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  1. I think they need to cut down on the map size, from the base at the bottom, to where the dd's appear later, it takes forever to get there, no point, make the map smaller around the middle, it feels unnecessary to have that amount of space that drives no-point to the game tactics or such, just random sailing, I want to be shooting bots
  2. but like, 4 ships, 12 ships is the max, 12/3 = 4 and 30% of total hp of enemy team, 100/30 = 33.3* so how can you get 4?
  3. Know how to Yolo, tactic by Ousen

    bonus offer did you say?
  4. Wows......

    Well, unlike you. My game doesn't crash while I'm in a match but every time I finish a game, I have to log back in and can't see my results because you cant view results after you have logged out. It sometimes does this just as the match is about to start when the teams are loading in and then the client crashes and I start the game nearly 3-5 minutes late and recently, I have been trying to log in in the mornings, I'll enter my email and password but then it takes a million years to load and then it decides, error, unknown error and I have to re-enter all my info and try again close to 5-8times before it works and it's getting ridiculous. Something has to be done about crashes and other time-out glitches and server-wide lag problems, WG needs to move to focus away from the in-game development, and onto the server support fixing
  5. A new deep water torpedo

    really? so do the deepwater torpedoes have to reach a certain point where they arm themselves and do damage? I could have sworn I got hit by multiple dot torps and took damage in a cruiser. Do they do average damage as dots and then more damage when range armed?
  6. KGV was T8?

    Here's what I thought the general speculation was at the time RN BB's were announced but line not fully completed by WG: T10-IDK T9-Lion T8-KGV T7-Nelson T6-Queen Elizabeth T5-IDK T4-IDK T3-HMS Dreadnought And then I was severely depressed when they said "NEIN, NO NELSON 4 U!" (I wanted Nelson badly) and set the bar at 300k FXP which I am still working towards with 200kfxp at the moment and replaced Nelson with KGV, slipped Monarch into T8 and completely sidelined the Vanguard when I think it was speculated that it was going to be a T7/8 premium
  7. A new deep water torpedo

    What's the difference? I forget, didn't read the PA patch notes for the deepwater torps
  8. birthday giveaway

    I see that Weegee's favourite target is back online. Can we see a weekend without any deto's? Happy bday, I need prem. World's most glorious beggar here
  9. US Cruiser Split Question

    So, I have ground up to the New Orleans. Taking a break from WoWs for about 2-3 months for study and have enough fxp to get Baltimore and have Cleveland, Pensacola and New Orleans in port at the moment but not enough credits to buy the Baltimore. If I research it, then what do I get after the split? I already know that I get Columbia Pittsburgh x2 Salt Lake City x2 Astoria x2 But, is it worth the Baltimore fxp? Apparently, I should only be getting the buffalo researched which, I could just grind during next holidays but would I get anything extra from researching Baltimore before split then I would researching the buffalo after?
  10. The weekend warriors will be out in strength as a result of the 200% 1st win bonus
  11. You can't say goodbye to your WR yet, the weekend warriors will be out in strength but they could be on the enemy team, y'know. Fight potato with potato gameplay? Maybe the enemy team will out-potato your team? My potato team here was incredibly good a potatoeing
  12. Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    what was the clan discount? how could players take advantage of it?
  13. constantly being demoralise

    Having the same problem with Pensacola and Mahan. Tried grinding Pensacola while was on cooldown after Hermes mission but every time, I would get deleted in 3-4 salvos no matter how much wiggling and angling I tried. Mahan constantly getting in T9 matches and radared when trying to take caps and was immediately focused down when trying to fight the other dd's later on in the match after being forced out of the caps and although it's a good sign that people are using their logic to help their team (or the cruisers anyways) but it is just a broken mechanic that is killing dd's. DD's should be able to contest caps and fight other dd's or deny areas to the enemy not hang around the cruisers with them and giving some support because they can't utilise their strengths as a result of radar and hydro and super stealthy cruisers (cough Halsey cough minotaur) Just can't play either in random at the moment so I am grinding the pensa in Hermes
  14. Pfffft, p-lease. This is NOTHING compared to the 4 1/2 hour wait times for rank one on the PTS a week or two back, or the hour wait times for Op Hermes at 6 am most mornings this week. Lol