple hours nap, and when i came back it was gone, was going to get the number when i woke up as i was very tired. sorry. and yeah i was loged into the right account. and no i did not recieve an email about it at all, and thank you for helping Lordofcaptain #4
  7. TODuckeyQuack

    Issues with Purchase.

    Hey, i brought the ATLANTA Package on the 24th of November and ive submitted a ticket but it got deleted after less then 10 hours, i was wondering whats going on, the transaction went through, but i don't have my ship yet? could i either get the whole package sent to my accounts, or at least the $67 back please? mods please contact me, i can provide proof of purchase with the transaction in my online banking. Please contact me As Soon As Possible Can Provide a better picture, to someone who can help ONLY.