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  1. Riiyuuu


    So, how about those who fire into the smoke? Does the mechanism works for those who are shooting at the smoke as well?
  2. I thought it was just my potato ISP acting up. After the previous patch I get disconnected quite often, 2 out of 5 matches I will be disconnected from WG server. Haven't play much for this patch though so I'm not sure whether the issue is resolved.
  3. Riiyuuu

    German battleship accuracy!

    ​Ahh... Thanks for your info
  4. Riiyuuu

    German battleship accuracy!

    I don't really play much BBs so... Are you talking about KM or IJN? ​IJN I have unlocked Kongo and not really in mood to continue down the line. Now I'm more into CA/CLs
  5. Riiyuuu

    German battleship accuracy!

    Lately I have been trying to play KM BBs (T3 of course), the spread of it is way better than Kawachi's. If you think KM's is bad, you definitely need to try Kawachi. Good luck hitting something with Kawachi (Not a bad ship, just need to play differenly)
  6. Riiyuuu

    Help me pls

    http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/62405-game-crashing-upon-startup-0xc0000005-fixed/ Try this thread. I have not encountered this problem before so all I can help is redirecting you to possible solution
  7. Riiyuuu

    Help me pls

    What have you/the computer done between the time you can play and you cannot play? Updates? Tweaking? I don't think it will magically stop working.
  8. Riiyuuu

    Opinion regarding RNCL playstyle

    It seems that my post asking for opinion have triggered some people. As I mentioned in the above post, I underestimated the skill ceiling for using smoke. At here, ​I would like to apologize to everyone that I have triggered with my ignorance regarding smoke usage ​I don't spend that much time on this game so this explains my inexperience. Thank you to everyone who gave me insights regarding smoke usage and the significance of smoke usage in RNCL line. Next time I fire up my game I'll try to use smoke screen. Again, Sorry and thank you.
  9. Riiyuuu

    Opinion regarding RNCL playstyle

    ​Wow, that's an eye-opening stuff for me. I don't know there are so many stuff to consider when firing in the smoke. When I play DD (I suck in DD, stopped at T3) I always smoke for my teammates so I don't know the inner working of it. Sorry for my ignorance.
  10. Riiyuuu

    Opinion regarding RNCL playstyle

    Because I want to try out a line that has fast firing guns that I can play like Tenryuu. Atlanta is like RM200 here (expensive) and almost all the lines converges to heavy cruisers at one point. And then I found the RN CL line. Hmmm... Sounds interesting. Maybe I need to change the mind set of mine regarding how the smoke works in WOWs.
  11. Riiyuuu

    Opinion regarding RNCL playstyle

    ​As Drakon said, I do think that spamming inside smoke is a coward move. Yeah you may argue that it is a tactic but I would rather being killed by someone that have higher skill than me (in terms of positioning, aiming, torping...) rather than some pesky DDs/RNCLs that decided to smoke up nearby and spam HE/AP from safety when I'm having a battle with other BBs (I do sail BBs, just that I prefer Cruisers in general) without me having the chance to fight back. ​Yeah I know I'm not good enough (and I'm trying to git gud), just that firing inside the smoke annoys me. Maybe because I came from games where smokes are used to create a temporary vision block to the enemy and friendlies, not a one way mirror that blinds the enemy but DDs inside the smoke still can fire inside it chanting hakuna matata.
  12. Riiyuuu


    I use magazine mod in every ship and so far I never get detonated without any flags. But detonation without hitting is a whole new level
  13. I have been grinding RNCLs from T2 until now in Leander. although it is a very hard grind, it does teach me a lot of things. I have been watching a lot of guides on upcoming tier ship reviews of RNCLs to prepare my captain and also have an idea of what am I going to face down the line. And almost all of the guides mention smoke as a necessities. ​Personally I find hiding in a smoke and fire is very disgusting so I have been avoiding using smoke from T5 until T6 (the ship I'm in) and help spot ships using catapult fighters. After watching and reading the reviews, I'm starting to wonder, is my play style preventing RNCLs from showing its full potential? Most of the videos they get like ridiculous amount of damage while I get 30k average each match. ​So, I would like to ask those who have experience in T7-T10 match in RNCLs, is smoke really necessary in order to do well in matches? Not necessary top fragging, just not at the bottom of the score list at the end of the match.
  14. Riiyuuu

    PH mobile payment for Doubloons

    ​I think MOLpoints is still working. Can you try it out lol
  15. Riiyuuu

    Danae guide Pls!

    ​Lucky bastard indeed