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  1. ballsofpain

    So.... The Donskoi, how do I play this thing?

    This is how I played the DM Donksoki, played the ship to it's strengths long range accurate fire spewing while using the ships speed to keep out of harms way. I'd push into caps when needed but generally I stuck well away from most close range engagements.
  2. ballsofpain

    Update 0.6.4 Feedback

    Regarding the map Hotspot, the spawn locations have been changed yes? Playing the Moskva you end up being spotted with in the first 30sec if you get placed front and center, this is no fun as the whole opposing team will be in range... The opposing Moskva was deleted within the first 2mins while I managed to back out into concealment without eating too much silly damage. I can only image how bad it will be on something like the Izumo.
  3. ballsofpain

    When Alabama in stock in Asia server?

    Maybe if we buy both ships we get access to the alabama?? Also cheers for the smoke last night, I was the Des Moines.
  4. The in game chat filter is working over time, just about everything I and others type is being filtered out making it near impossible to communicate in game. This has only occurred since patch 6.1.0 Current language is: English (New Zealand)