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  1. constantly being demoralise

    Having the same problem with Pensacola and Mahan. Tried grinding Pensacola while was on cooldown after Hermes mission but every time, I would get deleted in 3-4 salvos no matter how much wiggling and angling I tried. Mahan constantly getting in T9 matches and radared when trying to take caps and was immediately focused down when trying to fight the other dd's later on in the match after being forced out of the caps and although it's a good sign that people are using their logic to help their team (or the cruisers anyways) but it is just a broken mechanic that is killing dd's. DD's should be able to contest caps and fight other dd's or deny areas to the enemy not hang around the cruisers with them and giving some support because they can't utilise their strengths as a result of radar and hydro and super stealthy cruisers (cough Halsey cough minotaur) Just can't play either in random at the moment so I am grinding the pensa in Hermes
  2. Pfffft, p-lease. This is NOTHING compared to the 4 1/2 hour wait times for rank one on the PTS a week or two back, or the hour wait times for Op Hermes at 6 am most mornings this week. Lol
  3. Missions odd timing

    After being in a dead zone for wifi over the weekend, I came back today to find the water and fire camo's available through the challenge. Took me 6 battles and finally got the floodings but when I got back to the port after the battle, all the challenges were gone. There was also the Varyag part one mission thing there for some reason even though I had completed it weeks ago and then it got removed while I was waiting for the second part to come out, this second part one was also removed when I came back from battle. Before I entered the battle that last time, all the challenges and the seconds Varyag part one mission were still there, why were they removed? is this a glitch or bug? Happened around 4:30 AEST I can't see why it would happen at this specific time or whether the Varyag mission had something to do with it, anyone else noticed this? Shame they are gone as I entered battle before the challenge was taken off and when I returned knowing that I had finally completed it (I was counting down the floodings I needed) the challenge was gone and no camos had been credited to my account, what the heck?
  4. ultimate frontier failure

    Yeah, no matter what ship you are in, no matter what shell the Cleveland is firing or how you angle, it will do upwards of 30k dmg to your ship. If you go to training battles where you select what level of intelligence the bot has, I think the Cleveland and certain other primary ships, have HIGH as their intelligence while the others have MEDIUM and LOW
  5. 10/10 chance they are from Flamu's discord World of Weebs
  6. Most hits in a game possible theory

    The best I have managed so far, took about 10 seconds away to launch some torps and then accidentally set their point to zero with about 2 minutes to go so 3000 is easy, but how much further is possible?
  7. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Was excited for about 2 seconds where I thought I saw Kitakami but then realised it was Kitakaze A reward for finishing the collection?
  8. ultimate frontier failure

    Yes, thank you. All I was "flaming" you for was your lack of contribution to the topic being discussed and it seemed to me like you were saying that the mission was not hard, that it was easy and that anyone saying otherwise was incompetent because you had frequently 5 starred the mission while others had struggled (or maybe that was just my sensitive mind). Now I see you have committed your quite useful information to the forum and I have no problem, and I thank you for your contribution of knowledge of cv playstyles in this scenario
  9. Stop the necro, start a new thread
  10. I don't get it, I suspect Hiten Kei was someone aboard the Shokaku and did something notable ?
  11. I used to think PeppaPork was pretty funny....... just me, isn't it?
  12. Just wondering which ship has the best combination of RoF and SpM (lol) Currently, the Gearing I configured for the best possible reload on PTS has a base reload of 2.4 seconds but adrenaline rush can get that down to 1.92 seconds (!) on 0% hp a.k.a less than 97 hp. Yueyang is exactly the same but to get 0% you are required to have less than 92.5 hp. Akizuki has a base of 2.7 seconds because of its inability to mount the main battery modification 3 module otherwise it would be down to 2.376, slightly faster than Yueyang and Gearing which with adrenaline rush can be brought down to 1.9008 seconds (with mb3) or (as you cannot actually mount the mb3 mod) 2.16 seconds. Now the last contender for most shells is the Atlanta, where the base is a 4.5 second reload and with adrenaline rush that can be seen to be 3.6 seconds at less than 137.5 hp (100% hp lost) Now for shells Atlanta can fire 16 shells at once and at 3.6 seconds that is 266.67 shells a minute Akizuki can fire 8 shells at once and at 2.16 seconds that is 222.2 shells a minute Gearing/Yueyang can fire 6 shells at once and at 1.92 seconds that is 187.5 shells a minute Edit: I forgot Minotaur, can fire 10 shells at once and at 2.336 seconds per round, that is 256.849315 shells per minute which puts it at the top of the free food chain but still below Atlanta by one salvo per minute or 200 shells per 20 minute battle So by 44.47 SpM the Atlanta can fire the most shells in the game possible and if it fired constantly from the first second to the last at less than 137.5hp, all battle, then you could achieve 5333.4 hits(but alas, you cannot hit an enemy within 1-2 minutes of the battle or be on 0% health as soon as battle starts. The best possible situation would be to have a high-speed cruiser such as the Henri IV being played by a friend, charge straight towards you from the other side of the map (as no dd I know has 13.334 minimum concealment) Caculate how long it would take an Atlanta shell being fired to 13.334kms and then take the speed of the Henri IV and convert it to km/s and times it by the seconds it takes an Atlanta shell to reach 13.334 and add it to the 13.334 so you know exactly when to fire to get the best possible hits. Try and get a friendly cv on your team and get them to flood you with torps, use dmg ctrl and then get them to set you on fire, do this while on the way to the Henri and try to get to less than 137.5 hp so as to maximise your adrenaline rush ability. When you get in range of the Henri, or whatever, open fire ASAP and try not to kill them as fast as possible (tell the Henri to angle and shoot AP) and aim for the belt with HE when broadside in the middle of the map, get the Henri to reverse back to the stationary bots and once the Henri is dead, engageth the battleships with your ap and use dmg saturation to keep hitting the target without taking away their hp thus letting you earn the ribbons while not having to waste valuable time changing target. If any of you can do this, tell me how this works for you as I do not have the Atlanta. Just a thought, open to suggestions and opinions to maximise the number of shells you can hit in a controlled battle. Does the speed of ships correctly relate to the scale of the map? Some ships you seem to be able to go 1 kilometre in 30 seconds which does not seem realistic to me, and the map sizes do not seem to corrolate, can anyone confirm or tell me how I can calculate map distances and how long it takes a ship to get somewhere? If the speed and map distances are not realistic then basic methods of mathematical problem solving are rendered ineffective, anyone care to help me out? Thankyou
  13. ultimate frontier failure

    It's pretty scary how true this sentence is
  14. keep on losing?

  15. ultimate frontier failure

    We get it, your good but get off the forums if you're not ready to contribute your knowledge to the player base and stop boasting your greatness