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  1. Minimum_Chips

    Death of the destroyers role.

    I think it's all been said, but I'm totally unimpressed with playing DD's since the CV game change. Once a plane detects you, it's pretty much game over, and with most players in CA's just hiding behind islands trying to damage farm, any assistance from their relatively good AA just doesn't happen. Capping is virtually impossible until you get an average CV player - the good ones just set up over the cap regions - not to mention that having multiple CV's in the enemy side just makes it worse. Getting a good result for you team is now virtually impossible - poor AA, radar ships with 8 - 12km range and squadrons of aircraft from multiple carriers has sucked the fun out of DDs. In the real world, most plane attacks resulted in misses but in WOWs, every plane attack is a direct hit - whether your sailing to avoid or not. Surely the fix is to spread the shots from planes attacking DD's instead of letting multiple raids wipe you out within 5 mins without firing a shot.
  2. I had to uninstall the 7.11.01 update as it prevented me from logging onto the server - just an endless cycle of the anchor with the spinning circle. Same thing happened a couple of updates ago. I'll wait for the fix before loading the latest mod pack.
  3. I have the same issue. latest mod prevented logging into the game - have uninstalled the Mod Pack so I can keep playing while the issue is resolved.
  4. I was using mod 4. I'm now running 4b and all appears back to normal :-)
  5. Since adding the last update, when I launch a battle (any type) I don't actually get into the battle. I sit and watch the circle anchor symbol continuously going around but never actually make it into the battle. I then get a penalty applied for being AFK. What changed in the latest update to cause this issue?
  6. Here's hoping the extended Tech Tree comes back, along with the Premium Ship mod on the carousel, and the upgraded carousel.
  7. Great stuff - thanks for the fast update - much appreciated
  8. When is v.7.0..0.1 being released so the mod pack is compatible with the latest version of the game please?
  9. If only this guy had Twitter? 

  10. Hi Team, While I enjoy the challenges and combat missions that appear reasonably regularly, I think that there is an opportunity to up the volume a bit. There should always be multiple challenges available. The current challenge finishes toward the end of May, but once complete it's a reasonable wait for the next one. A constant stream of training missions, historical battles like Jutland for lower tier ships, shore bombardments against land based fortresses, gauntlet runs, and rescue missions should all be up on offer. Special missions for Coop Battles, Random Battles and Ranked Battles would mix it up fairly well also. There should be that much to choose from that players can always win credits, dubloons, and XP every time they play. So let's pump it up and get this game rocking :-) Cheers. Deplorable Me.
  11. Minimum_Chips

    Sink the Pinks

    Players that end up as Team Killers should be forced to play battles where everyone else is a Pinko as well. While it would be fair to say that most Pinko's were penalised because they were a bit loose with their torps, there are other players that deliberately fire at their own team members. I think some justice for those of us that have been on the receiving end of these fun killers, would appreciate it if Team Killer players were selected for battles that only comprised of other Team Killer status players. The Pinko's can rejoin the normal world once their Team Killer status has been lifted. Alternatively, if you get damaged by a Pinko, you should be able to sink them without penalty. :-) That might put a cork in their guns for a while.
  12. Minimum_Chips

    Improvement Ideas

    I would like the tech tree to list all the ships available and expand the nation list as well. For example, There are several Chinese ships in the game but they're are listed on the tech tree. Australia has a ship in the game, also not available via the tech tree.
  13. Minimum_Chips

    ARP Ships

    How about extending the ARP challenges for a few more days for those of us that just missed out? I have all the ARP ships except the Takao, which I only fell short of by 6000+/- on the 7th and final challenge. Not too much to ask I think. Surely there will be hundreds of players that would like the opportunity to finish off what we started.