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  1. I'm pumped about USN CAs rework too. USN cruiser is my first line, and I'm having fun with the game. Personally, I find that the NO's survivability is somewhat better than Pensacola even agaisnt tier 10 ships, maybe because of the experience (and pain) I gathered playing nearly 100 battles in the Pensacola. I have been busy with Lunar New Year stuff and unable to play since 0.6.0 happen, but I feel that my result with the NO can be improved with the new skills. That sweet, sweet 9.5km concealment on NO is a godsend compared to Pensacola 15.5km since her commander was a 12pts. Less gun on my aft mean that I can't kite as good as the Pensa, but both are really fun on their own way. That rework can't come fast enough. Sub_octavian said it might be 0.6.1, and I'm eagerly waiting for it.
  2. Bookgrinder

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    My 2nd SC since I started playing in Nov, happen this morning on my shiny stock New Orleans:
  3. Bookgrinder

    What is your goal for this year?

    Get a Des Moines, and find a new line of ship to play. These goals of mine might last until 2018 though.
  4. Maybe they use the Pensacola? J/K, though since I advanced from tier 5 to tier 7 (received 80k free exp) and start bringing my Pensacola into battle, my win rate dropped a bit, from 55% or so down to 49.5%. Now I mostly play Pensacola because dodging torp while it's raining shell is kind of fun.
  5. Bookgrinder

    Commander's exp...

    Is there any way to see the amount of exp my commander get per battle?
  6. I have a random question: what does the number shown on top of the shell type mean when reloading main guns? It sure is not a timer, because I just pulled out a stop watch and see that for it to go from 1.0 to 0.0 and ready to fire, it's take 6-7 seconds in real life.