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  1. Midway =Balanced or Weak or OP

    Guys the buff for the Midway which is the AP bombs and I was watching a vid of Panzerknacker and the AP Bombs destroyed! So I have been wondering becuase hopefully Wargaming will watch this thread and know what to do. Thanks
  2. Let's talk T10 destroyers

  3. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    Guys I am a but confused on what is going on because according to Flambass the Grozovoi has access to Smoke, Def AA, Spood Beast and HEAL? CAN SOMEONE PLS EXPLAIN?
  4. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    I just watched flamus vid on the Daring and it looks like a dd that will beat both the Yueyang and the Grozovoi But u know I think the Z 52 is still the strongest when played well right?
  5. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    I think your right about the Grozovoi
  6. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    But flamu said that the Z 52 is a really powerful carry dd
  7. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    Yeah but we all know that those two ships get absolutely wrecked and also I want ur personal opinion on Z 52 vs Grozovoi vs Yueyang please thanks
  8. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    Yeah I guess you have a very good point. Anyway what I wanted to ask was since both if these ships get blapped by BB AP which one do you think is better in this meta - Grozovoi or Z 52??
  9. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    Why isnt anyone talking about the Gearing anymore? Also why choose radar over smoke? I think Z 52 is actually the dd that has the highest potential right? Am I right?
  10. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    Very nice to know see guys can't it all be so peaceful like this?
  11. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    What would you pick for random? Out of any dd
  12. Let's talk T10 destroyers

    Hi guys it me again I hope youll are doing well both in WOWS and In real life. This is not because of my personal grinding but because there is quite alot of controversy around these 2 ships - Yueyang and Grozovoi they are both very new ships and seem to have quite a bit of hype but the Yueyang seems to be at the top. I just wanted to know what's going on and what you guys think. Personally they are both great ships but I feel like the Grozovoi has a chance of being better in this meta than the Yueyang. Again guys just wanna know what you guys think so..... Thanks. Good luck
  13. Zao vs Des Moines vs Moskva

    How do u contact him??
  14. Zao vs Des Moines vs Moskva

    Guys is it worth playing cvs above T8 because my friend says there is no point because I am considering playing after grinding these lines just asking
  15. Zao vs Des Moines vs Moskva

    Guys I am going Zao Because I must continue my current furthest progress so yeah I almost have the aoba Also guys I almost have the Leander only a few thousand exp left