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  1. ultimate frontier failure

    With all the positive feedback that operations received, it was only a matter of time before WG ruined them with what they consider to be fun & engaging gameplay.
  2. My ping has jumped from 35ms to 89~110, in the past this happened when the cable was damaged. Cant believe how often this happens to the ASC, last year I think it got damaged three times, with repair times ranging from from two to four months
  3. Missouri/Iowa dispersion rumors

    But if you take a look at the comments section for this video, the majority of players that own one disagree with this assumption … especially with WG response of “working as intended” which opens another can of worms by interpretation that its been nerfed.
  4. Performance issue after 0.7.2

    Yep micro stutters and lag spikes, never had these before but now they are common. FPS seems to stay constant at 60 but I jump from 35ms to 100+ when they occur, making the game a spray and pray affair, and that's when log off.
  5. Increased Ping for aussie players

    There is already a lengthy thread on this issue
  6. Problems with pacific cable again?

    Worth noting is that a connection in the area was repaired back in June after being down for 3-4 months {a fishing boat anchor ... apparently} and two months after that were back in the same boat. If damage to the cable is going to be this consistent I'm starting to think twice about spending/gambling money on premium time.
  7. Problems with pacific cable again?

    Out of Melbourne my ping has gone from 30~35 ms to 170~180. Glad my prem time ran out last week, time for a break until it's fixed
  8. Free Signals code

    @MatterCore thank you
  9. Reading? Pfft. That is for the noobs.

    I feel your pain mate. Fortunately I got my 5 stars on the second attempt, but I jump in from time to time to try and help others get theirs. But omg it can be painful, it’s like from one extreme to the other lol. I.e. : played first match where all the goals were achieved, but I was the only one to get back to the exit point. Second match, whole team collapsed before even killing the ships in the harbor leaving me rofl.
  10. Holy Cow

    I got hit by a single torp in a BB {Kaiser} for 41,128 Damage= instant RIP. Are they now arming T4 CV torpedo bombers with nuclear warheads lol.
  11. Australia - World of Lagships

    I’m with iiNet mate, worth checking them out ;)
  12. Australia - World of Lagships

    I totally agree, and because of corporate politicians we the tax payers can’t have nice things. But they have no problems with spending billions on duds like Collins class subs and F-35 Joint Strike Fighters etc. Yeah the power grid issues will be a nightmare in the future, might be time to re-consider thorium reactors which we turned our backs on in the ‘60s. Due to the fact it could not be weaponized and of course big oil didn’t want us to use it. A gram of thorium costs around $150 is found everywhere, and yields the energy of 28,000+ litres of fuel. Oak Ridge National Laboratory built a liquid fluoride thorium reactor back in the 60’s and ran it for 4 years as an experiment, much safer {they can’t blow up} and cleaner than nuclear power and cheaper by far. But of course nothing will be done until it’s too late.
  13. TK Penalty … Omg

    Hey ReNation, yes Co-Op does reduce TK penalties if you meet the underlying conditions, whatever the hell they are. I’m starting to think the incomprehensible logic behind it is RNG based! I tested out your theory for random battles and there is no guarantee that a strike will be removed. Won the match, survived, did over 45K of damage {which I thought was the minimum threshold} and no TK strike removed. That’s why this system sucks lol. You’re stating the obvious there Counterflak ;) and if it was just a case of doing 23 clean battles, I would know what’s expected from me to become un-pinked and would not have started this topic. It’s all the other incomprehensible crap that will drag this out to what, 60,80 a 100+ battles before it’s removed? I’m a believer in say what you mean, and mean what you say. This is clearly not the case with how the Tk strikes are removed or managed. Yeah like everyone else I’ve had a few pinkys along the way, especially when I first started playing the game, damn those pesky ships getting between my torps and the enemy. But I’m much wiser now, and have 3K+ games under the belt, and this is my 5th pinky I think. In matches I hold my fire if I think there is a chance that I may hit a friendly and if I launch torps I even fire off hydro or chat if I think a friendly is not aware of them. So just unlucky that I hit that unpredictable pet bot. Yep tried getting sunk in a co-op game, still didn’t remove a strike, I think it’s controlled by RNG as there doesn’t seem to be any consistency to what triggers a strike to be removed. Have started a spread sheet to try and find a common denominator, will see how that pans out, and thanks for all your input guys, much appreciated :)
  14. TK Penalty … Omg

    Well last time I was pink {a 1k+ games ago} I got a 5 game TK penalty, so this sort of increase makes no sense at all, and one would think that the game would take into consideration the amount of games played between offences before giving out these ludicrous penalties, especially considering it was a bot, who are more prone to doing the unpredictable. And can someone explain the weird formula that is used to remove a single penalty. I get that some sort of player activity is required to prevent players AFK’ing to remove a TK strike, and more than likely lose their ship & credits in the process, which seems counter productive. Obviously, capping, destroying ships, doing damage and not hitting any friendlies or bumping into them is not enough to satisfy the game that you’re not AFK, or doing the right thing, and henceforth no TK strike is removed. As a result of this, a basic 5 game TK strike can result in you having to play 10, 15 or 20 games before the “so called” 5 game penalty is removed. WHY use such a stupid system? Why not just have players play X amount of clean games and learn from their mistakes, or the stupidity of others {I’m taking to you AI :P} rather than all these other conditions on top of clean gameplay? It makes no sense! I’m sure new players must be mystified and frustrated by this system, and rightly so.
  15. TK Penalty … Omg

    Was playing a co-op game, I fired a volley at long range at a juicy target I had been working over, and whilst the shot was travelling to its target a low health dumb AI cruiser on our side decided to do the suicide ram on it. I killed the target but a stray shell also killed the AI before he succeeded. So of course I expected to get the mandatory 5 TK penalty, what I didn’t expect was that it was going to be 23!!! WTF. I hate being pink, and as we all know they don’t scrub off just because you played a clean game, you also need > 45k of damage I think {been a while since I was pink} and hoping no one bumps into you. Now I’m all for some sort of penalty {although most of the time they are **** happens moments} but 23! Come on, that’s over the top wargaming.