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  1. Why would you want any of those ships? At tier4-5 these days unless you are a carrier all you are is a target.
  2. Lord_Cochrane

    Rental Perth for Australia Day

    If they do an Australian Daring class I would rather they do HMAS Vendetta as it was the only Australian Daring that actually fired on the enemy during time of war and it had the best name.
  3. Lord_Cochrane

    DD is the hardest ship to play in current meta

    Great post Moggytwo. For myself I would not really want to see dd play simplified. What I would like to see is for radar and hydro to be blocked by landmasses much in the way los is, I feel that this would go a long way to redressing the balance issues.
  4. Lord_Cochrane

    Countering RPF

    WG killed the radio star?
  5. Lord_Cochrane

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    1st SC in a month, 250 useless flags - meh!
  6. Lord_Cochrane

    Graf Spee Premium Package

    Graf Spee's tend to get focus fired at the moment, hence the use of islands to shield themselves from the majority of enemy ships.
  7. Lord_Cochrane

    Citadels and You - Your guide to Massive Damage.

    Yes World of Warships, just like World of Tanks, is a game and not a simulation.
  8. Lord_Cochrane

    getting dc'ed every time I play around 7pm

    How long does this go on for? Do you have anything on your pc scheduled to happen (ie- programs looking to download updates) at this time?
  9. Lord_Cochrane

    Forming a division

    Generals? Bloody land lubbers.
  10. Lord_Cochrane

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    I haven't had a super container in a while now, though I did get a free anchor from a failed attempt a few days ago.
  11. Lord_Cochrane

    New player from Sydney Australia

    Once you get to around tiers 4/5 wait times in random get a lot quicker as there are more people in the pool, also random games give you a lot more xp than co-op.
  12. Lord_Cochrane

    Asia server best server

    As long as everyone is pissed off they have probably hit the sweet spot.
  13. Lord_Cochrane

    Italian Ships?

    Hey guys I'm pretty new to the game, only played for about 4 weeks, and I was wondering if there were any plans to introduce Italian ship lines to the game? Considering they had the 4th largest navy in the world in 1940 when they entered the second world war and have a lot of interesting ships with cool names I certainly hope so.
  14. Lord_Cochrane

    NERF the Belfast

    Nerf everything I don't own please.
  15. Lord_Cochrane

    Discussion on assist counted as kill feature?

    If someone else in the team finishes off an enemy while you are reloading then that is all good, the sooner the enemy ship is destroyed the less damage he can do to friendly ships and the closer your team is to victory.