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  1. ellofiend

    Special Event Achievments

    Anyone know what the different achievements are? and how to get them?
  2. ellofiend

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 4

    If only the mission accepted alsace's :( Still sitting on two achievements after 4 battles in Nelly
  3. ellofiend

    Off to hiatus once more and over.

    yep. agreed, WG knows we wont leave, too much time invested so they think they can get away with this kind of lazy slav stuff
  4. hehe, brit battleships must have a magnet for this btw, this was at the start of the battle and he stayed like this until there was 5 minutes left
  5. ellofiend

    New Ranked Season

    Wat, no mention of Konig yet? That thing was a beast when I had her, I know the sigma has been nerfed but surely that thing still has some serious potential even without the fantastic accuracy?
  6. ellofiend

    Which BB line worth to grind?

    I have to say, I did get quite good dispersion during my time with her, there were, of course, times when there were broadside cruisers/battleships out 5/7km's and they all miss or all over pens but 80% of the time, I would get the kill. I did not bother with the range mod as I knew the dispersion would be just completely incompatible at those ranges. I often found my self making use of the turtleback armour under 8km's so that I could get that last turret into play and boost my chances of taking out the ship that was broadside and the firing angles were quite decent as well so I wasn't trading too much for that extra turrets use.
  7. ellofiend

    High tier struggles

    Ah hello! So I recently got Iowa and a couple more tier 8 cruisers and I have to say, I am struggling. I made it my mission to get a couple of the lines to a certain tier before progressing to the next tier so that I could learn to play the game properly (that wasn't the intention of course) So now I have Iowa, Buffalo, Chapayev, Ognevoi, Cleveland, Edinburgh, Bismarck and Hipper. A lot of these cruisers I got close together and after accumulating about 20-30 games in them I realised that I need help. My average damage in the TIER 9 Buffalo is very concerning (19,742dmg) compared to my Tier 3 cruiser Varyag average (19,203) WTF Three of the cruisers I have are radar cruisers and so I often try to fulfil the support role, radar behind islands when the team is advancing into a cap and then stay around the middle of the pack as we push through. If the approaching force is stronger then we'll retreat with island cover but too often I find that I can't get into positions to take advantage of radar without a battleship sniping my broadside from across the map. If the cap gets abandoned and the enemy team is advancing I often that I am stuck behind the island having to show broadside to get out of the position which results in an obligatory deletion off the face off the earth. This is made even harder with the Buffalos complete sh*t stock range of 14.1km, I can't upgrade (credit issues) and it makes it impossible to retreat effectively and having to get waaaaay too close to the enemy. I just can't find a way to play the Buffalo specifically. Then you also have Khabarovsk who decide to run all the way down the side of the map, spot you while you're parked behind the island, the bb across the map snipes you, then the HE cruisers lob shells over the island and your dead. (this has happened several times (yes the khaba running down the side of the map happened 4 times)) I am also struggling with Iowa. The Citadel is like a magnet, and the superstructure a matchstick. I try to bow on tank, even 15-16km from the nearest cruiser and I end up dead 5-8 minutes later from fires (yes with effective dmg control use) It feels like unless the team can push the flank or at least hold it, then any non-km bb ship will be wiped off the map by the enemy team who either hides behind islands without getting spotted while im spotted by planes and rogue dd's or rushes down the cap. PLZ HELP, you don't want me to be the potato on your team so please give me advice on how to play Buffalo and tank in this world of fire and ultra-long ranged sniper battleships. I feel that if my damage in Iowa doesn't improve I may need to resort to a long-range sniper purely to save me some credits and dignity. Btw, this is a replay for the buffalo where I knew the risks but I had couldn't find any other choice but to turn and then I got detected and deleted. It might as well have been an escape room for all I was concerned 20180925_212642_PASC109-Buffalo_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay
  8. ellofiend

    Which BB line worth to grind?

    Then Gensienau is your bote, btw bismarck I loved the KM bb line up till the Bismarck which i got a couple of weeks ago Lyon is eh, I perfer a few reliable shells than a billion erractic ones. And like you said, reliable armour IJN bb's, well, citadels are always available for you and the enemy, big guns for their tier but often they lack the great firing angles of other bb's and the citadel protection of the KM bb's. However all the way up to T9, the guns are very much spray and pray like the lyon until Yamato which has 2.1 sigma with 18inch guns.sooooooo.LOLPEN. Dont expect to have the same playstyle at T10 as T9> BTW, I have the Bisky, Lyon and Nagato so my info for the ships of higher tiers is limited to PTS play
  9. ellofiend

    Bonus code - Standard British Container

    thanks, got me my 100th sovereign. Still not halfway to warspite
  10. ellofiend

    So I set out to make 500 FXP in one mission

    Stacking is easy if you get decent base exp. When I get free premium time, I stack all of my camo's and signals and whatnot and combined with relatively easy missions, you can get amazing amounts of exp and fxp. I don't usually use my camo's or signals in normal battles, only when I have premium time, boost the result by 150%. I always have a couple of camos and signals of each type so that if we fail to get a good game, or we don't get 5 stars, I can just do it again a couple of times to get best result. P.S. Check this out:
  11. Yeah, task manager showed everything else running smoothly with WoWs being the primary CPU user but no-where near problematic levels. Load times were fine and there was no glitching or anything of the like with the exception of the game. The problem has not returned so hopefully, it was just an odd bug in the system.
  12. So, used to use a pretty dated laptop and recently got a new one, much better. Got World of Warships yesterday, pushed it to maximum settings got around 60fps.......until this evening. I played a game and left my laptop on sleep for about an hour while I had dinner, when I got back to it, it was acting up and might as well have been operating at 2 fps, exactly the same with the lowest settings. I rebooted the game and the issue persisted, with the login screen flickering as it loaded. I shut down and restarted the computer completely and opened the game, the issue would not leave and is still bugging me when I could be playing with a friend who just got the game. I don't know if this is due to an update or such but it is a persisting issue that I cannot find a way to fix if anyone has experienced this, is experiencing this or knows something about how to fix it, I would be grateful. Thankyou Edit: Problem has resolved itself, don't know how. Answers are still appreciated especially if this can be useful for people experiencing this problem in future
  13. Well, after getting a new computer, I decided to download WoWs again. Never used the WGC before and do not wan't to do so ever again, but similar to when you pick the wrong aisle after shopping, the damage done is not worth enduring again even if it is to a lesser extent. Have been waiting nearly 4 hours for the thing to download and only at 43%, what is this BS. This has been heard multiple times across all servers and platforms! Surely you can reduce the game download times from 6+ hours! Any reduction in time, even 30 minutes we would be grateful for for sure. Can we raise this point at the next WoWs improvements meeting? I feel this needs to be adressed