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  1. Xphia

    Very New to this game

    True!!! but dont stay as a Prey, become the Hunter also In order to collect more information and to learn what the Don'ts and Do's then you can : ~ Watch Youtube Video ~ Watch Live Streamer ~ Read the Forum ~ Chat with other player in Discord / Teamspeak When you understand the game, make less mistake then you will have chance to do more for the team. I am a new player with less than 50 match, but I really enjoy this game and I believe that the time and effort I've spend learning about the game have pay off. I manage to face those Pro player with my pride !
  2. Xphia

    Hall of Fame Q1 2017!

    Izaslav http://imgur.com/a/AaRGI
  3. Xphia

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Greetings... http://i.imgur.com/O0GLwZs.jpg http://imgur.com/4dYMgmi.jpg http://imgur.com/Xj7OWEz.jpg
  4. Xphia

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Greetings... http://imgur.com/BhZ1bjA.png http://imgur.com/1ovpkxG.png http://imgur.com/5pZSb06.png