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  1. pokeranger24

    HMS Tiger

    Just curious..... how old are you ?
  2. pokeranger24

    100% WG Made up

    The Polish tech tree is real till tier 6 (I think) and after that its all paper tanks and few completely made up ones
  3. pokeranger24

    Triple Bonus from Wargaming

    " The event offer is only valid if no purchase has been made using the Wargaming account previously " This also means that players like me who have recently joined WoWS after playing other Wargaming titles like WoT are also not eligible
  4. pokeranger24

    Royal Navy Capt. Dasha.

    WG Tried but couldn't teach her english, Check 16.44 on the video [media] [/media]
  5. pokeranger24

    Pin-Up 3 patch CHOOSE 1

    Same here it was a tough choice between Signalwoman and Aviation Pilot
  6. pokeranger24

    Code for mission for patch

  7. pokeranger24

    Code for mission for patch

    There is no third code watch the video for more details ..... Or Look how I got the patch
  8. pokeranger24

    Pin Up Girls music video coming soon.

    Maybe WoT will do that
  9. pokeranger24

    Pin Up Girls music video coming soon.

    Well..... Yes
  10. pokeranger24

    Pin Up Girls music video coming soon.

    Pretty sure the video is made by marketing team not by developers who are working on CV changes As far as I know the CV changes are imminent, infact Jingles made a video of him playing the new CV
  11. How often does WoWS have in-game discounts on ships and consumables ? I know that Gamescom is just around the corner and WoWS Anniversary is coming up so can I expect some discount then ?
  12. pokeranger24

    Basic Characteristics of Ships from Various Nations

    Thanx for the info mate BTW can you tell me which is the most noob friendly tech tree ? I have experience from WoT and I know while DPM is all and good its mostly unless I live long enough to deal damage, and so are there any ships with lots of armour that can live long enough to deal damage ?
  13. So I just started this game and I dont know which line to grind towards as I dont know which ship is good at what and so on..... not to mention I dont understand much of the play-styles and game mechanics yet. So what are the Characteristics basics of ships ? I should mention that I am looking for something simple just to learn the game, something with high DPM and somewhat maneuverable ( I have been torpedoed by a bot... sigh.....)