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  1. check players rear guns. if its pointing at the back then definitely that player was disconnected otherwise, his doing something which all of us has no idea... check the replay again.
  2. Fritz_Yuri

    Opinion on german battleships ?

    I don't know what happened to German BB line but I have noticed that after the update (I cant remember which update) I keep on getting citadel hits from a long distance salvo. either they removed turtle back or nerf the German BB line. before my win/loss ratio is acceptable, now its a pain in the @$$...
  3. Fritz_Yuri

    World of Warships – Pay to win? 

    been grinding this game for over a year, buying camo and sh!T and this game did not seem to be balance IMHO... encountered torpedo wall several time ever since I got to tier 7+m, not balance to me... your ships are like a tank of petrol when tier 8+ cruisers and DD's lock on you using HE inside smoke, not balance to me... for what I know smoke is used for running away, not to camp and shoot HE to ships that does not have radar...
  4. If you don't mind the dispersion and love secondary brawl, which you will seldom used, then might consider this recommendation. If you love snipping, Amagi is fun to play.
  5. Fritz_Yuri

    German BB dispersion: rant warning

    True about the Bismark's dispersion. What happened to 1-hit-explosion-to-HOOD written in the history books... I think the only accurate on Bismark is the torp magnet and that's all...
  6. Fritz_Yuri

    Friedrich der Große Premium Camouflage

    How I wish I could trade FDG to NC... what a POTATO ship FDG is...
  7. Fritz_Yuri

    F. de Grosse

    All I can say about FDG is that is a total POTATO ship. The worst dispersion I've encountered ever since I played this game. Forums says its good for brawling but even if you have the AFT and MFC it still is a POTATO ship. And they call it balance? Once you get spotted by any Cruiser or Destroyer with HE you definitely melt. You are a floating target. Who ever made this idea sure have a nice place in hell. I devoted my time to get a hold of one of a T9 Ship and surely I was very frustrated and annoyed... If there is a way to trade FDG I would love to. Well I guess I will just be contented with the T8 BB and CA for now...