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  1. Haifuri is coming

    Come on, we need to show we're the best server by introducing it as a campaign reward..........
  2. A much needed conversation about IJN DDs

    Because I am a masochistic kancolle fan
  3. all in favor of getting rid of ijn dds

    Aw come on don't remove the hard mode in this game
  4. Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    I have now over 400 +15% flooding chance flags. All of it came from SCs
  5. Good Guy AFKer?

    I held my breath on that dodge
  6. Clans

    I only want to join a laid back clan so that I can hide my potato tendencies
  7. Philippines WoWs Community

    IGN: 13th_Inquisitor Location: Davao City Online times: Everyday at random
  8. what is everyone's fun ship?

    St. Louis - 14 guns and low tier matches usually end up in close quarter combat and I love hearing the sound of cannons firing all over the place
  9. End of Year Achievement Marathon

    We did it?!
  10. Sink the Alabama ST!

    So I only have to look out for a giant octopus camo on a ship? Perfect, I hate octopi