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    A great and fun game

    Then I reached level 5 ships. A friend invited me to play this game as well as 2 others and all 3 of us will not be playing this game in the future for the exact same reasons. Practically every match I'm against ships 2 levels higher which is no fun at all. Before all you wannabe virtual rear admirals starting quoting the usual rhetoric that I've read in this forum ie. "But is a challenge" no it's not, it's just unfair. I've watched countless videos and read numerous threads about what and what not to do but there is no denying that level 5 ships are outclassed by those 2 levels higher. I have constantly used this so called WASD hack yet one lucky shot can see your ship lose most it's HP. I've lost count of the times that I have been sailing away at a 90 degree angle only to be slaughter by a BB at maximum range with one shot. "You have only played 60 or so games and wouldn't know", I know enough to decide that it is not worth the effort and frustration to continue playing with these odds. I even pushed through level 5 to get a level 6 ship so my friend would at least benefit from this invite a friend scheme and it was no surprise that I was fighting level 8 ships. That was enough for me. Some of you die hard players may enjoy this, especially when you are the ones meeting ships 2 levels lower but I'm afraid it's not for me, my friends and most likely a lot of new players whom like us quit upon reaching level 5 which probably explains why the game matches higher level players with those 2 levels lower as there are not many players in the higher levels. As I said, it's a great game and was fun and I sincerely hope you all continue to play if you desire and enjoy it. For me however there is no enjoyment being cannon fodder for others and I just wanted to give my perspective. All the best everyone.