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  1. TokazShikuto97

    Indonesian's WOWS Community

    hey im from malaysia but i would like to add u and join any match with u :)
  2. Hi guys! I love playing WOWs. One thing that bothers me is why cant I view myself on the deck of all these wonderful ships. The zoom in view is limited. As a warship fanatic I would love to be able to walk or run on the decks of these ships just as the sailors experienced it as these photos shows. Im not sure how difficult to implement this in the game. But it would be awesome to play with a click of a button to zoom into a sailors view perpective. Especially during battle or on spectator mode. What do you think guys is this possible?
  3. TokazShikuto97

    Unable to Launch in Update 0.6.9

    damn ,same tu me,i feel sad tho :(
  4. i cant launch my game in this new update 0.6.9,im using macbook,plz anyone help me:(