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  1. Ynzem

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    Gave me: 1st Box: Flag, Flag... Consumables... 2nd Box: 50k Credits, Flag... Type 1 Camo.. (the hell with the camo!?) I fear for when I get to open the Hoarder 2017 crate.
  2. Ynzem

    [unconfirmed] new skill tree?

    +1 for Pois-a-lot!!
  3. Ynzem

    High School Fleet anime. What is your opinion?

    Ah, let's hope they add Musashi anyway. And I wish they add a new carousel option... Let us see our ships side by side!!! Having all the favorite ships next to each other... Orz!!!
  4. Ynzem

    Philippines WoWs Community

    IGN: Ynzem Loc: Caloocan City Nice to meet you all.
  5. Ynzem

    Introduction thread

    And I'm Ynzem, just started playing WoWs this November and regretting it... I've missed a lot of things, both the sweet ones and salty ones. I'm mostly interested in just a few ships for now, mostly in Japanese and German tech tree. But I'm willing to try other nations as well. On another note, since I'm new but willing to learn so please forgive me if ever I get into a battle with any of you. My play style is to freely move here and there (kinda like a lone wolf) to be able to provide support to anyone though sometimes I get struck by madness and get tunnel visioned and die miserably. And yeah when I see that it's hopeless to provide support, I'll run away and sacrifice you.
  6. And so here's a newb asking a newb question? I've read around the early post in this thread you get 5 Containers on your first log-in, like to give us a taste of each container... Er... I didn't get those 5 containers or are those limited on the introduction of them containers. By the way... all i get are flags and all I've been selecting was that dice container... some Papa Papa and other common x5 flags.
  7. OMG!! Those glass!? TINTED GLASS!? So rich! Actually might have been looted from a church or house around some maps.
  8. Ynzem

    tea or coffee

    Coffee, a bit sweet if possible. Tea would also be nice, to relax after destroying ships here and there or when I'm sinking.
  9. Ynzem

    more than a millions XP

    Forget about it until you need them and/or got enough money to burn.
  10. Ynzem

    Just a rant

    Ah, here eat some cupcakes and drink some milk. Some just can't help it tho... I've seen BB's who could have won 1:2 situation and just ram their ship to get a kill and end up losing. Or DD's who would ignore other DD's in some case go "tunnel vision" and get rekt by CV's or even BB's. Or CA/CLs getting sniped to death by BB's. (Happens to me quite a lot every single time I get spotted, all I could say to myself is "It's gonna rain HE shells, ready yourself crew.") And yeah CV's who would just go for BB's then yep as you say ignore the DD's. Sorry to say this but (especially to DD lovers *cough cough*) they're quite like those pesky monsters in RPGs that would appear not just in quantity but would make you yell "Get the ---- out of my way! I've seen you already and killed you for a millionth time!". But in the end, it's an online game. In an area with diverse language. And most of all its Asia.
  11. Ynzem

    High School Fleet anime. What is your opinion?

    (+1) Well it really does that. Life loves to derp anyone, anywhere, anytime. Life [] the biggest and baddest Thug of them all. The anime is quite impressive, the concept of a bio-chemical spreading to each ship that makes them "rabid" is kinda interesting. So I highly suggest we put cats on our ships! Though regarding the collaboration, the amount of ships they can add are quite limited. They can't add Independence LCS's (Sarushima and Benten) being a modern ship (unless they get force to it or wants to do it). Supply ships (Akashi and Mamiya) and specially I-201 (not a chance) got no place on the game-play. So that limits to just Harekaze (modified Kagerou), Graf Spee and Hiei though I don't have a problem with getting this 3 (some might rage regarding another Kongou class coming in). I have doubts Musashi will come being a Yamato class BB which will place it at Tier X (might break WG principles). Unless they get ships from the manga version. (Doubt it.) But who knows, just my speculations. WG might be planning something horrifying this coming 2017.
  12. Ynzem

    [unconfirmed] new skill tree?

    There I dropped the color. Gotta think of a new color to use. That's how they show affection. Or you're just notorious for various reasons. Wow, so it's just around 1%... Well hopefully they make it work properly or just go and rethink of a new skill. Well it's still just rumor along with some laughs.
  13. Ynzem

    USS Missouri BB63. Pearl Harbour.

    Them shells are capable of becoming a bed. Truman Line, tight but feels homey.
  14. Ynzem

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Kawachi > 1,153 Base Exp (Not that good tho but the best I've got so far.)