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  1. graphite_

    Golden week mission has stopped working

    Played over a dozen missions, did integrity check, last time I logged in there was a client update, I've earn't enough commander xp to have finished it ... but still on 31,525 of 50,000 .
  2. graphite_


    [1] This one has carried over from 0.8.2 : Unlocked the American Cruiser Collection ~ camouflage colour scheme. Now constantly being pinged by a WG icon on the exterior and camouflage tabs.
  3. When I logged on today I noted that I was on 31,525 of 50,000 commander xp needed to complete the first part. Many battles later and I’m still at 31,525. Did another integrity check {seem to be doing a lot of these lately}, all ok. Just as a sanity check I took a screen shot, went and had a battle. And mission has had not changed Anybody else notice that it has stopped working?
  4. graphite_


    Wargaming.net Ltd: https://patents.google.com/patent/US8425330B1/en And check out how insidious Activision's MM works .... it's the standard which everyone will/or has adopted/implemented in some form or another. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb_7_o538dM
  5. graphite_

    Permanent bionic space camo MIA

    Now I really feel silly, the one thing I didn't check , although I didn't uncheck them , so I don't why it toggled it self off, but there back thanks InterconKW Might have to give the local priest a call and get him to come down and perform an exorcism on the PC. SOLVED
  6. graphite_

    Permanent bionic space camo MIA

    I slapped the MIA stamp over the image in Photoshop But thanks for the for letting me know that it seems to be isolated to me. I'll run an Integrity check to see if it comes up with anything first.
  7. They were there and now there all gone. Anyone else have this issue? Or does permanent by WG’s standard mean something else. Ironically the annoying pinging icon in port has carried over to 0.8.3, I guess now it’s telling me there all gone lol
  8. graphite_

    Annoying pinging WG icon

    I don’t believe it should be up to the end user or modders to fix WG coding issues. One would think the programmers would test their code after it’s implemented, but obviously this is not the case. And guess what, this annoying PITA is still present in 0.8.3 http://
  9. graphite_

    Annoying pinging WG icon

    It's not part of a mod, but part of the port UI http://
  10. graphite_

    Annoying pinging WG icon

    Unfortunately I don’t think there is a mod out there that would address poor UI coding and testing
  11. graphite_

    Annoying pinging WG icon

    Turned off the one and only mod I use, the pinging icon it's still present and still annoying the out of me. Been using 3dsmax since version 3.1 {1993} but a girl BB is not a path I want venture down, but thanks for the interesting suggestion
  12. graphite_

    Annoying pinging WG icon

    Unlocked the American Cruiser Collection ~ camouflage colour scheme. I get it, I can choose between grey and a lighter colour of grey , so why am I constantly being pinged by a WG icon on the exterior and camouflage tabs. There seems to be no way of getting rid of this PITA unless I’m missing something here. Anyone have a solution of how to get rid of it?
  13. Although this has been reported on all forums, WG has still not addressed the issue. Just played a game and once again it failed to register that Raptor had passed through the second waypoint. Of course this results in the mission failing, despite the fact it made it to its final exit waypoint. Once again a waste of time, camo’s & flags for all the players that took part. Instead of devising new ways to extract money from your player base, how about fixing what is broken within the game WG.
  14. graphite_

    The new EULA for ASIA

    I think this is a knee jerk reaction to whats happening over in WOT. On the other hand I don't think EULA would float in most courts. The ACCC here in Australia fined steam $3 million in penalties for misrepresenting gamers' consumer guarantee rights. So whats happening over in WOT; here are a couple of vids to give some insight Makes sense that WOWS players will suffer the same fate when their premium ships get nerfed, hence the new damage control EULA.
  15. graphite_

    Can't connect to server

    Yep ... I just got in ... server seems to be up guys ;)