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  1. First post and one that is sure to get me HEAPS of neg rep. I too thought about submarines in WoWs. So I came here... AND used the search. Found this and well, here goes. A small segue - Anyone else play Dystopian Wars? The similarities are scary - but they both used the same source material for the game composition (1900 -> 1950 warships) and DW has subs. Here would be my thoughts on how submarines could be introduced and used in WoWs. Submarines would have to be forward deployed - they would be randomly allocated to a middle strip of the map. This will put them in a position where they can make their way to a choke point and ambush whatever comes their way. Or start the long chug to the ACs. Limited numbers - 1 nominally or 2 in a full match. Submarines would only become available once the player has researched a teir VIII ship, or played "X" games. Submarines will only be from teir V through X. And always bottom tier (unless tier X, duh) Submarines would have VERY limited information about what is "up there". Ships would appear as "blobs" to represent the sonar operator reporting on number of screws and heading, but you dont know what is up there until you go to periscope depth for a look see. Ships that are not moving or small ships moving slowly are invisible. Once periscope is deployed you will get a proper recon on what is up there but only for a time - over a few minutes you lose track of who is who. This periscope would be spot able - especially if you are moving. Once spotted you CAN be shot at by normal guns. Run over. Torpedoed (which you will NOT see coming, may hear but only in a clear sea). Even fighters can strafe you to devastating effect (50 x 1/2 inch hole in a DD is nothing, in a sub it is the end of the world). Bombers will function as depth charges near the surface, HE shells in the water around you are as good as depth charges. Submarines will NOT report enemy positions unless at periscope depth. Submarines will NOT receive enemy positions unless at periscope depth. DDs and Cruisers would have depth charges added these will be the same as AA - computer controlled. Run over/near an estimated position and they drop. Some will have Hedgehog launchers etc.... This will give massively outclassed ships (bottom tier cruisers etc) a new purpose - anti sub duties. A close depth charge / HE while near surface will wipe sonar reading for the sub as the operation has his ear drums smacked around. Takes some time to replot returns. Hydro acoustic search is very effective against moving submarines. Sub appears as a coloured area on the sea. Sub moves faster = more chance of detection. Submarine who detect another sub will NOT report enemy sub position unless at periscope depth. Submarines can NOT capture. A game with only submarines left on one side is a loss for that side or both sides is a draw. Submarines can travel on the surface for better speed - better camo than a DD but takes 30 seconds to dive. Spotted while up there is a big problem. Neg away! BTW - There will NEVER be submarines in WoWs? There will NEVER be tier X mediums in WoT. Oh wait......