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    for those who just want to win and get exp

    I am new to this game and my WR is only 45%. Although i don't win as much as you guys but i really enjoy the game. I only discovered this forum when i had login problems a month ago. Since then, i always check and get tips to get better. It doesn't matter too much to me when my team mates are, what you guys refer to as "potatoes" hehe, i am sure i am one myself. Just as long as i enjoyed the battle and if i win, the fun doubles. And yes, winning is fun I was so happy when i managed to sink 4 ships in 1 battle a couple of days ago... jump up and down like a monkey!! Off topic - i don't seem to be able to get to display enemy ship names. I click on the mini map option to turn it on but so far, nothing. Sadly, i can't identify the ships just by looking at them yet... sad, real sad... 1000 battles already... jeeez
  2. 1nspir3

    Unable to key in email at login page

    Nevermind.. i have solved it by randomly pressing all my keyboard keys until i somehow unlock something... i can key in the email address.. jeezzz
  3. I bought a new PC and installed WOWS. At the login page, i am suppose to key in my email before password. For some reason, it would not allow me to key in the email address. Strangely, i can key in the password. I have informed customer service but after 1 week, they have not resolve my issue. They asked for a system report and gave me a tool to download. Did it and submitted report 4 days ago. Thereafter, they replied saying to key in email address.... totally missed my problem which was i am unable to key in email address. I have reinstalled the game twice but still with the same problem. If anyone has encountered this problem before and solved it, please guide me. Totally loss on this issue.....