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  1. Yeap not a dream anymore, if WG wants to do another collaboration with ARP/HSF event/campaign that awards permanent skins for the sisters... think it will make a lot of people happy! Btw NA is getting 100% respec/demount discount, so are we or? *sucks thumb*
  2. Phew~ they left Musashi out as a clan battle reward, thank god!
  3. 1m means it's more likely a TX than an IX?
  4. Holy~ is that a teaser of Musashi on the main page & that Kii camo by Makoto Kobayashi looks awesome?! *heavy breathing* And source from the Famitsu article:
  5. Thanks~ another flag to the collection! XD
  6. They are bizarre but in a good way?!
  7. Currently at 12, goes down whenever I play BB & goes up from CA/DD mostly during weekends!
  8. Hey thanks MatterCore!