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  1. kikie88

    Improve the Karma system

    reward of karma point is not a good idea. because karma point can easily be achieved by compliment from friend. if u start match with same time with ur friend, then u will get the same match. this is the trick how to get more & easy compliment. So, let the karma as a point only. not any reward.
  2. kikie88

    AFK - Connection server

    Hi there. Recently, there are lot of player who easily blame the player who AFK when match start. i realized probably that person having a bad connection for server & take a longer waiting time to enter the match. The problem is the other players blame and easily report that player who AFK @ late enter the match. But that not his fault. It always happen during the match start. Therefore, 1: developer may dissapear the ship @ invisible until the player manage to enter the game. 2: developer probably put another sign of "AFK" in gameplay instead of report. TQ.