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  1. hughfj08

    Can Republique kill YAMATO ???

    OBJECTION! My flag equipped DD barely scratched Yamato paint when ramming it :'(
  2. hughfj08

    Y'all ready for the split in 7.3?

    if you focus the line it'll be manageable before the split happens
  3. hughfj08

    Shell mechanics

    I'm just finding that I overpen full broadsides a hell of a lot more on cruisers nowadays. Getting really old real fast.
  4. hughfj08

    Minekaze is too OP and I love it.

    And the kamikaze R was obtainable during the clash of the seas event thingy a while back I believe. you had to earn a bunch of coins but it was doable
  5. Can honestly say, when me and my clan/subclan are playing together, we love being on opposite sides. Makes the discord chats so much more lively, all the trash talk and whatnot is beautiful. Plus, nothing makes me happier than sinking some fellows in particular.(They know who they are)
  6. hughfj08

    Aircraft Carrier Operations?

    I used to quite like the USN CV's...right up until they took away my AS loadout. Now I just get loads of hate when my single fighter squad cant hold back 4 squads of dmg dealers and a fighter all on their own. And RIP me if IJN choose their own AS loadout. Great, you have as many fighters as I have squads in total at t6 and just 1 less at t7. Completely stole any desire I had for pushing that line XD
  7. hughfj08

    Aigle mission

    Well you only need 18 of them, and we are up to mission 20 so far out o f26. Got plenty of time
  8. hughfj08

    Division Match-Making's Madness

    Im surprised that your friend has no t7 ships at all. Hell, the myoko clones are everywhere. And they have t8 with every ship line? ok fine, even if that was the case, its not like it takes overly long to go from t7-t8. Use some Free xp or something if you're lazy.
  9. hughfj08

    Frequent AFK players should be labelled as TK players

    If its someone who is AFK for entire games then sure. But ever since the 7.0 update I occasionally get stuck with massive load times when entering a match that can see me only appearing in game around 3~minutes into the match. Has stopped me touching my CV's as 3+ minutes without planes i nthe air can get people really riled up
  10. Im not an expert, but I did do a unit of it as part of my accounting degree (well the unit was called business law or some such) and I could have sworn that if a store mislabeled a product and you brought it to the counter under the assumption that the labeled price was the correct one, you could force the purchase at the labeled amount. This was for physical stores anyway. I know that online stores usually have it covered in their TOS. Or that might have been if it was dual labeled. Urgh, gonna have to dust off my law books
  11. hughfj08

    Will Missouri be gone forever?

    If it does come back, it wont be for a year at the least. But it wouldnt be the first ship to be, so far, permanently removed for players who do not own it to obtain
  12. hughfj08

    German Konig query

    Konig is pretty solid against BB's imo. Are you having bounces or shatters? Cause bounces mean its an angling thing, so just aim at the superstructure to avoid that
  13. hughfj08

    In Loving Memory...

    Well, at least we get to keep the captain skills. John Doe though, would've preferred an actual captain to replace him
  14. hughfj08

    Doing well in horrible ships.

    Pretty sure it was less than that. New York is only 16.4 now Dunno where you are getting 18.1 from
  15. hughfj08

    How to run pre-current patch Replay files ?

    You might be able to find old version torrents, because people chuck up torrents of everything including freeware. Still amuses me when I see VLC player torrents. Like why? It's free. And probably safer from the host source