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  1. ellofiend

    Will the CV topic ever die? WG says...

    Personally, I would prefer to be deleted instead of being burnt to death use DCP, then get burnt to death again -_-
  2. ellofiend


    On that note, I can see the justification of the TK system in exchange for boss pizza party
  3. ellofiend


    While I do agree that it may stop people from wasting valuable ammunition that could be spent on enemies, I just can't see that justifying the ruining of 1 in 50 games where we lose the game because a torpedo found the stern of someone's ship or some troll decides to TK someone which often have a big influence on the game for those who are on the receiving end. Sometimes it may make for interesting play (If anyone has seen Flamu's channel trailer with the dual Iowa drive-by) but ultimately I do not think it is worth it, and I cannot see the real justification of the FF system in the game. And on the topic of wasting ammunition, I do not think that the rest of the team would find any effect from someone who fires their torpedoes early in the game or maybe dis-regards a salvo, ultimately I just want to be able to play the game without having to worry that the player next to me in a DD won't take me out a point-blank range at the start of battle. It's one an outside factor that I really shouldn't have to be worried about - no, it's not another level of thinking and strategy - it's just a pain to be on the receiving end of and it thoroughly angers me when that player is me
  4. ellofiend


    Can someone send a message to WG saying they need to get rid of team damage, it's pointless (or rather should be, lol) They've done it in co-op, now hurry up and implement it in randoms I have been taken out by friendly torpedoes launched from behind me so many times its not even funny and either causes me to be irrelevant to the game because I have such low hp, or I get out-right destroyed and all can be fixed with a few lines of code, so hurry up and get on with it
  5. ellofiend

    Am I hackr?

    Now that I think about it, I did torpedo that meme boat about 30 times, so maybe that has something to do with it
  6. ellofiend

    Human Analysis : Mental Breakdown

    All except one, obviously, why would you do anything else?
  7. ellofiend

    Has Benham drained the life out of you yet?

    Wait, you could grind Benham and Hill? Good thing I don't care for the events, seems like a waste of my scarce sanity, of which my stockpile was partially replenished after finishing sprint without losing a star from 10 to 1
  8. ellofiend

    Ranked Sprint II : Epicenter

    Ranked out in 14 battles, only lost 1 battle but didn't lose a star so yay #NELSONALLTHEWAY
  9. ellofiend

    Because this is fair isnt it

    Indeed, I am a kool kid
  10. ellofiend

    Because this is fair isnt it

    I am saying that the opposing team had a clear skill advantage over us that was beyond any optimistic hopes for our team and thus we were at a clear disadvantage even though WG has the stats and classes to make the teams even
  11. ellofiend

    Because this is fair isnt it

    Even worse, I don't play CB or any other competitive mode except ranked because rewards, so don't expect me to know anything about it
  12. ellofiend

    Because this is fair isnt it

    The CV's was meant to be a side note, should've specified, my point was the storm klansmen, who set up their positioning right and pushed and kited and all that other good stuff while I was stuck with a team who, while not horrible (I try but am certainly not anywhere near a good player) were not nearly competent enough to beat such a team consisting of no less than three purple ships and especially with the CV being one such player and having such a large impact on the game, practically set it all up for them with phenomenal spotting, targeting the dd's early on, eliminating the two ships that went to the 'A cap' and then the rest of the team smothered us in steel while we returned as best we could but I was pinned down the whole time by the Yamato to the front and the Bourgogne to the side constantly setting me alight and I couldn't move because, well, Yamato standoff. and so the game fell clearly and swiftly into the hands of the reds by the 5 minute mark
  13. Just remove cv's already, it's just stupid and ruining the game for literally everyone except the players of the new cv's.