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    extra optional gfx suggestion

    Thanks for the reply and it sounds good cheers.
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    extra optional gfx suggestion

    Hi love the game. One thing I reckon would be really cool is the option to have the following graphics you could turn on; 1. Realistic smoke from big damage or destroyed ships. Whenever you see real footage or an old photograph of say a WWII battleship burning there is a massive black column of smoke rising miles into the heavens. This would look so cool in the game. Perhaps whenever there is a citadel hit a ship would emit this for some time until repaired.. and destroyed ships could emit this for the remainder of the game - so everyone would see a bit tower of black smoke from just about anywhere. This real pic of the Yamato burning gives you an idea of what I mean lol. 2. Ship wakes - in real life my 14 foot dinghy just about leaves a wake as long as the Yamato in WOWS does. By the wake I mean the white trail behind the ship - this should go back miles and would be a cool option. Bow waves would also go for miles but this might be too computational and graphics intensive. Longer and more persistent wakes would be really cool and add to the realism of the game. Just my 2c worth in what I think would be cool additions to an already very good game