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  1. MarshalYngYoda

    New CV player needs halp

    Cool.... I guess the more I play the more I will get used to it any suggestions against a 3-1-1 ryujo or 2-0-1 indi in my 1-2-2 apart from baiting......
  2. MarshalYngYoda

    New CV player needs halp

    well thanks all for the tips...... I am manly enough to go 1-2-2 but I cannot afford to keep a fighter near me often as I have to strafe enemy squads as well..... Is it worth to spec my cv for full AA captain skills then??
  3. MarshalYngYoda

    New CV player needs halp

    So I recently unlocked the ryujo and finally got the ability to manual drop/strafe. however almost every battle i either get sniped or end up doing less dmg coz i am afraid of getting sniped. Can the experienced CV players give some suggestions..... my win rate on the ryujo is killing me. I know this issue is common to new players but just bear with my cries...... Cheers
  4. MarshalYngYoda

    Server clash SEA vs EU details

    I don't think they will ever announce the winners :P
  5. MarshalYngYoda

    Server clash SEA vs EU details

    Where will the prizes be announced? On this thread or do we look in the contests section?
  6. MarshalYngYoda

    Suggestion on what santa container to buy.

    well this is about what value container to buy because as pointed out by someone a few players seem to be getting ships while others end up getting camo or flags and no ships even after opening 5 containers. Hence was just wondering if its completely luck based or the chances of getting a rare ship is in a particular type of container?
  7. So WG is basically giving us a chance to get a free ship for 5$,3$,1$ in their santas wanted event. Since I'm new to this, I'm skeptical about where I spend my money. However this seems to be a good deal. I Ask all those who purchased 1 or more container to reply what they got in each together with which value of containers they bought. It would really help me know what to buy. Also feel free to give me suggestions. I really want a premium ship(mostly not an emden or ishizuchi )....so tell me what you think is worth spending. Cheers
  8. MarshalYngYoda

    Play on two servers

    Hi , I have an account on the Asia server and got an invite from a friend of mine who lives in America. I made an account on the NA server. How can i change my login from my client to play on both servers. Is there any other way to play on both servers. Please suggest. Thanks
  9. MarshalYngYoda

    Server Access

    Hi, I recently made an account on the NA server and I am already playing on the asia server. As my friend in America wants me to play with him, I need to login to NA server. Is there any method that could allow me to select the server in my client before I start? I tried using this method. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/21275-tip-how-to-change-server-and-play-wows-on-all-servers-eu-na-ru-asia-using-one-game-client/ But unfortunately It didn't work. Thanks Duplicate Thread, Thread Closed ~lengxv6
  10. MarshalYngYoda

    Invite code not working

    Thanks for the reply What i had done was that i opened the link my friend had sent, and registered my account. I didnt accept the invite as i thought that the link was embedded. Its disappointing to know i wont receive the texas. IS there any way around this? Regards
  11. MarshalYngYoda

    Invite code not working

    Hi, I was registered to world of warships with an invite i received from a friend. The invite clearly stated that i would be entitled to receive 2 premium ships. After playing for a month now, I've still not got the diana which i was to receive after my first battle. Also I'm supposed to get the texas after playing my first tier 6 game. I doubt that this will work either. Please suggest something that can be done or who can i get in touch with. Thanks.