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  1. VonFreya

    6.8 radar buff

    I Have like 2 - 5 that all variant of new module , and its all useless on inventory , since all my supercontainer always got that mod thingy
  2. VonFreya

    Free Signals code

    Thank You Very Much !
  3. VonFreya

    Wargaming Staff

    Okay so i got some Reply that Looks like this again ( This is the 2nd Times ) Hello VonFreya, thanks for coming back to us. We have informed our product specialist Tuccy about your situation and got a reply that he will contact you himself. Please check your message box on the WoWS forum. As customer support we cannot help more. If you will have questions abut the game itself, please feel free to contact us again. Best regards, Elżbieta Orłowska Wargaming.net Customer Service RepresentativeEU Wargaming Support - Follow us on Twitter. Help us improve our service! Fill in the survey and watch us grow.Pomóż nam udoskonalać nasze usługi! Wypełnij ankietę i obserwuj, jak zmieniamy się dla Ciebie! That is Same Reply that i do before i ask here i do submit ticket to Eu Server before What's Going on with WG Eu ...
  4. VonFreya

    Wargaming Staff

    Ehmm EU , so i need to submit ticket again to Eu Website ?
  5. VonFreya

    Wargaming Staff

    It was the Event on Facebook Streaming i do Submit Ticket and this is the Picture i Submit https://asia.wargaming.net/support/__attachments/tickets/2017/03/16/c8989cd096568e079b5633e693ab4a9d58ca309b1937e3.84003704/atago%20ship.jpg PS : I am VonFreya There are also Link Stream in there : Go to around 1.40.00 on Stream , they are announce and there i won !
  6. VonFreya

    Wargaming Staff

    So , around January i was joining a Livestream Giveaway and i Win an Model Kit From the stream and Yeah i got notified and fill the form and send it so come the day where the wargaming staff is sending me an email for confirmation and i was happy but something went wrong ! it has been 2 month i didnt receive my prize and i try to ask again to the staff by email they said will check for further , and yep another month passed so i try ask and emailing again but until now i didnt receive any reply or prize coming so i want ask is there any way to contact or claiming again ? since i try to send a ticket its like "oh it was not from Wargaming Asia event,try to send ticket to here ( NA Wargaming web )" and the NA replied "oh it was not held by NA , but its EU - so send ticket to EU web" and yep no reply on my ticket .. My question is : is there any wg staff here to help contact them so i can claim my prize ? i know maybe its not really worth but i still want my prize
  7. VonFreya

    What is your goal for this year?

    Get my First "Kraken Unleash"
  8. Anyway , How to Put your Tech Tree Like that ? only Ship icon is changed for me ..
  9. VonFreya

    World of warships Space Ship 2202 / ARP Ships

    The Link is Broken ? I Can't Download ?
  10. VonFreya

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Ehm One Question .. If You Opening Crates and Get a Ships + Captains Do They Comes With Port Slot and Vacant Slot too ? What Happen if We dont Have Port + Vacant Slot ? We Never get the Ships ?
  11. I've Been Searching About Discord in This Community Is There Any Discord Server ( English Speaking Server ) That i Can Join ? I Know There is a Lot Like Team Speak , Or Raidcall or Etc But i am Looking For Discord One , So Please if You Don't Mind Increase 1 More Newcomers into Your Discord I Will be Glad to be There And Of Course It will be Easier For Me To Looking Partner For Playing InGame Chat Aren't Really Effective Actually =( Thanks Anyway
  12. VonFreya

    Contest Suggestions

    Hmm First of all i don't know if im right posting it in here But i was thinking about Ongoing Contest ( The Liquid thingy ) And Seeing a Screenshot that I can Say it was Really Nice Play From Someone Who Experienced to do Much damage Just Suggestion About The Next Contest , I've Thinking . It Would Be Nice if We Got Each Ships Category Something Like Destroyer Class Battleship Class Cruiser Class Aircraft Carrier Class On Each Contest , I Mean It Might Help For Newcomer Like Me ( You Know Im Sucks in This game .. ) And Seeing Some People Doing Something That Really Awesome Really Drop Me Down .. Well Maybe I am Looks Like Begging For More Easy Way to Win. ( Some People Might Get Encourage to Get More Better after Seeing Some Screenshot ) But Yeah .. It's Totally Hard for Newcomer With Slow Adaption on The Game Like Me =( Well It Just Suggestion ..
  13. VonFreya

    The "Fleet of Fog" Ships Collection

    OMG You're Right !Musashi and Yamato is Kinda Cool ! But But But .... *Hope's Fade Away*
  14. VonFreya

    The "Fleet of Fog" Ships Collection

    Yeah that what's i am thinking ..And Market is a Good Idea , But Again .. I Don't Think It's Happening R.I.P Glowing Ships Collection .. Well At Least The Last one is The Highest Tier
  15. VonFreya

    The "Fleet of Fog" Ships Collection

    Oh Wait , Modding Kongo or Myoko ? Into ARP Ships ? And Yea i Was Thinking In New Patch They said "New Containers" and i've read it possible to get some ships it could be .... *dont hopes too much* =(