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  1. BirdyGod

    My first tier 10 ship :)

    Izumo cured my depression......by staying in port that is
  2. BirdyGod

    Matchmaking, Just Me?

    Im not talking about who's good and who's bad, every once in a while i saw someone getting one shot across the map early into the game but that doesnt means he's bad. (maybe) What the real issue is when one side have more ships of a different type and different tiers. Example: tier 7 akatsuki and minsk vs tier 8 kidd and akizuki and tier 7 maass (from my experience) Sometime one side have more DDs, more control of capture point, harassment and torpedoes issue, more Cruisers = fire fire fire fire fire AA, and BBs will just remind you to keep dodging if dont want to get sent back to port. Tier difference can sometimes be outright unfair when example one side have more tier 9 while one have more tier 8, difference may be small but its still there and quite noticeable (izumo and yamato difference is day and night) You can say that this makes the game more diverse (lol no) but this just adds a pinch of frustration for the team suffering and plus giving the opponent an advantage (fair)
  3. BirdyGod

    Matchmaking, Just Me?

    Im more surprised that the fact that this game is already out for nearly 4 years and still have this problem, if its hard to fix i can understand but come on now, i remember the time where one side had CV and the other dont... after the CV rework DD was basically food for CV but when the nerf (gut lol) hit, DD got a lot more breathing room to work with and now CV are most of the time annoying making me do a 180 turn to my teammates AA.
  4. BirdyGod

    Matchmaking, Just Me?

    The last time i played this game was when the hunt for Bismarck was active, i recently had to come back and grind my ass off because my friend logged into my inactive account and wows presents me with a month of premium for coming back to game i quit. (reason: simply because its too grindy like warframe but enough of that i want to talk about the matchmaking) Now, i had encountered this problem numerous times before but its really starting to grind my gears (and is only another solid reason why i quit the game), as Im writing this post i just encountered a round where we have 2 tier 7 DD akat and minsk (me) while the enemy had 3 DD, two of which is tier 8 akizuki and kidd and one tier 7 maass, we had a total of 4 tier 7 ships while they had 3 tier 7 ships with also 1 CV per side and it doesnt take a genius to know how that game turned out. So, Im wondering is this the norm or is it that they want to reduce the matchmaking time because i would rather wait longer for a more balanced and fair game than a game that is already decided before it even started.
  5. Some changes to IJN, RU, FR AND RN, feel free to correct me if i'm wrong
  6. Ah, well said, makes a lot of sense now but i already got IFHE for my Zao sooo i guess i can make American battleships cry
  7. IJN: What about Shimikaze and Akizuki?USN: America rate of fire is so high and their health is still higher than that of Zao and Minotaur, their BB have have the weakest deck overall armor except for their citadel and guns.KM: Does the DD use AP too?Russian: How come?RN: T is repair partyFrench: i don't understand
  8. But think about it, would you like alpha damage or damage over time? sure it has a 22% fire chance but what if you trade only 3% to have the fire chance of Zao but think about it, having 240mm caliber and multiplying it by 130% and it gives you the power of a gun with 312mm caliber, now divide it by 6 and your HE can penetrate even German battleship deck armor, a problem for every heavy cruiser with typical 203mm caliber guns because most of them will just either fire at the superstructure or the weaker armored bow and stern and also still have a high fire chance that can be improved with demolition expert giving you a 21% fire chance (although by default you should have 22% fire chance but hey alpha damage)
  9. Yes, cruisers, battleships and destroyer, all of them. I already know how aircraft carrier works because there's only 2 nations that have them, the concentrated Americans with their big squadrons, fighters and dive bombers, and the pressuring Japanese with their small but numerous squadrons and devastating torpedo bombers but other than aircraft carrier I'm lost. (even though i almost play 2000 games) I still need help from pros because I'm obviously not one, i know that all ships in the game have their own strengths and weaknesses and is not actually overpowered but can i still get in detail what they are good and bad for? And no, i don't want every single ship cons and pros like from tier 1 to tier 10 but actually ALL the tier 10 ships in the game and how they are unique in their own ways compared to other nations. (except aircraft carriers) THANKS! Excessive Caps / Hard to Read , Thread Title Updated , User Warned ~Ephys
  10. But is there anyway that you can calculate how the AP shell can penetrate through the armor from different distances, like example how HE shell has it's penetration value equal to about 1/6 of shell's diameter — or 1/4 of a shell's diameter for German battleships, that is because i am currently at Japanese cruiser Zao and knowing that high tier battleships has strong deck armor, i got inertia fuse for HE shells to counter that because if i continue hitting their superstructure, it will soon become saturated and take no damage but with IFHE i can now do much more damage (at least) to American battleships somewhat weak deck armor because 203/6 can only penetrate 34 mm type of armor but with this commander skill i can penetrate 42 mm type of armor which can allow me to even solo American battleships, also thank you for the explanation of the velocity/arc topic, it makes perfect sense, thank you!
  11. Hello, i am currently a Japanese cruiser main but i'm moving over to the British line soon so i was wondering how does distance affect AP shells ability to penetrate armor, also i would like to know this specific topic as a bonus, does velocity gives you your arc? like slow velocity = rainbow arc, while fast velocity gives you a straight line of fire, that's how logic works in real life but does it apply in this game?