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  1. Although this has been reported on all forums, WG has still not addressed the issue. Just played a game and once again it failed to register that Raptor had passed through the second waypoint. Of course this results in the mission failing, despite the fact it made it to its final exit waypoint. Once again a waste of time, camo’s & flags for all the players that took part. Instead of devising new ways to extract money from your player base, how about fixing what is broken within the game WG.
  2. graphite_

    The new EULA for ASIA

    I think this is a knee jerk reaction to whats happening over in WOT. On the other hand I don't think EULA would float in most courts. The ACCC here in Australia fined steam $3 million in penalties for misrepresenting gamers' consumer guarantee rights. So whats happening over in WOT; here are a couple of vids to give some insight Makes sense that WOWS players will suffer the same fate when their premium ships get nerfed, hence the new damage control EULA.
  3. graphite_

    Can't connect to server

    Yep ... I just got in ... server seems to be up guys ;)
  4. graphite_

    Can't connect to server

    Just tried ... no go here ;(
  5. graphite_

    Can't connect to server

    Just tried ... no go here ;(
  6. graphite_

    Can't connect to server

    We found the problem
  7. graphite_

    Ultimate Frontier getting a rework

    Yeah, so frustrating to watch them, yet so common. I struggle to understand the thought process behind their actions.
  8. graphite_

    Tier 8 Operation ~ Cherry Blossom~

    It is scheduled for release with 0.7.6 (late June)
  9. Operation~Cherry Blossom~ As a part of the American update cycle a new scenario is added. It is inspired by the historic Battle of the Empress Augusta Bay, which took place on November 1st and 2nd 1943. In the dead of the night Japanese forces try to counterattack the troops that have recently landed. Main objective is to defend the troops and further capitalize on the situation by attacking the enemy base. The operation begins at night time and ends when the sun is out. Players will get to know a new mechanic - night battles with star shells as a means to light up the combat area. Participation in this scenario will be limited to tier VIII cruisers of the American, French and British nations. Operation~Cherry Blossom The operation begins in the night, so visibility and detection parameters are changed accordingly: Max. detection radius of allied and enemy ships is limited to 17.6 km Ships' detectability in combat is reduced by 40% Dispersion is increased by 20% Guaranteed detectability after firing from main batteries is decreased from 20 to 8 seconds Star shells and flash bombs create zones of modified visibility parameters as well: Max. detection radius of allied and enemy ships is limited to 17.6 km At the same time minimum detection radius of ships is increased and limited to 17.6 km Closer to the end of scenario night turns into day and all of the visibility parameters go back to normal. Time of day does not affect the effectiveness of consumables in battle.
  10. graphite_

    Ultimate Frontier getting a rework

    Let’s just hope that when war gaming finally implement normal/hard mode operations, that they increase the rewards for hard mode rather than nerfing the rewards for normal mode. This type of implementation would be fairer to their PvE community whilst keeping PvP clan/division players challenged. Perhaps it might also encourage players to try divisions/clans for more coordinated game play when wanting to do the operations in hard mode. Might also be beneficial if wargaming did some work on the “looking for a division” tab. Perhaps break in down into PvP > tier, PvE > tier, Operations.
  11. From the US forums: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/159691-ultimate-frontier-scenario-impossible-to-do/?tab=comments#comment-3787021 Radar_X Senior Community Manager Administrator 629 406 posts Posted Saturday at 01:56 AM We very much appreciate your feedback! The team has done some balance changes which will arrive in the next update to address these concerns. If you were wondering why it’s harder in its current format: I think hard mode is okay for those who want to div up and play them. But for seven random players there an uphill battle due to coordination and ship choices.
  12. graphite_

    RIP T6 cleveland:(

    Well let’s just hope that they buff her appropriately for her new tier, and not turn her into a piñata.
  13. graphite_

    RIP T6 cleveland:(

    yes, that is correct :)
  14. graphite_

    RIP T6 cleveland:(

    What I don’t understand is why they didn’t just slide her over as a T6 light cruiser. Is she so over powered and dominating in T8 matches, that WG feel she will hold her own and remain competitive in T10 matches, or do they just want another T10 piñata.
  15. graphite_

    The MM Ballad..... THE REAL CULPRIT!!

    Along with insidious algorithms and coefficients it’s quite easy to manipulate a player’s experience. Take the +2 tier system, this is the perfect platform for player manipulation.